What is your mission, and how have you chosen to accept it? – by Rebecca Frost Cuevas

“A wise teacher once told me that when you take on your service as a lightworker, it’s not handed to you in a package. Part of our service is to create the path that we and those we are here to serve can walk, to get to where we need to go.”
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What is the relationship between your mission, your vision, and your strategy for making that vision a reality?


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That is the question evoked by the three-part circuit created by the words “mantle”, “see”, and “courage”.

First, let’s define our terms:


  • Mantle: a cloak, often conveying the authority that goes with an office, title, or calling.
  • See: As a verb, this means to observe or follow with the eyes. As a noun, it refers to the seat of power of a spiritual authority.
  • Courage: The strength and conviction that come from heart-centered action.


What is the mantle that we choose to take on when we accept our call to service?

What roles and responsibilities are we assuming when we stand up as writers, teachers, and lightworkers? Who are we here to serve, and how will we serve them?

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We must be able to see where our path of service leads us.

Many of us are carving paths in places where there is no pre-existing road.

A wise teacher once told me that when you take on your service as a lightworker, it’s not handed to you in a package. Part of our service is to create the path that we and those we are here to serve can walk, to get to where we need to go.

In terms of our professional goals and responsibilities, we are like video game designers in 1850….we have a vision, but there may be no infrastructure in place yet to make it happen.

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So we have to build the infrastructure first, that will support our work. We have to network within communities of light, in order for us all to be able to see what needs to be done to make our work in the world possible. And that takes courage.

Courage is motivation that comes from the heart, propelling us past fear and into the unknown.

It takes courage to build a path of light through areas that have not been developed before. It takes courage to overcome the awareness that not every effort along the lines of what we are trying to accomplish, has succeeded in the past.

We need courage, heart-centered motivation rooted in the vision that we have for what we are here to achieve, to keep going past doubt and darkness and fear.

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What is the service that you are called on to achieve?

(I’ll share mine here, and invite you to share yours in the comments below this article.)

My mission is to light up the planet one mind at a time by helping experts create effective and engaging online courses.

  • I’ve accepted the mantle of authority that comes from 40 years of training and experience in education and instructional design.
  • My vision is to help experts create effective and engaging online courses, so they can truly inspire the people they are here to serve. My goal is to help everyone see how important it is to design courses for the way people  actually learn.
  • In addition to selling well, online courses must also TEACH well. Teaching well requires a foundation of instructional design. In order to fulfill my mission, I must have the courage to stand up in the marketplace and declare what I know to be true, even if there is no path for it at first. I have to MAKE that path.

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What does courage look like?

Schopenhauer famously said,

“All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident. “

–Arthur Schopenhauer
Read more at: https://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/arthur_schopenhauer_103608

Getting past external opposition and internal resistance are important parts of our service.

We are building roads through areas of the collective consciousness that have been impassable before.

It takes vision to see the possibilities of what can be achieved as long as we don’t give up.

It takes courage to keep going past obstacles.

We must wrap ourselves in the mantle of service we have chosen to put on, and keep going.

This is our mission, and we have chosen to accept it.

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What is your service?

What is your vision for how it can be achieved?

Where have you needed, and applied, courage in order to make your vision a reality?

You can listen to an audio Version of this article here, enjoy!

Please share in the comments so we can learn more about YOUR mantle, your vision, and how you are using courage to apply them.

About author

This article was written by Rebecca Frost Cuevas

Rebecca Frost Cuevas (born 1954) grew up in New York City where she attended the Town and Brearley Schools, and graduated from Harvard with honors, focusing on English language and literature. She holds two Masters degrees in education with emphases on curriculum development and instructional technology. As Education Coordinator for public utilities in Southern California she designed, developed and delivered education programs that won national awards and taught water and energy conservation to thousands of students in twelve school districts. As a student and tutor in the Summer Language Intensive Program at California State University, San Bernardino, she earned multiple fellowships for international language study. Her writing reflects her lifelong love of language, travel, culture, human development and education. Her poetry has been published in Dark Horse and the Connecticut Poetry Review and was nominated for a Pushcart Prize.


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