When Your Soulmate Gets His Wings – by Rhea Dopmeijer

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How Soul Agreements Are Affecting Our Life
(when your soulmate gets his wings).

Our Soul’s agreement will prevail yet the outcome hasn’t been told in which way it will enfold. So my sadness today is coming to surface as if my goodbye is yet to come before my Love already will be gone, cause this is the ultimate test or process to set the persona free once and for all.
Because that is what this agreement holds as well – the detachment in an ultimate shift to be cleared from any and old issues for now and forever more.

Time is of the essence because the process will not stop or take it’s turn to be healed until the final lesson has been learned. To be free of any resentment, to be free of any dust that needs to settle still, the moment the two of you are together in this safe place of Love and Healing.

The inner Well shines and reflects Source and opposite the masculine energy will penetrate the female energy and together they will birth new life and expression of the Soul.

Experiences have been held to this point in time to get the clarity it otherwise wouldn’t have. For this inner knowing and wisdom can finally be shared equally and willingly in unconditional Love. It is as a friend recently said.

Is he the Priest and I the Priestess? Is he, the father and I, the mother? Is he, the Love and I, the beloved? One Soul’s experience between the two of us, split in agreement by ancient processes in order to be united again in total reunion of acceptance and worthiness.

Over time and lineage we had our own experiences and this enables us now to bring in the balance again within ourselves as well together. For we always have known, when our opposites are being healed and clarity will shine through we will know we are as One again.

Our love has been developing in so many layers of our personal, mental and emotional bodies as well our higher inner connection and Self has understood this will be, again, time to reunite in order to bring our knowledge, wisdom, compassion and love into this melting again after aeon of time.

When we are asked to retreat all our energy we have been sending out, we immediately attract our soul aspects to be healed as well united within the higher Soul’s expression we are to Become.

This is our next step in the evolution process. We have been engaged in by choice, free will and how subconscious becomes conscious and awareness assist the overlay of all that has been hidden within.

Two parts of a Soul can have these life’s experiences by female and male embodiments, yet ultimately they will find their way back to each other, in order to come back in Union again. I know You is what is felt from the first meeting they have in there encounters and this will draw them back together like a magnet – cause every beat of their hearts is lingering until they beat again as One. They are in magnetic service to each other to be as One again.

And so it will be done.

High Self @RheaDopmeijer (c)

Heartfelt Messages 21-9-2015

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