What is it about Time and Creation – by Rhea Dopmeijer

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What is it about Time and Creation?

Someone mentioned this morning, you are already gone for a week, how swiftly did this pass and yet, it didn’t, so how to explain something you sense rather than feel or are aware of the mechanism of experiencing time as it all together?

Caused by your own emotions and experiences, colored by negative or positive energy, two ways of experiencing the same amount of time spent, by 2 people in the same place at the same time. We all know the phenomenon that time flies when you are having fun and you have to kill time between appointments. Waiting as well as boredom also seems to stretch the sense of time.

When we feel uplifted we don’t argue about time either way. It’s just something we experience as the present Moment, like the Zen-Way teaches us how to stay focused in the Now Moment. It also magically creates some kind of time bubble you exist within, can you see it?rhea-c-3-17a

Maybe every Now Moment is like a little parallel world we have created with our intention and focused awareness. Within that magical bubble there only IS, no past or present, just you Be-Ing within the bubble of Now. This maybe last for ten seconds, or for a couple of hours, you don’t realize this until the moment the bubble bursts and you discover the clock has shifted in time. You can read the timespan by its digits or if you have an old fashioned one, by the bars of the clock, letting you know they have shifted from place.

Showing the difference you know they have moved. So where did the bubble go, and what happens to its content, the magic you have created within? Is it gone and lost, or is it just drifting away within the bigger sphere you are as a universe all by itself?

This is a way of time travelling through your own conscious awareness, enabling you to create by attention, focus, concentration, staying with the experience out of time within a new bubble, a new universe you created as the bubbles you blow, with all the colors shining through like the sparkles they show. Cause each bubble reflects your Moment of Now, within the experience and context, the senses and emotions coloring the bubbles, not just in One yet a rainbow of coloring by itself.

Can you see it, can you imagine this just how it must look from the Angel’s perspective?  How your energy is constantly in a flux of sparkling bubbles of light, created and formed by you every moment you stay within your own internal Universe as well expanding it. Which is build by all these bubbles of Magic, orb of light, little universes by its own, swirling, around each other in order to create your form, to materialize it in this third world, so to speak. Life Force ignited directly from Source itself.

If you could only see yourself as I see You. All the lively colors and sparkling energy lights in a constant movement by changing every moment in your Now, Present Time.

And so it will Be

High Self @RheaDopmeijer ©

Heartfelt Messages 13-8-2015

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