Winter My Old Friend – by Annette Rochelle Aben

Winter is the friend you never knew you had. The buddy who says, let’s sit a while, chat and sort it all out together. It seeks to bring us to a simpler way of life.

Winter, where I live, is all about cold, brisk mornings, and being bundled up as warm as possible. Shovels stand ready to clear paths for everyone from the mailman to your best friend who happens by for a steaming hot mug of something delicious when they come in from the cold. Dogs love to romp through the snow and if it’s good packing, children create everything from forts to snow friends. Let’s not forget those who enjoy winter sports such as skiing, skating and sledding!

Oddly, people do something else during the winter months and that is, they do a lot of thinking. Getting lost in thought while perched on a window seat watching flakes fall effortlessly. Wrapping up in an afghan in front of a roaring fire, with either a good book or a good friend for company. Becoming immersed in the lazy times and allowing one’s mind to drift, much like the mounds of snow against the house. It’s as though we innately take this time to go within ourselves. The very act of ideas sparking can generate some heat!

In the stillness of nature, we find our powers of observation being tested. We hear things we rarely pay attention to such as ice melting or what it sounds like when critters go skittering over tree branches. We see beauty only this season can provide. The stark contrast of a tree trunk half covered in snow. The myth that snow is pure white, for when the sun hits it, we appreciate the dancing prisms that result. For a moment, we are in awe of the purpose of each of the seasons and their necessity to life’s progression. What seems like a dormant period is really a swirl of activity our untrained eyes have yet to detect.

Want to connect with winter in a special way? Slow down. Shiver a little and let your cheeks feel the wind’s chill. Give winter a chance to impress you with its power and passion. Realize that in the scheme of things, winter is simply being itself. It’s a friend who would like to know you better. Extending an open invitation for a limited engagement.

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