When Your Heart Skips a Beat – by Rhea Dopmeijer

What you come to realize, when your heart skips a beat

As always my journey consists out of those aha moments when things come together in some kind of synchronicity. Like checking out something and get a message you weren’t expected or looking for. The moment you realize what it is you see or hear, your heart just skips a bit because of the impact it has. Not just on your mind, it has such a powerful effect on my heart, it literally skips a bit. Usually it comes with a physical sensation like goose bumps as well. When this happens I know the profound depth of the revelation I receive. Like just exploring deeper levels within myself and to get a deep loving realization at that moment.

It isn’t always in the darkest moments I receive those heart skipping moments through a realization. I find it also in the normal mondane experiences of my day to day life. Actually it is always in the moments I least expect anything. It makes me realize how synchronicity works in magical ways. Not to comprehend with the mind, yet always understood with the heart. Hence the rhythm of my heart is effected by this. It is the deep impact it has which causes that moment, your breath stops for a second as well.

It brightens up my heart in that instant with a deep sense of love and understanding. It connects the dots in a way my mind never could have grasped. It is always found in the unexpected, yet it is the familiar memory that creates this paradigm. I also know these experiences when I come to a realization, it is always in the right time, the right moment. The moment I stop searching or looking for an answer to get clarity, the realization might occur. It is in the letting go, allowing what might happen, this lifeline is coming to surface.

The road is winding, along a narrow way at times, Yet the more I come to the surface from within, the light shines brighter and my Heart knows. Like the spiral of my life’s journey is unwinding and showing through the obstacles the light of day again. It is in the letting go of expectation the opportunity of experiencing this realization is many times greater. In the process of analyzing mentally or in the midst of emotional sensations, I normally don’t experience this heart skipping moments. Yet as a result of this hard work within to get my clarity, there is that moment. Taking me by surprise, unexpected, and not even asked for.

The profound sensation which creates this aha moment, or through synchronicity created moment is a Heartfelt one. It connects me directly with my soul and deeper inner knowing. It literally stops me in my track. I can only be in this moment and then take a deep breath to allow it to flow again. The rhythm of my Heart takes its natural course again. Or it is being raised through the flow of joy and happiness, through the awareness of something so much bigger. Bigger than my ego can grasp, until it is such a part of heart and soul’s connection. Those are the moments of realization that I am more than just this body, personality and all the different role models I play.

It takes my breath away, it brings tears in my eyes when this happens. There is this enormous flow of joy and also of acceptance. I welcome these moments with an open heart. Totally surrendering to the experience, which is leading me to the light within. I know and trust the deep connection that is there in those breath taking moments. I lights up my life. It connects the dots so to speak. It is always connected with remembering. Even those memories I am not always aware of and play a part of my journey. I feel embraced and loved the moment this sensation has its impact on my total being. I also know, I cannot force it to come and rise up.

Love and Light are part of the experience. The aha moment which makes my heart skip a beat, realizing another truth or connection. Lifting me up, creating a new pathway on my spiral of life. I welcome the way this is also showing how much I have been able to release and how important this is. How much more clarity I can find through this clearing process of blocked energies. Every time I am been triggered with an encounter or physical imbalance, I know there is an emotional wound to be healed. Creating inner space brings forth these aha moments, When all parts come together there I find my inner truth and self-love as well. Which is a breath taking experience in itself already.

Into my heart’s night, along a narrow way, I groped; and lo! the light, An infinite land of day“. ~Rumi

And so it will be

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Heartfelt Messages 1-9-2017

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