A Review of ‘The Oracles of Apollo’ – by Hercules Invictus

I greatly enjoy experimenting with divination systems, especially those with an Olympian theme.

Oracles played a vital role in Ancient Greek society and their influence and power reverberate throughout Greco-Roman mythology. Several Oracles, especially those of Apollo at Delphi and that of Zeus Ammon in Libya, played important roles in the adventures of the Theban Hercules.

Though I love Tarot and Divination Decks, and often use them, I tend to prefer adaptations of techniques my ancestors actually used, such as gleaning guidance through dreams, omens, synchronicities and strong inner promptings.

The Oracles of Apollo by John Opsopaus, Ph.D. has increased my available options by two and promises to provide me with months of Ancient Greek Oracular adventures. The author is a university professor and a scholar well versed in the esoteric practices of Hellenic Antiquity. The book is informative and very easy to read. It is also well constructed, well written and quite practical.

Part I is an excellent introduction to, and overview of, ‘Ancient Greek Divination’. It also provides you with rituals and practices that will greatly enhance your results and the quality of your personal journey.

Part II introduces ‘The Alphabet Oracle’, which is based on the letters of the post-Phoenician Greek alphabet. If you like using Runes, but your spiritual compass points to Olympus, this system will definitely appeal to you (and variations even include the use of the familiar stones, bones and pieces of clay).

Part III is titled ‘The Oracle of the Seven Sages’ and presents a structured system, with numerous variations, for working with the Delphic Maxims. These often enigmatic utterances, immortalized at Delphi, were often attributed to the Seven Sages of Ancient Greece or the Olympian Apollo himself.

John Opsopaus, Ph.D. does an excellent job of breathing new life into two authentic Ancient Greek guidance systems. He has made them relevant and user-friendly to moderns and fills in the gaps left by time (and the silence of the Ancients) with information that make sense.

Thank you John Opsopaus, Ph.D. for writing this fascinating and much needed tome! I greatly enjoyed reading it and look forward to experimenting with it in the days ahead.


© Hercules Invictus

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