When all is well the sense of life gives you comfort – by Andreas N. Bjørndal

How are you?  How do you feel?  Is everything okay? These are questions we often ask each other. Yes, you can sense how you feel.

In this series about our senses, we will now look at the sense of life or well-being (You can find links to the other articles at the bottom of this one).

When one of your body parts or organs makes you aware of their presence you know something is wrong. If none of your body parts are talking to you, and if you can perceive the whole body as rested, loaded and refreshed, you feel well and ready for life.

In meditation there are different steps. When you have reached a state of bodily peace and relaxation and you perceive the awareness of a vital field, the etheric or vital body penetrating and enveloping your body rather than the physical body itself then you are in contact with the sense of life. You perceive the whole leg, the whole arm or the whole body with this sense. It gives you a feeling of being a unity and integrated wholeness. You could say it makes you aware of yourself as a holon, a unique wholeness.

When you are well this sense gives you the feeling of having resources, having a secure base from where you can face the challenges and problems in life. You could compare it to loaded batteries.

To feel well you need to get enough sleep, be in nature, nourish yourself and have a rhythm in your life. You can increase the feeling of life with nice surprises and humour. You should early each day make something special to look forward to that day, something that builds up an anticipation and expectation but that you do not get right away.

Listen to you body, remember what makes it feel well, choose the healthy choice and the sense of well being will tell you that you are getting healthier and more vital. The sense of life gives you a feeling of comfort when all is well.

You are really deep within yourself when you sense your well-being or life.

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About author

This article was written by Andreas Bjørndal

There is a common theme in much that I do: • I love to be an active part of growing awareness, insight, inspiration and spreading a unifying knowledge. • I care for promoting health and development, creating improved harmony and unity within the individual as in their relation with their group. • I search for a unified understanding across seemingly unconnected areas of knowledge including perennial as well as scientific. • I have coined the term "holonistic knowledge" which I share in my blog: holonity.com • I write, blog, debate and teach around the world • I practice complementary therapies as homeopathy and acupuncture as well as counsel and supervise individuals, partners, couples and families to find the core theme in their lives and how they can resolve and master that. Feel free to contact me for questions or a consultation at my mail: andreas@nan.no Blog: https://holonity.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/holonity https://www.facebook.com/kabbalahnorge


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