Your Soul’s Masterpiece – by Nancy Ring

When divine guidance hit twice in two minutes it got my attention. This time it arrived via synchronicity, a popular pathway for higher meaning. While the first hit came by email message, the second, barely a breath later, arrived in a Facebook post. Both spoke to the importance of aligning with our divine gifts and talents to create the life masterpieces our souls seek.

Starburst-Feature_mSuddenly the coaching call I’d just ended snapped into deeper meaning. A client and I had been discussing how her life is providing great opportunities to be even more authentic. Work is offering new beginnings. It’s asking her to step more fully into her innate gifts and talents, regardless of whether they are appreciated by others.

Then these wise words interrupted my quick zip to post birthday wishes on Facebook:

“I decided that the most subversive, revolutionary thing I could do was to show up for my life and not be ashamed.” – Anne Lamott

Immediately my Akashic Records began building on this synchronicity’s truths. They reminded me how important it is for us to bring forth and trust our greatest strengths without worrying about what others say. After all, people’s reactions are about them: they are not about us.

And bringing our divinely endowed gifts to humanity is one of the biggest reasons we are alive. Those gifts help us create the masterpieces of our lives: they enable us to achieve and experience our life purpose.

In my coaching career, and in working with people in their Records, I’ve witnessed how often we humans take our divine talents for granted. After all, how could something that comes so naturally to us be a big deal? Right?

Conversely, others worry that exhibiting their greatest talents will spark accusations of being “too big for their britches.” Rather than risk appearing egoistic, they play small.

I remember well when my business partners were of great service to me in pointing out gifts I didn’t honor in myself. And the self-ignored talent they helped me see? Ironically, it was my ability to recognize and communicate other people’s unique gifts and strengths.

When we work with people in their Akashic Records around their divine gifts, we take them through releasing their fears around trusting these strengths. Once that is complete, the Records then give us a process to “grace in” the confidence and surety that owning their talents not only is part of their journey, but it also is key to creating their soul’s masterpiece this lifetime.

People then see that as long as they stay in their hearts, and intend to remain respectful and of service to others, they won’t be too big for those britches – whether or not anyone accuses them of that. And the more they trust their divine talents, the more easily life flows, and the happier they become.

So, I wonder: What are your God-given talents and greatest gifts? How are you sharing them with the world? How are they making your life more rewarding? How do they help you create the masterpiece that is your life’s purpose?


About author

This article was written by Nancy Ring

Nancy Ring accesses the Akashic Records to connect people to the guidance and healing energy of their souls. Based in Charlotte, NC, USA, she has been guiding and teaching others in the Akashic Records for over ten years. In addition to her Akashic work, Nancy is also an executive coach and an organizational development and training consultant for corporations and non-profits in the US, Europe and Asia.


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  1. Sandra Gelinas says - Posted: June 14, 2016

    Hi Nancy: Great article again – and I particularly like the questions at the end. They would be great ones to take into the Records or for anyone to ask their Higher Wisdom.

    • Nancy Ring says - Posted: June 14, 2016

      Great idea Sandra. I suspect you will see the fruits of your wonderful suggestion in the next couple of weeks!

  2. Linda Lang says - Posted: June 14, 2016

    Excellent article Nancy! How wonderful to include the Akashic records in your coaching service.

    • Nancy Ring says - Posted: June 14, 2016

      Thanks Linda. When I am doing “regular coaching,” I’m always in my own Akashic Records, but never those of the client. We can’t access another’s Records without their permission — thank God! Nevertheless, I can always trust that I am offering the best coaching I can when I have the guidance and support of my Akashic Records.

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