An Open Heart is the Key – by Annette Rochelle

What a world we would have if everyone considered the option of living their lives from a heart perspective. To take into consideration the strength of love when appreciating even the seemingly most insignificant gesture. Then to expand the energy of understanding into every aspect of life. We just might be pleasantly surprised, delighted and uplifted.

Allowing ourselves to participate, actively, in leading with the heart will always return a generous dividend on investment. There is magic to be experienced in both the giver and receiver. Probably the greatest magic is that we come to the realization that we are both the giver and receiver. Perhaps that is the motivation but even if it isn’t, it is certainly a side benefit.

So, what is meant by leading with the heart or living life from a heart perspective? It can be argued that this would be a totally emotional energy and that the entire world could end up acting from empathy as opposed to logic. Yet the proof exists that it is the heart that rules the brain and not the other way around. Hence, the hesitation to allow empathy to have a place in decision making whether business or personal is merely a distraction. By putting the heart and brain in the same camp, the result will be a more complete energy creating a richer, more satisfying existence.

Because we have been indoctrinated to believe that our brain tells our heart to behave itself, calm down or even shut down, we might tend to look at others in positions of leadership to be weak if they demonstrate a more empathetic posture. It takes a stronger person to be willing to allow the brain and the heart to work in tandem. Rather than sounding dispassionate, the leader exudes a calm, resolution based platform, which may have logical undertones to some and emotional appeal to others.

Consider how you wish to live your life. Keep in mind that you and only you can make the choices as to how you make your choices. There may be others around you with whom you resonate which means the opposite will also be true. Make your choices based on how they make YOU feel for at the end of the day, you are the only one who can. Your open heart will see this as honoring yourself and therefore provide support for your choices. You will feel it running through your entire being. With every step, you will feel the energy of peace and contentment.

“The open heart believes. The open heart receives.  The open heart is what each of us would claim if we weren’t attached to thoughts of guilt or greed or shame. The open heart shows the world that we care. The open heart is comfortable anywhere.  The open heart, beats with grace. The open heart, shines through the smiling face. The open heart, tosses caution to the wind. The open heart opens again and again. The open heart allows for the other side. The open heart has nothing to hide. The open heart hears what is truly being said. The open heart, lives on long after the body is dead.” ©2016 Annette Rochelle Aben


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