What can popcorn teach us about soul purpose – by Debbra Lupien

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Once I finally found my soul purpose, life changed in wonderful and profound ways. This was bliss, zen, nirvana. It does exist!

Does everything connect to purpose?

Without a clear purpose are we directionless, like a ship adrift on the mighty river of life? Are we doomed to meander through life’s tributaries with no plan, subject to the whims of others?

Or, is it possible that being without purpose is actually empowering? Might that be the ultimate experience of allowing? After all, don’t you hear quite often that “more allowing less resistance” is the path to creating more of what you want?

Will your journey be more delightful if you allow whatever comes to provide direction and purpose rather than actively choosing for yourself?

At first, the answer would seem to be no. After all, a large part of your journey is about learning to make the best choices, isn’t it?

Abdicating responsibility for making empowered choices would defeat the whole reason for having a third dimensional experience, wouldn’t it?

These questions merit careful consideration.

If you are the creator of your own reality, would letting others choose for you be the perfect balance of more allowing less resisting?


The soul is not easily denied

From my perspective life is intrinsically linked to purpose. I spent decades searching for mine. It was a driving force from within, a burning desire, I had to know. That’s how my soul is wired, like a heat-seeking missile locked onto the target of soul purpose.

Once I finally found my soul purpose, life changed in wonderful and profound ways. This was bliss, zen, nirvana. It does exist!

Thus my answer is a definitive “Yes, everything does connect to purpose.”


We’re all wired differently

Because, we are all wired differently, it would be wise to consider that my way might not be your way and visa versa. Might you be better served by gliding through life with no resistance allowing events to unfold as they will?

How are you to know what is truly in your best interests when there are so many contradictory opinions? Isn’t it only fair to allow for and consider those differences?

Quite a conundrum we have here. How do we get to the truth of the matter considering all the variables involved?


A study in contrasts

Let’s compare your journey to that of a popcorn kernel.

What?! How does popcorn factor into this equation?

Well it’s part of our theme this month, but aside from that there is a useful comparison to be made.

Popcorn has a purpose. In fact every single part of it has a purpose. From the seed, to the plant, to the individual kernels on each cob, popcorn has a purpose.

Life-giving energy flows up from the roots, through the plant, to the buds, nourishing them until they reach maturity and form into popcorn. Along the way some fall behind, never fulfilling their purpose of exploding outward into a popped kernel.

Do you suppose the kernels that fail to make it to that holy grail mourn their failure?

No. Their energy moves merrily along to the next experience. They have a beautiful detachment of allowing in which there is no resistance (because they are most certainly wired differently from you).

When all of the elements come together, they will reach the golden pinnacle in a kernel’s life and explode into a new glorious shape all their own. Then they will have fulfilled their purpose.


Ok, purpose fulfilled. Now what?

At this point, some kernels will be consumed by a human (or pet), others will be dropped and swept away. Do you suppose the dropped ones celebrate not being consumed and the chance to exist a bit longer?

Or is the moment of popping their death? An exquisite burst and they are finished. All that remains is to be consumed or discarded, but it matters little for they have achieved their purpose.

What then of the kernels who never have the experience of popping? Are they suspended in limbo forever waiting? Just what does a kernel feel about not achieving the ultimate goal? Do some welcome this opportunity to stave off their final moment? Are they philosophical about the experience? Do they communicate with one another? Surely they must in some way. What does one kernel say to another? What sorts of conversations might they have?

Is it enough to simply “be” what they are or do they long for more?

As I ponder these questions with my Akashic guides, the answer comes that they simply are what they are and they expect no more than that.


The beingness of a popcorn kernel

They are not competing. They are not lamenting their shortcomings. They are simply being that which they were created to be and in so being they are serenely happy. Either they will one day pop — or not. They have no control over the matter so why would they spend a moment being concerned? Popcorn is Zen. It is what it is and that is all that’s required.

From the human perspective popcorn would be considered well balanced, happy and fulfilled. They embody their bliss. No need to go searching for it. Everything they want or need either comes or it doesn’t. Were they to spend their entire existence lamenting that which they had no control over, imagine how their energy might be depleted. They would shrivel away bit by bit, day by day, until at last they were depleted and no longer able to pop.

What a colossal waste that would be! Happily for them that is not the reality of a popcorn kernel.


Purpose is the path to finding your bliss

Now that we’ve thoroughly digested the life and purpose of a popcorn kernel, we come back around to the original question. Does everything connect to purpose?

I’m more persuaded than ever. How about you?

If purpose is important to a popcorn kernel, how much more important must it be for humans? Unlike popcorn, you do have control over your life, therefore, sitting back and allowing others to choose is forfeiting your rights and responsibilities. What then would be the point of your life experience? How can you find and fulfill your purpose if you’re not making choices, experiencing mistakes, learning, growing, and expanding your consciousness? That’s the whole point of your journey. Everything is connected to purpose.


You have permission to choose the easier path

Understand you get no brownie points for doing things the hard way. Quite the opposite, it’s the equivalent of giving yourself demerits which delay your progress. Why would you choose the path of cockleburs and brambles when there’s a well-paved, manicured path ready and waiting for you?

Your Akashic guides would encourage you to lift your eyes up and ask for their help to find your own delightful path of success, joy, and peace. Then when it comes your time to “pop” you can do so with a light heart because you will know that you’ve made the most of your life experience and you’ll carry these lessons forward, making the next journey even sweeter.

What choices will you make today that move you closer to that place of well being, zen and bliss?


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Debbra Lupien, The Answer Diva of Akasha Unleashed, is a bestselling Author, Motivational Speaker, and Akashic Records Expert. She specializes in helping highly conscious individuals connect with their inner wisdom and power to turn shortcomings into super powers, find their soul purpose, and create more meaningful lives. Her book Akasha Unleashed: The Missing Manual to you can be found on Amazon.com (http://sei.im/akasha)


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