An Adventure With Nature – by Roger

One day, walking a remote path along a creek in Sedona, I was struck by the beauty surrounding me. I deeply felt a sense of perfect order in nature around me. I was overwhelmed. I said to Nature, “You are so amazing! This perfect harmony is off-the-charts beautiful!” Nature said back to me,” You are part of this.”

The Voice was clear – as it sometimes is for me when the message is of greatest importance. “You Are Part of This!”

It took me awhile to begin to understand. I am not just the observer of nature – the appreciater – the lover. Or the participant with nature – the gardener – the hiker. I AM Nature!

New adventure for Rog!

I had been writing about and teaching a kind of co-creative partnership with Nature which I was given to call “Gardening With Nature.” This now shifted to “Gardening AS Nature.”

Cottonwood 2I am a creature in the Big Garden. I have my place, along with the other forms and spirits that live in this non-space, non-time. I felt into this belonging. It felt great!

And powerful. What is my place here? What do I bring to US? Who am I?

Nature feels like an interwoven web of energy points moving in a soup of love. I am one point. I am ONE. I can access the other points instantly for healing and information.

Gardening changed for me, and so did my life. I began to show up in the garden and just move. Just go and do. Without asking, as I usta woulda, what to do. As a creature in Nature, I simply know.

But then Nature spoke again. I do have a human bent to ask a lot of questions – to want to know everything – to control my world. And Nature said to me, in That Voice, “I Move The Pieces on The Board.”

Get it? Every move is Nature’s move. Every play is Nature’s play. Try living a life like that!
It’s a real adventure!!!

About author

This article was written by Roger Wyer

I am a tree. I arrived in a human package this time. I live in the space between plants and people. From this space I can be helpful. I serve as a plant advocate - I am the voice of Nature. I help people create wildly better gardens and connect them with Nature for healing and spiritual growth.


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