When weird becomes the norm, just bound by Love – by Rhea Dopmeijer

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When I was looking at the new themes for the next edition of The Magic Happens Magazine, I was trying to see it from a different kind of perception. Because we all can relate to the feeling of being bound to something, a promise we made, a tie between two people, to the roles we play in our lives. As well how these bounds can feel suffocating at times, or to uptight, and the wish to brake free occurs.

 The situation doesn’t have to be weird to feel that way. It can already happen when the agenda of your day is filled with so much, you can hardly find time to breathe. The draining of all these different things that occur in your life may be getting so hard, all you want to do is curl up and get some sleep.
Escaping from the rat-race as some people call it. The way we are being taught how we should live our lives. You grow up, from child into teenager into an adult before you know it, with all the responsibility that come with it. Yet what if you don’t fit in the way your family or society expects you to be.
If you have a different perception of the energy around you, the way you see energy around people, or are in touch with the fairy world and angels. If you are able to see beyond the material world, or sense, or hear, in a different way as the people around you. The connection as a child with the unseen friends for example. It all depends on the way the adults as well other children will react to this different way of perception of the world around you.
Do you know this game, what if? What if everyone is able to see angels and fairies, hear and can talk to them, as a grown up as well? What if you would be the minority that isn’t able to get this connection? In which world we live is mostly defined by the way the majority perceives the nature of things around. Yet even in our world it depends on where you are born.
Our ancient cultures who are being taught from generation to generation seem to be more common in the Eastern cultures as in the Indigo culture. When did it become the West versus the East? If you grow up it depends on the continent with what kind of values you are being raised, isn’t it? Like the different religions differ in perception and perspective, so are the different ways they teach us norms and values.blue-resonant-monkey
How weird isn’t it for a lot of people who come for the first time in a totally different world by travelling to see other ways of life as they are accustomed to, and the other way around as well. Even though we life on our beautiful planet together, there is no doubt more diversity to imagine as we have been creating as human mankind, unless you take a look at the way Mother Nature has been creating her creatures.
They have the most amazing colors, shapes and forms as does the world of the flowers, trees, landscapes, sunsets, sunrises, colors in the sky. As humans we are also gifted with this creativity and possibility to create anything the way we like or prefer. If you take a look at the way people not only create sculptures, or paintings yet also are capable to build the most elegant, beautiful houses, buildings, bridges, that literally can take your breath away.
So how can we define the perception of weird then. Strikingly odd or unusual, especially in an unsettling way; strange. To experience or cause to experience an odd, unusual, and sometimes uneasy sensation. Weird may suggest the operation of supernatural influences, or merely the odd or unusual: Something eerie inspires fear or uneasiness and implies a sinister influence.
This is something we all know or have experienced in some way. Specially if you are more sensitive, this will be more common as an experience to tap into the energy of a situation, people, surrounding. This is not the majority of people that are sensing the unseen, what others might define as unusual or unsettling. As well as strange when it has to do when you connect with the unseen world.
As much as we are bound by the rules of our society we grow up in, or gender, or what kind of family we grow up in. If it feels uneasy or unsettling with our own inner nature, we struggle to deal with it. Feeling bound in a very strict way will also cause fear towards those that are in control. Either your parents, or teachers and most of all the way your society will perceive the way you see your world around you if it doesn’t fit.
We all know how it feels to being judged by people. Sometimes by appearance other times by our gender or color. As long as we as humanity are struggling with the adversity that is caused by duality, there will be boundaries and prejudices. Whenever you stand out of the crowd, you might be judged.
It’s up to us to enable a safe world, where being different is not being judged. Where perception of things that aren’t measured or being able to touch, let alone understand, are labeled as weird or quaint. We all are unique in our own way. No one of us wants to feel bound or restricted. No one of us wants to be called weird, only based on ignorance or fear. Love is the only way healing is able to change the perception of being so different towards something we cannot comprehend.
There for duality is an obstacle we can overcome. Being different doesn’t mean being weird or wrong. Being different is just one of the varieties we as humans can explore. Free will can be a guideline when it comes from love and show a different way of perception. You may be sensed as weird to someone else, maybe their way of living, sensing, dressing you might find weird as well.
We are all part of this wonderful place we call home. It is up to us to take care of it in a way that we can learn to understand how love is the master key in changing the outcome. We are the keepers and guardians of this world, even though we don’t see it as such. We all have our responsibility towards the ones we love to create a safe and loving surrounding.
Where acceptance is not even necessary because we can come from this inner place of love. We don’t have to over power of bind others because they don’t see eye to eye. It is not either or, it can exist alongside without being judged or felt as adversary. It is time to step up to the plate so to speak. For the next generations to come we have to make it a living and loving surrounding. The benefit for all should be the standard in order to create harmony and balance again.
This is my vision and maybe you might find it weird, I believe we can do this together.
And so it will be done.
High Self @RheaDopmeijer ©

Heartfelt Messages 4-2-2017

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