A Zen Hoofprint – The Choices of Imagination – by Bob Rush

I am the sum total of my choices, Good, or bad, they have led me to where I am at this moment. They do not define who I am, yet their influence have directed my life’s path. In the deepest depths of my soul, I now that it is my choices that also determine my quality of life. I think that when we acknowledge that we always have a choice no matter what the situation, we lose the victim mentality.

Why, then, do we do stupid stuff. Answering the wrong voices in our head is the culprit most of the time. Too many times do we answer the call of instant gratification. I want it and I want it now. The ego runs amuck and we’re off to the races, kidnapping any action from the heart and soul. We have all had those episodes where the end result was”What the hell was I thinking?”. Generally, the choice originates from the desire of the ego. My budget suffers when the ego makes the choices. And then there are the choices that are made with the best information available and with the best of intentions. This process helps us to become better individuals. The power of choice is one of the most powerful tools in our arsenal.

To imagine, is to seek to find the divinity of the soul. It helps us to see the illumination of self. Imagination conjures up powerful visions of what the world could be. It is one of life’s greatest gifts. Think back to childhood, where our imagination carried us to such marvelous places and let us do amazing things. Imagination fosters creativity, sparks the desire to unlock life’s mysteries, allows to play with unabashed joy and keeps us ever evolving.

Look at where we have come due to the power of ideas. Ideas usually come as a result of imagination. Pretty cool to think of all the many things that are a reality and of all the things yet to come. Dare to dream, dare to be, reach for the stars, and believe all is well.

By remembering that all that is needed to connect to the universe is an idea, we tap into the boundless energy of what is and what could be. Part of my sadhana is the power of simply picturing where I want to be on this journey.

We were given an amazing tool to assist us in shaping the life we wish. You do have the power. All you have to do is dream and make wise choices. Pretty special. May each of you find the quality of life you seek. Namaste to all who seek the divine. Peace and love is the message!

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This article was written by Bob Rush

Hey gang! I am just a fellow traveler along this journey we like to call life. I am currently in a second career of sorts. Working my passion which is horses. Mostly I am truly into doing bodywork or massage. I feel its the least we can do to such trusting majestic beings. Its my spirituality that gets a boost from their simple but elegant energy. I hope I can share funny moments, aha moments and just insights to make the journey peaceful, fun and of course, full of magic.


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