You can’t shield from the storm – by Rhea Dopmeijer

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You cannot shield from the storm to gain inner standing

Should you shield the canyons from the windstorms, you would never see the true beauty of their carvings.

Elisabeth Kubbler-Ross

Step free from judging and denying your experience. Call upon your Higher Self to carry you through intense feelings that accompany profound growth. Turn your transformation over to Spirit.

To me this is part of my transformation.Turning it over to Spirit and calling upon my Higher Self to assist me. Being challenged a lot during my lifetime through physical issues, I always wanted to learn. About any alternative way as it has been described for such a long time. Every method that I came across which was different from the medical industry since I started my journey, was labeled as alternative, holistic at one point. That was when East met West medicine ways. When we started learning again how the connection with energy and nature provides us with every medication we need. May it be through plants and flowers, crystals, food, and most of all through energy.

When you have an open mind, the will to accept even the unseen world or the energy matter which is not that easy to be understood, is providing me with more depth of life experiences. The will to learn as much as possible about the health issues and how this relates to our emotional as well mental well-being. I learned about how we are more than the sum of different parts through the holistic vision. I love to explore and expand my knowledge through experiencing. Diving into the world of conscious and sub-conscience awareness. Luckily I wasn’t the only one that was curious how this system of us, we call human body, is reacting to different responses towards myself. It also taught me to learn to accept my challenges. Which was and still is of great importance for me to keep or at least find my balance. Emotionally as well physically. Being high-sensitive creates its own challenges as well.

Every day, I am challenged how to deal with expectations, emotions, physical  ability, mental issues. What I came to realize along the way, is how all these different elements are creating a whole. Each part is connected, reflecting, communicating with each other on all  these different levels. Multitasking as well multidimensional are we being human. I learned to trust on that part of me that has a bigger understanding and higher perspective or over view. In the moments I am able to be quiet during these inner storms or turmoil, there I have access to a deeper understanding. It allows me to take a step back, or step aside. This inner voice, the truth, my deepest self, my soul. Many names, yet they all mean the same and follow the same rule.

Truth is like a big tree. The more you take care of it, the more fruits it will bear – according to Gandhi. So, the attention I pay to my inner world, the stronger will be my relationship with it. That makes sense to me. For where my love is, there also will be my energy. And by this energy this little magic seed within grows and with it my trust in my inner knowledge. Enabling me to bring in more and more loving energy, in every area that needs to be taken care of. It also taught me to find my inner core deep within my own tree of Life. I learned to trust this inner voice as well my body and its responses to certain experiences. I also learned to understand the challenges in the different stages of my life and the root causes.

With this understanding my inner strength also grows, as one of the many fruits of my ow Tree of Life. L

ove and compassion are also fruits and enabling me to allow and accept the experiences I am going through. My inner fruits are growing more and more when I pay attention with the loving energy and my relationship with myself through it. Actually this I find the biggest treasure, the loving energy towards myself. Not in an egoistic way as people might perceive. It brings me joy and pleasure to be me, it provides me with confidence and worthiness. It also creates space to encounter any challenge instead of shielding from it. I can see the beauty in my scarves, for they represent the endurance as well the inner growth they brought me.

To me this is a basic understanding of following my inner voice to bring truth as well peace in connection with my higher self, my soul. Following this loving flow of energy creates life within me. It assists me to let the fruits of my Tree of Life grow and come to full fruition. So my Tree of Life is going to be a magnificent abundant and standing on fertile ground with her roots deeply grounded in this physical plane, my human body and being in co-relationship with every other form of Energy of Love.

And so it will Be


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Heartfelt Messages 22-11-2016

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