Who I am is not who you See – by Kc


I know that growing up as a child that I believed what I saw, and then did not try to look at others in a different way. I had no idea that there was another way to look at someone. I guess it was like reading a book from page to page until the cover was closed. I was not a read between the lines kind of girl. I always looked at life from my own perspective, without even contemplating the idea that the person in question had their own idea of what they looked like to the world.
I was trapped inside my own little world, like most of us are. It is not a criticism towards anyone as we are only human beings after all. Or souls trapped in human shells. I still get caught up in my own view point every now and then. I guess we all have to learn who we are for ourselves and not what others think. Perhaps then it will allow us to share our perspectives more clearly with the other souls that roam this world.
We perceive a person in our eyes, but is that who they really are? Can we really tell a person by just looking at them? Or is it a different perspective to their own vision of who they are?
It is funny what we don’t think of, unless life guides us to question what is really in front of us. I found that the universe had that reminder lesson in mind for me. Whilst having a conversation with a long lost relative I found that I was not the only one who felt the way he felt. That people do not really know each other.
With this in mind I came up with the poem below, which I hope you enjoy. If you do comment and like and share.

Sending blessings of love & light always K.C. xxx


Mariana Caffaro Wood

Mariana Caffaro Wood

I am who I am

I was born from a seed
And little could I really know
That from that people would read
A story that would really grow

Into their own perception unclear
To mine eyes I could not see
That person the saw was here
Yes to them I was their me

What about my story I asked you
As I heard those fateful words
I know you o so true
Yes the journey had been cursed

I am who I am I screamed
As the words did not come out
Nightmares were all I dreamed
As the silence heard me shout

Your vision of me is so lost
Like the thoughts within your mind
My path you took at a cost
Left me o so blind

I was living as your story grew
Each step that I took
Until the day the words I flew
Stop and take a look

My story I have written clear
Your vision is impaired
Your eyes they filled with fear
As you froze and stared

This is who I am to me
As I take away the cloak
Take a good look and see
My story has been rewrote

My soul is still the same
It’s your look that is blind
I no longer play your game
So play mind and you will find

My story is very real to all
As the pages are being filled
You finally hear me call
As the words you read are spilled

Into your heart and soul
As seen like never before
So it’s up to you to reach the goal
To see me as you first saw

A seed to be love and fed
To a plant to love and grow
Are the word that I spread
See what you will as I do flow

You can see the story through to the end
To reveal the true me to thee
Or you will continue to send
A tale that I will never see

copyright of kc hart

About author

This article was written by K.C. Hart

Hi I am K.C. I have been writing poems most of my life. I have been so inspired by Poets such as the likes of "William Wordsworth" and his poem " I wandered lonely as a cloud" have helped me on the journey of life. I have been so blessed that the universe has given me such a talent as Creating Poetry to touch the souls of others. You can check out some of my poems at my website http://kchartpoetryinemotion.co.uk please feel free to share your comments on my blogs xx Sending blessings of love & light always xx I hope that you enjoy my writings and that it will inspire you, to know that no matter the challenges life brings that the stars will shine for you like they now do for me. Sending blessings of peace, love & light to you all always xxxx


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