Apprenticed to My Mother: a Memoir of Barbara Lepard, 2005-2010 – a Review by Annette Rochelle Aben

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I am honored to have experienced a son’s loving tribute to his mother. This is how I felt while reading: Apprenticed to my Mother: a Memoir of Barbara LePard, 2005-2010, by Geoff LePard.


The words wove the tales together, and then they faded away, leaving me awash with emotion and memories of my own mother. Not only does this pay homage to LePard’s mother, but to his father as well. Considering the beautiful relationship between the couple, it would have been near impossible not to include both. Also, the memoir begins from the time of his father’s passing and continues through the rest of his mother’s life, so again, this makes sense. And NO spoiler alerts here, if you want to understand what I mean by this, you will have to read the book.

Humor is balanced by humility beautifully. We get the impression that while there may have been times LePard would have loved to pull rank on his mother’s decisions, he found honor in respecting her need to do things “her way” and let the chips fall where they may. Interestingly enough, it is the wisdom of this observation that, if it is the only thing one takes away from this book, will serve that person for the rest of their life.

I would suggest that anyone who loves someone, read this book. I might even suggest that anyone who has ever felt their parents are their heroes, give this a read. If you grew up in a loving home, you may see a bit of your family here. And if you are a mother, then you may find your eyes tearing a bit, as you imagine this to be presented from the heart and soul of your child. Apprenticed to My Mother: a Memoir of Barbara LePard, 2005-2010, is a masterfully written love letter from the heart of a loving son in memory of his beloved mother.

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