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It was early in the morning just after 4 am.  I wanted to go back to my dream world but that was not going to happen, not this morning.  This morning was going to be one of those very special mornings where the Universe had something profound to tell me.  I would imagine in most peoples minds it may not seem as enlightening as mine, all the same I feel it is something worth sharing.

A writer needs inspiration.  A writer does not always have inspiration and wonders if it will ever come again.  Those word thoughts, they are more than just random thoughts, often they have a negative or slightly negative word in their mist.  Let’s face it, the slightly negative can be more damaging than an out and out negative word or thought, as it undermines with false innuendos and betrays the truth.

Yesterday I had a busy day. I had an awesome session with a client.  Those days are always wonderful to see change happen before your eyes, it is where the Magic Happens in my professional life.  I put a tremendous amount of energy into my sessions, which drains me, yet allows me to feel a sweet peace.  This is good as I do go to sleep, but often these are the times where the thoughts come that are not completely positive, as my guard is sagging, I have fought a good battle during the day, but battle fatigue has set in.

I had remembered it was the first of the month and The Magic Happens magazine for February was published and online. I was just too tired to open my computer and read.  The thought – I have nothing to write about, I had a little writing flurry, like a snow flurry and the sun came out melted it and dried the soil allowing cracks so deep, as if a drought was upon me. I felt dry and devoid of any creative moisture.  My Nemesis, the Doubter, had come and whispered ‘You have not a single idea what you can write about.’, and then I could almost see that satisfied smile.  He had me.  My eyes closed and I faded into a deep sleep.

Back to 4 am.  My mind was focused but it takes much longer to get my eyes focused.  Maybe that is a good thing as it allows my mind to think my thoughts before I see other’s thoughts.  I thought about the things that I needed to do during the day but I had another 4 ro5 hours before I could do them.  My mind came back to TMH magazine.  I brought the site up on my phone.  The first article that came up was mine – ‘Snowflakes’.  I thought that was a bit strange, but I took it as a gift from the Universe.  I read it and found it came out okay, the next article was Power Company – by Annette Rochelle Aben.  As I read through this article, The Universe expanded my mind and gave me such an awareness.

Positive words are my business.  They have great power.  It is the tone, softness and the rhythm of my voice that I ask the conscious mind to listen to, not the words.  The words are for the subconscious mind, to go deeply into that private place where all changes happen, shattering limiting beliefs, then allowing the true belief system to take over and bring the release of a new positive life.

 Thoughts and words are energy.  They are power.  We create everything through our thoughts, nothing is made without first having the thought of it.

The phrase ‘I’ve got your back’ came to mind, when reading Annette’s article.  If we say negative things or have negative thoughts after the person has left our presence, they do not stop there.  They may not be meant in harmful way, but harm they do.  You may think you are empathizing with them and wishing them comfort in your words, but damning them you are.  It is sometimes called gossip, when it goes from thoughts to words.  It is just like the thoughts that come to me when I’m tired, only slightly negative but undermining my confidence.  When we have someone’s back, we say positive things and think positive thoughts, only then are they protected and cared for.  The Universe had my back this morning with the words and thoughts, giving me what I needed to stamp out the negative that was presented to me last night.


My Nemesis, the Doubter, lost.  As you can see, I won.  This article, ‘Words’, is only one of the outcomes that has allowed me to trample ‘the Doubter’.  The second outcome is a new character, Arabella.  Her first book is in the final stages of writing and illustration.  ‘Arabella’ will be my new series.  Her first book is being called

‘Arabella – What is Time?’

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This article was written by Cheryl Butterworth

My name is Cheryl Butterworth, I’m a Canadian. I love breathing fresh air, I love living in my dream world. My passion is seeing people become who they have always been meant to be. I'm a professional Consulting Hypnotist and with this gift, I help the big people. My other passion is writing stories for children that have good morals and values. The stories are not just entertaining but I try to slip in educational information, that will give that little bit of an edge to the youngster, so that they have something to converse with, to someone either older or just one of their peers. I try to make the stories interesting not only for the children but also for those older children, also known as adults, who will hopefully have to read the stories over and over, because they are the child's favorite story! I live in Canada, where the Polar Bears and Inuit live, but I now live in Calgary, far south of all that excitement. I did live in Yellowknife NWT, which is very much closer to the Polar Bears! That is where 'The Ice Dogs' book series came about with two of my friends, Iceberg and Ice Cream, who have adventures in this beautiful area of the world. I feel if we are nice and have love for others and do kind deeds, what one would call the Golden Rule and we allow our spirits to be soft and gentle, one by one, the world will change to be what it has always been meant to be, a place of love, safety and beauty. It may be a dream, but that dream came from somewhere, probably the Creator of the Universe.


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