Winter Is An Oracle – by Marie Elena

Oracle:  a priest or priestess acting as a medium through whom advice or prophecy was sought from the gods in classical antiquity.

Winter is an Oracle and she has taught me a great deal through the years. It has not just been your stereotypical cliche lessons, I have felt her presence.

She has taught me to be prepared for emergencies. If you are not, you will suffer. Carry a blanket or jacket at all times. She is great at showing you her beauty and wrath. The sooner you go with the flow the easier things will be for you.

Winter teaches you the power of waiting. It is “Law of Gender.” The seed waits to grow when it is cold. When it is cold and snowing outside one must be learn to enjoy spending time inside. Cherishing time indoors.

Every action we do is a ritual. Rituals are powerful. What healing and nourishing rituals do you do in the winter time? What has she taught you? Do you answer her when she speaks to you? Do you listen?

An Oracle cannot teach you if you are not open to receive. Your vessel must be ready to receive the messages so you must eat the right foods, drink alkaline water and do intermittent fasting. This allows your third eye to open wide.

Winter will show you things in a mild or extreme way. She will show you the rewards of patience.  Just like the seeds of an oak tree or tomato plant, non GMO of course. Seeds will germinate during the long snow blanket. It is the Season of Death. Many ancient religions believed winter was the Season of Death which is a part of the life cycle. It is not a negative. Technically, winter officially starts on December 22 when the Winter Solstice commences and the globe is pointing away from the sun.

Winter can teach you patience. In so many ways she will tell you to slow down, enjoy life, watch a movie with family, drive in a safely way and find projects to do indoors. We all know what tragedies can happen when one does not slow down or take his time.

She will show you the benefits of strategizing and thinking ahead. Such as having food stored in the case of a blizzard or planning a trip to the grocery store. You can prepare a tasty soup so you always have something nutritious to eat.  Planning ahead is vital to dealing with winter.

Winter teaches us to make the best of things. Instead of complaining go sleigh riding, ice skating or make a hot cup of cocoa or apple cider. When I was a young girl, I would go outside and play in the snow for hours, then come inside and warm up near the furnace.

Although so some animals and people perish because of the cold and unforgiving winter there are beautiful things that occur. Winter can be a time of celebration. Innately, it is a time of survival yet an opportunity to be close to people you love.

In many ancient traditions people celebrated Winter Solstice in a festival of lights or Yule, as the Norse so called it, the lighting of a fire. After this day the earth moves closer to the sun.

Winter is a time for eating sweet bread, drinking warm drinks and spending time with our loved ones.  It is time to have more padding on our bodies to ensure replication. It is a time to reserve energy. As winter do you.

Winter follows the order of nature. One can see this in the animals and the cycle of life. Sometimes it is sad. It is wise to learn from winter and those who live in it. There is an ebb and flow, a birth, and a death. This is apparent in natural or man made disasters.

I have noticed when people do not pay attention to the wisdom of winter scary or tragic things can happen. It’s like that old saying, “Mother knows best!!” Listen to Mother. When it shows heavily listen to Mother. When a blizzard is coming listen to Mother. When the white snow blinds your eyes listen to Mother. When the snow bites your naked skin listen to Mother!

Winter as an Oracle is wisdom collected from numerous time lines and she will protect you and give wisdom freely if you allow it. You are the vessel. Through celebration, difficulty, tragedy and germination Winter will teach you. After all, the gods sought oracles for a reason.

About author

This article was written by Marie Magick

I love animals, magic, love and peace. I believe in Universal Laws, love Metaphysics, dabbling in Magick, crystals, herbs and creating things from nothing. My favorite place to be is in nature. I don't believe in this mamby pamby career restrictive thinking. I am a Truther... proud of it. I love writing and am so grateful to be here, woo hoo! My future goals are to write several books of a spiritual nature, take a foot out of the grid... in other words not out of the grid 100% just a little out. I believe in vibration, intention, allowing, growing and loving. I also believe we all should stand in our truth and value ourselves. Never let someone else determine your worth. I am still learning on this journey of life and looking for my partner, love and conspirator to walk this path with me, I like to exercise as well, it is life energy. Animals are my friends and you might catch me reading a book on witchcraft. Don't be scared!! - Love and Light!!- - Restricted thinking, restricted life. Expansive thinking, expansive life. ~Marie E. Pollnow.


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