The Magic Happens – Fall 2009 Edition

Welcome to the Autumn 2009 Edition of The Magic Happens Magazine The Autumn! The Harvest! Fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds! A magical time of year full of tastes, colors and wonderful aromas!! It’s a time of year for contemplation and reflection. The harvest can mean many things but it is always about the advances or rewards we receive in exchange for our efforts and our labors. The harvest doesn’t even have to be in the autumn but the autumn uniquely represents the harvest. Autumn is a symbol of the harvest – our rewards and the change from labor to rest.

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A Note From the Editor:

By Mary K Weinhagen

Wow! Talk about a harvest. This issue of The Magic Happens is another rich cornucopia of inspiration from our talented contributors. Our goal here each month is to be an advocate of living now in personal freedom, to be an example to those seeking personal freedom, to provide entertaining, interesting and growth promoting content while assembling a team of thriving contributors to offer many examples.

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A Note From Wayne:

By Wayne Parker

Spring, summer, fall and winter are the generally perceived four seasons by that the world seems to agree upon. Some areas have constant summer while others seem to be in winter mode most of the time. What we do know is that in this universe and out here where planet earth sits, we do have a variation of seasons. For me personally, the fall is by far my favorite season. Yes it brings on the harvest, this edition’s theme and so many wonderful aspects that just excite me to no end.

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A Note From Kat:

By Kathleen Anne McCarthy

Life is a double edged sword and our ability to see that simple, though often hidden fact, will determine how well we receive the harvests of life. Life is constantly changing – even in the fading of the fields – the death of a way of living; even there the change is inevitable and it always has two sides. I believe that this is where courage is most needed. The double edged sword of life can be defined as natures demand for balance.

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Fall Feature: The Harvest

Go Figure…..
By Wayne Parker

I have always felt that I was a person that put myself out there and sought out new adventures to feel good about. Heading into this edition of the magazine, themed The Harvest, I took a long time to reflect on my life and the extensive and varied adventures that I created and or were presented to me in my time. I did the childhood stuff with a feeling of total freedom and adventure. I progressed to the awkward teen thing and moved ahead with my adult adventures.

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Attracting Balance
By Peter Grun

Everyone talks about balance. Everyone is seeking balance. How many actually know what it is? Balance is the point in the middle, the fulcrum of two opposing forces; dark/light, male/female, black/white. Balance is a point where there are equal parts of opposite things – both are present at the same time. The autumn equinox, the time of the harvest, is a time of balance between the night and the day. It is a perfect time to reflect on what is in balance in your life and what is not.

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By Annette Aben

Celebrate the harvest time with joyous heart and mood sublime For now full circle is the plan which with a tiny seed began Much to reap from what was sown, with sheer appreciation for all that’s grown Honoring the gifts from the bountiful soil with love’s labor loyal Dance to the soul’s happy song for a harvest we’ve waited for all year long

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The Long Way is the Short Way
By David Franklin Farkas

It is a basic spiritual principle that, to truly understand something you must see that it is paradox of opposite but true statements. And you must be able to hold that paradox without steam coming out of your ears. Some say the shortest way out of a predicament is through. You must go straight into the situation you fear and by going straight into it you will ‘come out the other side.’ And that is certainly true. But there is another side to that truth. Let me tell you a story…

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Walk on the Wild Side: Unforgettable Harvests
By Jennifer Burrows

As a city kid I used to watch huge pumpkins roll from trucks and heap themselves onto city parking lots. The October harvests of my childhood painted my young world such a dazzling orange that the memory is crystal clear today. Those postcard harvests brought friends together in sticky kitchens that spilled over with tangs of ripened food, lifted moods and a warm blanket of security that promised many harvests to come. But as you know, there’s little about life that stays the same.

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Into the Mist, Is Harvest Always Gathering
By CG Walters

As I walked through the mist of a mountain forest moving toward the change of season to Autumn, I considered what message the season would bring to me. Softer than the sounds of my steps and the stretching, rubbing of my pack and my gear, I always perceive the voices of those who communicate with me not through my ears, but through some deeper part of my self. When I am not trying to hear, distracted by the effort of my motion, they communicate, though not always in the abstracts of language. Sometimes there is suddenly a shift of my mind, seeing with new eyes. And I know that change was their communication.

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Bringing It Home
By Bob Rush

Harvest means cycles, the culmination of a process or the manifestation of a desire or passion. That being said, I guess we all harvest all the time. Harvest also reminds me of change – like its time to reap and rest. In an LOA kind of context – harvesting is the reaping of the wonderful, Positive thoughts we hold and attempt to materialize. Its like finding buried treasure. Have thought, will travel – let it go – don’t watch over it, stay in action and voila – the harvested desire appears. Hats off to hard, positive work.

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Awareness, Consciousness and Heinz Ketchup
By Katheleen Anne McCarthy

The degree to which one is aware of their surroundings is equal to how conscious they are of themselves. I know that may sound like a contradiction and yet it is an observable phenomenon. We all have so many old tapes running in our heads that it is difficult to know if we really do feel what we think we are feeling. Have you ever stopped and asked yourself if what you think you are feeling is truly what you feel, or if it is what you have been told you should feel?

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A Measure of a Spiritual Journey
By Peter Grun

You’ve been working hard. You’ve put the time in learning, practicing, creating your belief system in some way that makes sense to you and doing your best to walk your talk. Awesome! You are squarely and solidly on your spiritual path – you are well on your way on your journey. But are you making any headway; are you getting to the place you believe you are trying to get to? And how would you know?

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Wayne’s Blast from the Past
By Wayne Parker

First off, I am fifty plus years old for those that do not know me. I have a wealth of adventures to place here in this blast from the past column. For some reason for this edition I was stalled and nothing was popping. I was speaking last week to a friend that said to me that the inspiration or article would come to me in perfect timing for the magazine.

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Immerse Your Entire Being in It: In the Pursuit of Happiness
By Audrey Louise

“In the pursuit of happiness,” happiness for some can mean a car, a home, nice clothes, and all the material things and external joys in life; all of these things can seem to fill one’s cup and there’s nothing more needed. For others, the pursuit for personal fulfilment is an internal one that leads them along an inward path towards inner peace and happiness that can only be found by seeking out one’s innermost desires.

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Fluff Your Wild Arugula
By David Franklin Farkas

I have long considered refrigerators to be slow compost bins. We are not the only ones who want to eat the food we store there and a lot of refrigerated food becomes dinner fare for slime mold or it’s fuzzier relatives. If they get to it before we do, it’s theirs. Have you ever noticed that the oxidation and decomposition process tends to make hard things mushy and soft things harder? I always found that ironic, somehow. But, when our food starts to lose it’s vigor, the slime mold wins and we don’t get to eat the food we grew or paid for.

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Spiritual Responsibility
By CG Walters

Survival of our world depends on opening to your deepest desire Many make a good case that our world is in crisis. Increasing numbers seek saints and sages to make themselves known and to unveil to us more sustainable—survivable—paths. What is the core essence of a saint or sage, but an advanced state of harmony with self and Self (the Collective Consciousness)? Consider for a moment the possibility that the thing most needed for the progression—even the survival—of our world is for you (and every one of us who dares) to stand up to accepting your deepest longing—not hedonistic attention to your more transient hungers but that thing which in embracing will put you more in harmony with “All That Is”.

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Living and Loving from the Heart
By Lee Pryke

Each day we are given choices and many come to us in unexpected delicious ways. When Kat and Wayne invited me to write for Magic Happens, I chose to say YES with a grateful heart. My name is Lee and as an inspirational writer and thought leader, I want to serve others with words that inspire their day and move their heart into action. I share with those who choose to listen. Every day is a learning experience, teaching us about making choices that will lead us to the “Best that we can Be”.

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The Spice for Sexual Fulfillment is Variety
By Deliese Eros

As humans we have our flaws and one is that we are creatures of habit. We have a tendency to gravitate towards what we like and repeat it, repeat it and repeat it, until we can’t stand it anymore. It’s difficult to stop doing what once worked, but if it’s not working then you want to try something different, or all those moves, kiss, kiss, rub, rub and suck, suck will suddenly make you cringe with their familiarity. Variety is such an important part of your sexual relationship. Variety will keep your sex life from becoming boring and predictable.

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The Wall Street Swan Dive
By Larry Hochman

As we’ve seen time and time again, people kill themselves when fortunes are lost. Like The Great Depression. And as we’ve also seen people kill others when fortunes are lost, often their own families. It’s something that happens with animals when their offspring get sick or when the parent knows it’s sick and won’t be able to care for the babies. Rather than leave them to fend for themselves, they sometimes kill them. My first harsh lesson with that was with a family of hamsters back in 1987.

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