A playful evening in the twilight – by Irene Nielsen

It was a dark night in the middle of the fall and all was quiet in the woods. It was not because Sefine went around happily for her self. She loved this time of year when the leaves of the trees slowly moved to the ground, and the whole forest was about to go into hibernation for the winter.

bridge-19513_960_720Sefine was in her own thoughts and didn’t notice what happened around her in the woods. In front of her was a bridge that led into the deep forest where elves and nature beings lived. Under the bridge there was water spirits in the stream, and on the bridge stood the magician Mato waiting for Sefine. Sefine came closer to the bridge and there was dancing flashes of light in the air.

Initially Sefine discovered nothing and took the final step toward the bridge. But suddenly she paused to stare at the bridge and then on the water along the shore and under the bridge. She could not see much here in the twilight, but she sensed that there was life in the water and something told her that there was lively activity in the water. But it was more interesting what stood on the bridge, Sefine could see the shadow of a man who was standing there, but most odd was that this shadow was an outline of small stars who where playfully flying around in the air.  As if something magical was present.

Suddenly this shadow of a man stood in front of Sefine. Mato approached Sefine and said that he was called Mato. “Be welcome Sefine.” Sefine was totally flabbergasted, “Who are you?” Mato said, “I’m a magician and I live in this elfin forest as you are about to enter.” Elfin Forest originated Sefine, “Where is it I can not see it?” Mato continued, “But you will see it when you go with me shortly. You should be with me and experience something special.” said Mato. Sefine could feel something strange happened inside her body and then out of her eyes she saw that Mato waved a magic wand and her body was much easier as if she could hover in the air and just fly over the bridge. But Mato grabbed Sefine’s hand and together they went up the illuminated bridge and into a kind of light gate between the trees in the twilight.

Here awaited an elf girl on Sefine.  The Elf girl stood with a garland in her hand. “Be welcome.”said the elf girl to Sefine.” My name is Tumara and I am to be with you this beautiful autumn evening. We must explore the playful landscape of the elf kingdom.” “Wow!” exclaimed Sefine. “Yforestou are so beautiful Tumara. Thank you for the garland, have you made it?” “Yes.” corresponded Tumara, “I can teach you how to do it.” The two girls took each others hands and embarked on a project together in the elf kingdom. Tumara stopped after a while and said that they would be involved in an elf dancing around the countryside along with some of her family members. With one stood 15 other elves who took each other’s hand and soon was Sefine and Tumara started with a dance that led them around the elf kingdom. The playful energy was started on Sefines process in the elf kingdom. Suddenly ran animals around among them and the music began to play, so the whole valley echoed by playful energy. An orchestra with violins, banjos, drums and whistles constituted the most beautiful music that this place could convey.
During the dance sensed Sefine the trees sang along to the songs. When the dance was over, approached Sefine to Tumara and asked her if it could be true. It is said Tumara. Trees are alive and love music and dancing in their own way. Sefine was quite strange inside herself. “Do tell me more about it.” Tumara said, “we can go to the large oak and talk to it.”

Tumara stopped in front of a giant oak tree and said, “You big beautiful oak is it not true that you can talk and dance.” The tree stood petrified for a while, but then began to convey a speech which was about trees life in the elf kingdom. The tree said, “We trees have been here for eons of time and we have a lot of knowledge about life in the forest. We are playful like everyone else here. Our common life also includes dancing and singing. We dance with each other using the tree tops as we move in step with the sound of the wind. We use telepathy as we talk to each other and the roots contacts each other under the ground. We have a mutual understanding of each other’s wisdom and know what is happening around us and what the future contains.” Sefine was excited about what the tree could tell and sent a single greeting to all the trees. Then she went out into the countryside with Tumara.

Up in the air could Sefine see twinkling lights approaching and stopped to look at it. With one were twinkling lights all over and Sefine could see that it was sylphs flying around in the air. They floated down to Sefine and around her. After a while Sefine could feel that one took hold in each hand and a few were above her head and miraculously she began to soar into the air and was a part of all the sparkling sylphs. She was part of their playful dance in the air.  There was mutual information in these special dances. After a while landed Sefine on the ground again, and went on over the horizon with Tumara. In the horizon could Sefine glimpse a small cottage. When they both came to the hut said Tumara that they should go into it.

Inside the hut could Sefine see elves sit in a circle and small talk with each others that was what Sefine thought was going on? But it turned out that they sat and told stories to each other. fypds3Tumara said it was a tradition they had among elves just as the music was. Sefine sat down with Tumara. After a little while could Sefine notice how laughter took a comfortable space throughout her inner body and she felt comfortable in the company. She felt even that she had a consonance together with everyone in the room also at heart level. This feeling she had never felt so strong before.

Tumara clapped her hands and looked over at Sefine. “Now we are starting with the best story and play, I know, you can look forward to it Sefine.” Sefine felt an inner joy and discovered that she was sitting with an object in her hand. She looked dumbstruck, as if she wanted help. Tumara exclaimed. “You have to tell a poem or tell something funny about your subject.” Sefine hesitated, then asked Tumara, “But what is it for an item I sit with?” Tumara said,  “You are sitting with a ring it’s a big ring which symbolizes that two elves are getting married. The groom comes whit the big ring to the elf girl he wants to marry and give it to her beloved bride. The bride has to sleep with the ring until the next full moon, after which they can marry.” Sefine thought for a moment and began her story. “A boy and girl grew up close to each other in a small village in the countryside where the fields where consecutively and the houses far apart. When darkness took over and everything was quiet there was not much to do. So to do something they had to be creative.

Simon started to make a beautiful table for Lisa because he where in love with her and thought that a table he had made would make Lisa happy. Simon thought that he would make some beautiful patterns around the edge of the table and along the table legs. Simon had noticed Lisa at school, but it was not until now that they were both grown that he was in love with her. When he was finished with the table, he went over to Lisa. Simon asked Lisa if she would come home with him in his basement for there was something he wanted to show her. Lisa went by and soon they were both in his basement. Simon showed Lisa the table he had made for her. Lisa blushed and gave Simon a hug and said to Simon, it’s just such a table I have always dreamed of. How did you know? They kissed. After which Simon fell to his knees and asked Lisa if she would marry him.  Lisa would. Simon came with another gift to Lisa. Lisa looked amazing at Simon and said what this is. Simon said, open it and see what it is, Lisa opened the gift and saw it was a large ring, Lisa said to Simon, but it is too big. It is said Simon. But it is not a marriage ring it is a ring which symbolizes the fact that we are getting married and when the actual day comes, you will get the right ring. It is beautiful Simon, said Lisa. I would be delighted to receive my ring and marry you.” Sefine finished her story and gave the big ring to the others so they could see it. Then it was another of the elves who was to show an object that symbolized something for elves and stories passed on from one to another.

After a while everyone was finished and the oldest of all the elves turned to Sefine. He said, “Your story was good, but very human-influenced, so it is in your world today. In the future elves want more contact with you humans so we can find a common heart space where all beings can live in love and harmony with each other so that Mother Earth once again can become a sacred planet. You Sefine must take our love energy back in your everyday life and find your inner love back and live it where you go in your life and live out our common task in the future. We will visit you in your dreams and in the forest, where we will deal work together in the future and you will see Tumara. Tumara go now with Sefine out to the glowing portal and say goodbye to her.” They rose both up and went over to the portal and the luminous bridge. They gave each other a big hug and said so long to each other. Sefine went through the gate and across the bridge. Then she looked back and could nothing see but the dark trees in the forest. She went home to herself and went to bed. At night she dreamed that she had experienced the dark night in the twilight.

About author

This article was written by Irene Nielsen

My name is Irene Nielsen. I have always had a close contact with animals therefore I would like to write about them and their vast visdom and love. I communicate whit them and helps them in their lives on earth and the people around them. I want to help open the hearts of humanity for the animals so that we once again can live in harmony whit each other on Mother Earth. I also have contact with the elfes and nature beings.


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