When Life Turns Out to Be a Feast – by Rhea Dopmeijer

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When life takes a turn and you think it isn’t in your best interest, it will trigger a lot of negative emotions. We tend to feel upset or angry, filled with fear or doubt, if we don’t understand what happened. Or how it could possibly benefit your existence. When things crumble under your feet, there you will find the challenges. As well what kind of choices you will make to deal with the new situation. Awareness is part of this way of your perception. The observer is possibly more adept to view from a different kind of perspective, to notice what takes place. To be in a different more detached place to see the picture in a broader way.

What does it take to see how certain circumstances are assisting for a better outcome? When your life is at stake caused by nature’s eruptions, or human ways of violence and disrespect are part of your day to day life. These are challenging times for every soul. It comes down to the way we relate to each other as well our surroundings. In the way we are able to love ourselves as well others. In our different roles within relationships. Loving family experiences will create more abundance no doubt compared to those who are harsh and bitter. So, how can we achieve a new way of perceiving the things life is dealing us with?
The difference for me, lies in the way I see my own contribution. If I would take everything that has happened over the years as being the victim of them, I would be stuck. I would become bitter and hard, unable to see with a loving perception. What they did to me attitude, is one that creates a stuck energy within our heart and emotions. The way I experience the challenges that crossed my path, makes a lot of difference in the way I can see them as being positive. Or aspects that will allow me to grow to be the best of me. My choice in every moment that enables to overcome the setting of victim hood. I know that love is the only way for me to see how I enfold my life up till now and further more down the road.
It also has to do with the way I was raised. Take responsibility for the choices you make and the actions you take. As a child, I was always questioned mostly by my mother, not only what happened, also what did you do. When I got into a fight or dispute, it is not about the other as much as it has to do with your own way of reacting to it. Each of us have a way of dealing with life’s challenges. This is colored by character, upbringing, social rules as well gender roles. Yet, it is also colored by the way you want to express yourself in your life. Not just how you want to be perceived by others, yet the main thing is how you perceive yourself. Would you like to have you as your best friend? If not, for whatever reason.
Self-reflection is part of the process, which we don’t always appreciate or are being taught to do. It takes some awareness about the way the world around you is been effected by the way you react. The moment you realize you have an impact on those around you, just by the way you respond, your perception will change. You will come to the understanding life doesn’t just happen to you. It will create more consciousness towards the action and re-action participation you chose to behave from. Needless to say, your way of dealing with the challenges will have a major impact on the outcome. Instead of taking everything for granted or just the opposite, it will color your behavior as well.
I learned, sometimes the hard way, how to have a positive influence on the way I perceive Life. This didn’t happened over night I can tell you that. And what works for me, doesn’t necessarily mean it will work for you as well. Or in the same matter. Learning how important it is to have a healthy and loving self-image. You can only give what you have to give. I was raised in a loving family and was taught the importance to be self-supportive as well using the talents I was given. For me, it was the ability to learn and write, which came with a chronic interest in human behavior as well. The way psychology worked was of great interest for me from an early age on.
Looking at causes and effects the interactions had between people, was something that fascinated me. Curious by nature, I always wanted to learn the root cause of the events that colored my path. Where fears came from, why certain things upset me, or made me angry. Like injustice. Yet, also the ability to look at both sides and understand both parties in difficult situations. The more I learned about compassion and how important this attribute of love is, the more I learned about myself as well. Taking responsibility for my choices and actions also taught me that I have the power of influence. Every choice you make creates a different outcome. Every action you take will enable you to change the outcome.
So, how does life become a feast? Most of us are walking through life with a heart filled with anxiety, or fears. When you come to the understanding it is all about limits and limitations, learning to set boundaries, yet stay flexible and ready to change, things are starting to change as well. So, if you choose Love as your first priority, self-love and self-worth, you are able to deal with your challenges in a different manner. It will bring in more positive and uplifting experiences in your day to day life. One small step at a time will eventually grow into a major distance. A road of joy and happiness, when you allow yourself to fully love and live.
Make a party of your day to day life, start it with love and gratitude. Just for the gift of breathing and being makes it already a gift to treasure. Watch your thoughts and emotions, create loving ones instead of fear-filled. You always will find a way to be grateful and thankful for even the smallest gifts life presents you. The more you can allow this to grow, the seeds of love, the more abundance within you will perceive. It will be like a banquet filled with fruits. You will be able to trust this process and will take your responsibility without fear. That’s part of the experience life has to offer you. To be fulfilled with love and joy, abundance and happiness. Never settle for less.

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