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The Dragon that Guards Over the Earth Crystal Garnet

Via Sara Jane

Relax, take a deep breath, let it out


Stop everything that you are doing, when you start to get stressed

Just stop

Stop, take a breath and relax

If you are struggling with something; within the family, technologically, in work, whatever, wherever it is, in a friendship.

Stop, take a step back, give yourself a chance to breathe, to think.

Give yourself a chance to get your thoughts in order.

Never speak out of anger, don’t try and fix things when you are stressed, don’t try and hurry through things when you are feeling so overwhelmed that you are just going to make mistakes, you can say things you don’t mean.

Step back from the stress, the agitation, the anger. Step back from it all.

Take a deep breath, relax and maybe take a complete break, whether it is half an hour, whether it’s go for a walk for an hour, whether it is I will come back to that later today or tomorrow.

Let yourself have time to come a see things from a different perspective, from an outside perspective.

It is amazing how much easier they will be to deal with and how much quicker, when you take that break.

Do you have children?

Are they struggling with a piece of homework?

Let them take a break from it, don’t push them, short break, do something else, come back to it.

As they breath, relax, unwind and maybe help them to look at it from a different perspective.

There is no one answer for all, each and everyone of you has to do what works best for you but many of you will find that if there is something that is really stressing you, by taking a step back and coming back to it and yes you must come back to it.

Give it a chance, take it one step at a time, let go of the frustration.

You aren’t all built to be able to do everything; you have your strengths and they are not the strengths of others, so some people may have no difficulty with what you are trying to do and others maybe find it even more complicated than you do.

You are an amazing, amazing Being, you have your strengths, those things that you are here to do, the gifts you are here to bring.

There are other things that you can do, that it is good to experience but it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are for you to do but learning them in the first place can be really good. It’s another experience.

We appreciate technology has come on in leaps and bounds and many of you find it great, wonderful amazing – do you give yourself a break from it? If you don’t, please do.

And there are those of you that it does set up a frustration, let yourself have time to learn about the new.

It doesn’t have to take over your life.

If you are one of those that choose not to be deeply involved in technology, that is fine, that is good, that is right for you; don’t let others tell you you should be doing something that feels wrong for you.

You don’t all have to do everything, in fact nobody has to do everything; just stick to what you enjoy and what you feel good at.

And not necessarily both of those go together; you may be good at something but don’t enjoy it, that’s fine, in which case, stick to what you enjoy as much of the time as you possibly can.

Love yourself, accept yourself the way you are, don’t take on board other people’s comments; do what feels right for you.

And relax, take a deep breath and let your life be as you choose your life to be.


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This article was written by Sara Jane

Who is Sara Jane? Sara is 57 years old and had a varied background before finding Complementary Therapies in 2002. She currrently lives and works from her home in Bournemouth, UK. She has worked in retail to Area Manager Level, was a consumer services manager for 2 toy manufacturers, ran public houses with her first husband and worked in insurance. She is now a Reiki & Sound Energy Master Practitioner & Teacher and practitioner of Metamorphic Technique, Indian Head Massage, Thai Foot Massage & Ear Candling, as well as running self-development and other workshops, Reiki and Sound Shares. Sara is an author, international speaker and the founder of Gift of Healing TV, as well as being the voice for many friends in the Mythical Realm including the Dragons that guard over the Earth's Crystals. She also loves the outdoors and in 2001 was a trainee handler at The UK Wolk Conservation Trust, where she had many wonderful interactions with the wolves​.


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    • Sara Jane says - Posted: March 12, 2018

      My pleasure Rhea
      I love sharing the Dragon’s Wisdom and their reminders always seem to come just at the right moment 🙂
      Love, Peace & Light

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