2019 a New Year! – by Andreas N. Bjørndal

The sun is always there!

After weeks of darkness and celebration of the returning of the light we embark on the New Year. The solar cycle goes towards a new morning, a new spring with the promise of summer again.

As you evolve as a soul, your sensitivity to nature becomes refined. You sense the impact of the weather as if it reflects the emotions of the earth. You sense the cycles not only of the day, as everybody else, but also the moons cycle of 28 days. This is the reason we have 7 days weeks and months of +/- 30 days. The word “month” is derived from “moon”. Becoming aware of the moon cycle is like riding a wave of outgoing activity as the moon rises and becoming more introverted and connecting to the subconscious as it declines. New moon is full of promise and a time for new seeds to come forward, while full moon is a time of manifestation and blast.

The bigger cycle of the year is a solar cycle and is related to your identity, or solar nature. Made clear by the question how old are you? Your age reflects your solar cycles. The importance of this is that the New Year is a good time to plant seeds for the YOU TO BE, your inner ideal, the master within. Forget about New Year promises that are about material gain. It is a question of reconnecting, making a broadband connection if you like, with something that is already there.

The sun is always there!

It is a question of reconnecting with the solar aspect of yourself, your inner master. The inner being that is best defined by virtues.

This could be qualities like:
• wisdom, patience, thoughtfulness
• truth, honesty, generosity
• compassion, love, kindness
• care, moderation, purity
• openness, discernment, optimism
• assertiveness, courage, detachment
• dignity, integrity, mindfulness
and others

Make a choices of choosing what will last and always has been there to become again, as the sun returns.
The sun is always there!

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This article was written by Andreas Bjørndal

There is a common theme in much that I do: • I love to be an active part of growing awareness, insight, inspiration and spreading a unifying knowledge. • I care for promoting health and development, creating improved harmony and unity within the individual as in their relation with their group. • I search for a unified understanding across seemingly unconnected areas of knowledge including perennial as well as scientific. • I have coined the term "holonistic knowledge" which I share in my blog: holonity.com • I write, blog, debate and teach around the world • I practice complementary therapies as homeopathy and acupuncture as well as counsel and supervise individuals, partners, couples and families to find the core theme in their lives and how they can resolve and master that. Feel free to contact me for questions or a consultation at my mail: andreas@nan.no Blog: https://holonity.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/holonity https://www.facebook.com/kabbalahnorge


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