Who Was That, Mask Man? – Annette Rochelle Aben

The comedy and tragedy masks are symbols of theatre people world-wide and date back farther than our memories can even conceive. The idea of existing behind a mask is something actors are applauded for time and time again. Is this such a bad thing?

There are times we need our masks. Not every moment in life is something we are ready to face. To have a mask to present to the real world may be what allows us to come to terms with the situation so we can gain the strength to set the mask aside.

This is one of the reasons people enjoy attending the theatre. We can watch scenes play out, allow ourselves to bond with the characters, regardless of their situations and then leave them to go back to our own lives. We can strap on the mask or the role being played out before us and give ourselves the opportunity to assimilate the experience.

But in this case, we know it is a mask, a temporary identity. The show starts at 8pm and we are back in our vehicles by 11pm. There is a comfort level here which aids in the allure of the experience, it’s going to end in a specific time frame, therefore we can risk attending.

In our own lives, there is no such timing. We cannot guarantee how long the scenario will take to play out. There may be the need to play a part to find out exactly what role will work best. This may seem unlikely but we all do it, all the time. Some call it growing up and others call it maturation but it is simply the unfolding of life.

Subtle, though it may be, we DO try on different masks. Even if we choose to stay behind a mask for an undetermined amount of time, it is our choice. There is power in the thought that it is our choice. Once we own the power of our choices, we realize that, perhaps, masks are no longer necessary.


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