Wisdom is hidden in the ears – by Andreas N. Bjørndal

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Wisdom is hidden in the ears. Wisdom is one of the cardinal virtues and together with love, it creates truth. Wisdom alone, is hard and tough. Love alone, is soft and without boundaries. Wisdom gives limits and love is limitless. Love says yes, wisdom says no. Truth depends on a balance between them. In this article, we will focus on wisdom and its relationship to the ears.

When you want to move around in the world, the eyes are the most important organ. (Read about perspective and eyes here) The eyes help you when you are going out into the world.

On the other side, to orient yourself as to where your position is, where the different sounds of nature come from, where the person talking to you is placed or the position of your body, then the ears are the best and unique organs of choice. They tell you the orientation of yourself to the sphere around you, your boundaries.

If someone is approaching you and you are playing seek and hide, you would use the ears to hear their steps or their breath and you would hope they would make some sounds to reveal themselves.

You could say eyes and ears are opposed. Your eyes make your circle bigger, expanding your circle of action. The ears tell you when you need to make it smaller, when there is something coming into your circle, or when you need to watch out, stand still and be silent.

Your sense of position when you move around or the sense of your own body, even when still (proprioception) as well as the sense of balance are closely related to the ears, listening and wisdom.

When you use the ears as the main input, you sit quiet and do not move. You do not talk or taste, you just close your eyes and listen. You are completely receptive to your surroundings when using the ears alone. You could be enjoying music, listening to nature or perceiving another person in their conditions. The ears are about getting input, receiving and getting wise.

When you are listening to others you become wiser. The degree of your ability to listen to another person and hear them fully, is a question of wisdom. The stupid person does not listen. The experienced person is wise. The learned, well read person is wise, because they have listened to experiences and the thinking of others.

You do not need to learn only through your own mistakes if you learn to listen to others. When people make a mistake they often say; I should have listened, or if I only had listened, or I knew it but did not listen! A mistake can cost you deeply and some people even say I wish someone had told me!
If you think about it, often your inner voice did tell you, but you did not listen. You were not wise enough.  You could say you are stupid to the degree you lack wisdom.

Wisdom is about boundaries between you and your surroundings. Wisdom is about boundaries in your actions. If you are not yet wise enough you will act in ways that could offend, harm and disturb the life course of others and yourself. The reverberations of your actions will return to you, to create the cultivations of wisdom. Often this is a painful process. The boundaries you encounter are like grains in the machinery; friction needed to cultivate wisdom. The pain of the soul is a sign of the soul adapting and growing. To learn wisdom is to learn where the boundaries are or should be. It is a balance between you and the other, you and the bigger circle around you.

Balance and hearing are like extensions. Our ability to keep our balance and our hearing are closely related also anatomically in the body. As you get older and cannot stand on one leg with eyes closed, your hearing often also has become reduced. Hearing the other person is a subtle act of balance between you and the other that cultivates wisdom.

A person I met a few years ago would make a sound like “hhhmmm” while listening, not knowing that this sound revealed that the listening had stopped. At that point the person was no longer able to perceive anything but themself; showing their limited wisdom.

If you are able to make choices or actions that could harm other people without understanding that you have hurt, disturbed or destroyed them,  then you will cultivate wisdom the hard way. If you understand it and still do it, you probably need to cultivate love.

Wisdom is closely related with the ability to listen to how your actions, choices, behaviour or expressions influence the wholeness to which you belong. How you affect your family, colleges, and the circles in which you belong. How you understand their boundaries.

Some people do not understand this, becoming isolated from their closest circles, and then people do not want to relate to them. It could be a father not wanting to relate to his daughter or perhaps it is a daughter that does not want to relate to her mother. In the first case it could be the lack of wisdom in the actions of the daughter in the second, the lack of wisdom in the action of the mother. The lack of wisdom would be that they have crossed the borders and boundaries that the wise would find, almost goes without saying. This lack of boundaries makes the hurt or offended person create more boundaries instead. When people treat you without regard, respect or consideration you close them out of your life. If they had been wise enough, they would have kept the proper boundaries, that showed you respected and built a good relationship with you.

Wisdom is also related to the ability to listen to your body and its needs. The need for sleep and rest. The need for nature, fresh air, and nourishing food. To put limits, not to stay up too late or eat too much or drink too much. Again it is a question of boundaries and of listening.

Within you there is a deep space, outside you there are bigger and bigger circles all the way out to space. Just like the spiral of the ear moving from the centre out to bring the surroundings in, you need to open up to the bigger space around you or the deeper depth within you and let it in to cultivate wisdom.

The spiral represents evolution and growth. As you get wiser you grow and as you grow you get wiser. The illustrations shows both the outer and inner spiral of the ear.

You need to use your mind and reflect to become wise. You need to ask; how will this affect me, those closest to me, my work or profession, society, the world or the universe. The further out you go on this scale of circles, the wiser you are. If you only think about yourself, you will take the wrong steps in relationship to the bigger circle.

If you seem to benefit from a choice but it makes other people suffer, the suffering will come back to you. As you move up the scale of consideration and expand the circle, you not only get wiser but the possibility of stepping wrong becomes less and less. The wise person has the perception that all which exists is, me and God. Everything I do, I do to him. They are in a state of listening or being receptive to the biggest wholeness.

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