What will you reap this fall? – by Mary Lou Stark

We are approaching fall in North America, the time of harvesting or reaping the outcome of seeds sown earlier in the year.

I have heard a couple of versions of the proverb. Traditionally you expect to reap in the same field in which you planted your seeds.

  • For example, you don’t expect to harvest corn from the field where you planted wheat.
  • When you plant tomato plants in the spring, you look forward to eating lush, ripe tomatoes in the late summer.
  • If you sow anger and hatred in a group of people you can expect to reap anger from that same group.

Interestingly enough, in my experience, this principle often works a little differently with people. Many times I have “sown seeds” with one person or group and “reaped the harvest” from someone else or a different group.

One of my interests is parliamentary procedure. I spent years studying the underlying principles and the detailed application of these principles. The underlying principles are simple:

  • One topic at a time
  • One person at a time
  • Take action before moving on [Action can be to approve, disapprove, or refer to a committee]

Yet, many people find the details to be either unnecessary or overwhelming.

Since moving to South Carolina, opportunities to apply the knowledge I gained have come to me through a circuitous route more than once. I would share my interest with a new acquaintance, frequently one of those people who were intimidated at first by the whole idea of rules to run an organization or a meeting.

This person later mentioned me to a friend who was struggling with a situation that was becoming more and more frustrating. The friend then contacted me and I ended up working with that person as their parliamentarian.

The key is to share your interests with all the people you meet. You never know who will share your interest or have a need for your services. Many times the people you talk with will be a fit for you, now or in the future. Other times they will be a link to the person or group that really needs you.

Whether you are looking to enlarge your social circle or find prospects for your business, the more you are willing and able to share about yourself, the more your harvest will grow.

What has your experience been like in sowing the seeds of who you are? Please share in the Comments section below.

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This article was written by Mary Lou Stark

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  1. Marie Elena says - Posted: September 4, 2018

    So true we must stay open to reap the harvest. Great reminder. Thank you so much.

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