Write Right from God, by Tom Bird

For those who have always felt the calling to write, thought it was about time they get writing or sit in front of a computer screen from time to time, too terrified to begin, may I suggest you pick up a copy of Write Right from God by Tom Bird.  This relatively small book packs a large amount of information in its easy-to-read, flowing 101 pages.

Tom sees writing as a “Spiritual” experience and as such, seeks to bring the opportunity to as many people as possible.  Of course getting a book published is the ultimate dream, however what the writers experience during the creation of the book is profound and in most, if not all cases, life changing. With this book (whose subtitle is You, Words, Writing and Your Divine Purpose), Bird shares insight as well as offers encouragement to all who aspire to put pen to paper to set their thoughts free. What Bird has discovered (and teaches in his seminars and workshops) is that a transformation of one’s life is as much a result of the writing as the writing is a result of the transformations one has already undergone.  Deep and profound, indeed.

Tom Bird, himself, has 27 published books to his credit, including the #1 Amazon Best Seller, You Can Write Your book in a Weekend.  I had the pleasure of interviewing Tom Bird for The Magic Happens Radio Network, and during our interview, Bird explained why this can happen and how it happens. It seems when put ourselves into a state of consciousness where we are tapped directly into our connection to God, the words flow so quickly that the books practically write themselves.  He has seen people complete the text for their books in mere hours.  Even though the workshops are designed to run from Thursday through Sunday, several people will be done by Saturday night, some by Friday night and there are those who are finished by Friday morning.  He has seen people transform so radically that they don’t even appear to be the same people who waked into the seminar in the first place.

His Tom Bird Method has been shared with over 80,000 people all over the United States, so once you have picked up this book, Write Right from God, visit http://www.tombird.com for information on his next seminar and transform your life, oh and, write your book in a weekend!

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