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Seems like the closer we get to summer, the faster summer flies. Why, just the other day, my sister and I began planning our Christmas dinner menu.

 Don’t be a hater…

I believe this stems from the way our mother used to handle holidays on the strict budgets she created for our family. See, by knowing what was needed for each holiday, far enough in advance, items required to pull off the feasts could be purchased in increments. This way, there was never one of those “catch me I am about to faint”moments at the cash register on any given week. We simply planned ahead and were duly rewarded.

Knowing that we want to have bacon wrapped water chestnuts, the cans of water chestnuts are already in the cupboard. We also have something called Spinach Balls on the menu, so the next few items to purchase will be the non-perishables for that recipe.

It will look, to those in attendance, as though we’re super heroes but in reality we were simply calling upon our inner girl scouts and prepared well!

If autumn moves as quickly as summer, our Christmas feast will be upon us quick as blink. With some planning, proper execution of said plans and keeping the eye on the prize we shall celebrate peace on earth peace-filled.

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  1. Marie Elena says - Posted: September 4, 2018

    This is so brilliant. I think sometimes planning can be downright fun. I plan on buying Christmas decorations little by little and may buy myself a gift. Thank you for sharing.

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