What’s it like to be? – by David J Little

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What’s it like to be?

Did you ever ask yourself, What it would be like to be someone else? Perhaps someone famous, wealthy, thinner, smarter or better looking. I think we have all probably asked something similar to this at one point in our lives. The real question is why? What’s the point? We can’t live up to others expectations of ourselves; certainly not those portrayed in the media! Many people in our lives parents, teachers and siblings to name a few have tried to help form us into what we are. Their intentions were probably good and we’re not meant to harm us, but did they help us?


In some circumstances I would say yes, in the form of wisdom or guidance. And others not so much, if the intention was not coming from a place of love or caring. This is where can get confusing, as a child one wants to please our parents as a sign of our unconditional love. As a student one wants to please our teachers as a sign of respect and admiration. As a sibling we want to please our brothers and sisters to receive their love. This is all good as long as you are not doing it at the expense of yourself. Let me repeat that, this is all good as long as you’re not doing it at the expense of yourself. Pleasing others or changing to please them will not bring you happiness, joy or peace. The only way to do this is to love yourself first, then you can truly love others.

I can only say that this has really worked well for me. The moment I began to really love myself from the inside, I found that I could change my outer world; not because someone else wanted me to or I tried to become someone else’s version of me. It happened because I decided I would become the best version of me for me by loving myself first. Yes, it took some time and effort and in my view, it was well worth it.

How would you feel if you were the best version of you that you could be? I think that would feel amazing and powerful. You have the power to do this by loving yourself first, then you can go out into the world and do whatever you want. Take the time to love yourself first everyday. Avoid negative self-talk and people who aren’t supporting you at the highest level. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the results.

In love and support, I honour you.

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