WITHIN – by Linda Lang

So here I sit… quietly… nothing pressing to do, no big demands, no urgency.  Just allowing myself to be.
At times my mind is quiet too, and I am enveloped in the sense of being fully within myself… yet far more vast than this mere mortal body could contain.  How is it that one can be fully present in this seemingly small body but feel as expansive as the Universe itself? That is the magic of mindfulness.
I sit… my attention focused on the inner sensations… the pressure of my body against the chair… the coolness of the air I breathe in that then feels warm as I exhale… the tactile sensations of holding a pen as I write.  Any one of these can take me further into myself – if I let it.
MINDful-framedPerhaps the greatest fascination lies within the energetic sensations I feel. Today it is the crown, back of head and temples that pulse with energy flow, filling my 3rd eye and opening my heart chakra wide.  These sensations are beyond the conscious mind; there is no logic my mind can follow to explain it.
Accepting that, it can be easy to sit back, relax and simply observe the pressure and the movement.  And in doing so, I continue to go deeper and deeper into my own Being.
Mindfulness is a great gift we give ourselves.  It fills us with a sense of peace and presence… a welcome break from distraction, multi-tasking and overwhelm… too often the norm in our modern day world.
It allows us to really listen to ourselves – not our thoughts, but who we are underneath our thoughts.  It is in this place we create space.  We open to allow more clarity, more creativity, more inspiration, more compassion, more divinity to flow to us and through us.
WITHIN you will find indescribable treasures, beauty and truth. It’s simple to  access by being quiet and present… and allowing yourself to explore the vast world you hold within yourself.  Allowing is perhaps the hardest part.

But it need not take long, even a few moments daily will have great rewards.  Your mind will thank you and so will your spirit.

About author

This article was written by Linda Lang

Hi. My name is Linda. I'm an energy healer, a teacher and a writer. I have been consciously on my spiritual path for over 30 years, catapulted by a health crisis that demanded I look outside the box to find my healing. On my journey I have been blessed with many spiritual experiences. I feel very supported by the universe as life weaves to create growth and fulfill my quest to more fully know myself. I am drawn to the spiritual aspects of life, to live with joy and connection, while helping others to live more of their authentic selves. I especially love to help people expand their perception of what is possible so we can all realize more wellness, transformation, freedom and peace. I offer healing work, intuitive energy work, shamanic journeys and workshops. I have studied hypnotherapy, Huna shamanism, NLP, Reiki, and a wide assortment of energy psychology techniques. I love love love shamanic journeys, guidance & channelled wisdom and meditation. I have great respect for crystals, vibrational essences, essential oils, and natural remedies. I am a Writer and an Artist, and I am happy to share my experiences and support with you each month through The Magic Happens. Visit me at www.thoughtchange.com, on Facebook at www.facebook.com/linda.lang.thoughtchange, or send me an email at Linda@thoughtchange.com.


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  1. Kishan Takahashi says - Posted: September 1, 2015

    Thank you Linda thats beautiful.
    my favourite lines were ;
    ”more divinity to flow to us and through us.”
    ”WITHIN you will find indescribable treasures, beauty and truth.”
    In Gratitude.

  2. Linda Lang says - Posted: September 1, 2015

    Thank you Kishan! It was a joy to write this article, for truly it did flow to me and through me, and it is my joy to share.

  3. Laurie Seymour says - Posted: September 2, 2015

    Reading your words, Linda, brings me right to a place of stillness and appreciation. Yes indeed, allowing is key. Thank you!

  4. Holland Haiis says - Posted: September 19, 2015

    Thank you Linda for reminding us that we need to give ourselves the gift of stillness.

    • Linda Lang says - Posted: September 19, 2015

      You’re welcome Holland. It’s where the greatest gifts are!

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