What is it about rage and anger – by Rhea Dopmeijer

So what is it about rage and anger, And what has Love got to do with it? The Seat of the Soul Is where the Inner World And the outer World meat.
–      Joseph Campbell

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Dear one, there will come a time

you realize that every experience

Your Soul chose for you to have,

has always been for your highest good,

and filled with Love for you

to be able to bring in every aspect

that came with Duality and the choice

to learn through separation the Unity of One Self.

With every choice to experience

all the diversities that came with it

you lost the Overview and connection

with your Soul to enable you

to stay focused on the task ahead,

You promised to bring to a good ending,

or rather a new beginning.

For the outcome will be more

than what you have started initially.

So about loving yourself instead of being angry

on yourself and your own choices you made

that created pain and sorrow and even hate,

these counterparts are of the sides of one Coin.

For in duality lies both the positive as the negative

to be reunited in celebration with One Unity

within yourself, within your Creation and this

will be reflected and mirrored outside.

For all to see and to recognize,

so they will be able to start their own healing

and reunion within themselves as well.

You are responsible for the choices you make

to become aware and conscious

about the real true meaning of Life’s Creation

and it’s Illusions.

Is it not you ask for Divine Insight

and Enlightenment to see through the illusions

of the Material Duality your world reflects?

Because it shows only your own reality

as within, so will it be outside and

as above, so will it be below.

When love is healing and becomes unconditionally

towards yourself for you to accept and allow,

and to surrender to with open arms and open Heart,

fully understanding, fully integrated.

So you will Be the New Human

as the Awakening sets in,

and Love is Key within every choice

and experience towards yourself as well.

Then there will be no room left for anger,

for Love leaves no space other then

to become the highest vibrational Component

of all of Creation that you can be.


And so it will be done.

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Heartfelt Messages 18-12-2014

About author

This article was written by Rhea Dopmeijer

Spiritual advisor, Kundalini Reiki Master, Coach and Counselor, Energetic Therapist, Empath, Social Worker, Shaumbra I have been working as a social worker in shelters for battered women, nursing homes, psychiatry and hospital for almost 20 years. I am a Social Worker specialized in Women’s therapy. This included the area of sexual, environmental, cultural as well religious trauma. I LOVE sharing wisdom, insights, and tools that are shared here to illuminate esoteric knowledge in simple and in down-to-earth terms that quickly make Mystical Masters out of anyone. My unique style I created a Heartfelt platform which is focusing on healing Self and has been created to inspire to change your life. It offers a place for you to grow your spirit . I can tune in and offer the necessary tools that are helpful in the journey we call live in order to grow and heal to become the best you can be. “I belong to no religion. My religion is love. Every heart is my temple” - Rumi I have been working with clients in the several different settings in my work over the years. I work most of all individual through counselling and chats. The main theme in working with groups are about the different roles we learned to play growing up. Healing of the Inner Child is one of the most important areas I am working on with the client. You can follow me on my Blog What is Love http://rheadopmeijer.wordpress.com/ (link is external) for inspirational messages. Twitter https://twitter.com/rheadop (link is external) https://www.facebook.com/highselfinspiration/ https://www.facebook.com/highselfinspiration/


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