Zen Hoofprints – by Bob Rush

It seems as lately there is never a dull moment in my life. Many things and ideas are taking shape a bonus, I really love this time of year. From crisp mornings to bright colors from nature’s palette, I find myself more at peace with the world and my life. Therein lies the zen.

Decisions have been made on how I choose to live my life. I go back to my first principle which is treating others exactly as I would wish to be treated. Second, do no harm. Seek to do good. My favorite is to lift others up!

I have sought abundance and prosperity. Who hasn’t? The universe has responded in so many ways. Most important is that it is not about just seeking money. I have gained many new friends both live and in the cyber world. Believe me, this is just too cool. I have met and will continue to meet a lot of beautiful people.

My equine massage work has expanded. I kept faith in my skills and it has paid off. Not so much in dollars, but in new clients and new horses. Both are fabulous. Great new friends as well. Its all about the faith you keep!

Getting back in the saddle has been another bonus. No, I am not an Olympic level rider, but I certainly have a blast. My equine friends have taught me so much about patience, patience, patience coupled with a large dose of humility. They are the worlds best when it comes to reading body energy. When I am stressed they know it and the ride will be stressed. When I go with the flow, they read that and together we become one. That is why I love them dearly.

I am part of an incredible extended family. They are truly awesome. The team has opened my eyes to the magic of life. I have moved to lovely quarters on the farm and am truly blessed. It is wonderful to be a small part of a great group.BobCI

One of my tenets is to keep moving and to stay fit. What make it difficult is the rehab of the knee. I think my lesson here is to not rush Mother Nature. Again, patience. I forget that I am fairly fit, very active, and can keep up with 20 and 30 year-olds in my job. I need to give myself more credit.

I met a couple of extremely talented musicians recently. They were receptive to me sending them some of my song lyric projects. Further they suggested that I pick up a guitar, learn some chords and see what happens. It will help in the songwriting process. Who knows, what may happen, but it is fun to dream.

To bring this back to the zen hoofprints, what I have found is when you live your life, put power in your thoughts, damn the torpedoes and simply, believe in magic, anything is possible. The zen is being in the moment fully and appreciating the now. Believe, achieve, be here now, lift your spirit up, and rise to the occasion.

The lessons on the journey have been life changing, inspiring, awesome and affirming. It is a moment of zen that is full of magic. Till next time, guys,….Namaste!

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This article was written by Bob Rush

Hey gang! I am just a fellow traveler along this journey we like to call life. I am currently in a second career of sorts. Working my passion which is horses. Mostly I am truly into doing bodywork or massage. I feel its the least we can do to such trusting majestic beings. Its my spirituality that gets a boost from their simple but elegant energy. I hope I can share funny moments, aha moments and just insights to make the journey peaceful, fun and of course, full of magic.


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