Introduction to The Magic Happens, Humanity Thriving Out Loud, Autumn 2010 Edition.

TMH welcomes you to the Autumn Edition of The Magic Happens, Humanity Thriving Out Loud. We sincerely hope you enjoy reading this issue as much as we enjoyed preparing it for you. The autumn season is now upon us and it brings with it a time of contemplation, giving thanks and appreciation for what the year has brought us. For those of us at TMH, we have much to be thankful for as our readership grows, our intentions manifest and our lives get better and better. What are you giving thanks for this year? We would love it if you would give us and our readers what you are grateful for in your life in 2010.

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A Note From the Editor:

By Mary K Weinhagen

I have confidence in sunshine I have confidence in rain I have confidence that spring will come again Besides which you see I have confidence in me ~Maria Von Trapp in The Sound of Music Reflecting on the snippet of song lyrics above it occurs to me that there is a not-so-hidden relationship between confidence and expectation. Sometimes people get ‘expectation’ confused with ‘hopefulness’. Yet expectation means to “anticipate the inevitable”, which brings up feelings of CERTAINTY.

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A Note From Wayne:

By Wayne Parker

I wish first off to say a huge hello to all the faithful readers here at The Magic Happens. I do so appreciate each and everyone you for taking a step forward and creating the magic that you are destined to be a part. Life can be so magical if you take those initial baby steps to create your stuff rather than listen to what someone else desires you to do. I hope you will draw bits of information from the magazine that you will take away to your personal sandbox for future use. I know I do and I love it. Here it is the fall edition of The Magic Happens, my favorite time of the year. You must remember that I live in Canada and sometimes the weather is very beautiful and at other times, it totally sucks. From the extreme humidity to the extreme freeze, I firmly believe that the ultimate weather is the cool nights, warm days of the fall, not too mention all the exotic colors.

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wayne parker

A Note From Kat:

By Kathleen Anne McCarthy

The Autumn; a truly mystical time of year. As the growing things on earth give up their bounty to sustain the many creatures on the planet as well as the Mother Earth her self, we move toward the time for introspection and thankfulness. The harvest of our work all year is upon us. It’s time to take stock of all that we have learned and all that we have accomplished – it’s time to give thanks for our past, present, and future – for the abundance our lives affords us. Sometimes it is easy to believe that we are not so abundant but we are and always have been.

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Fall Feature: Stepping into Confidence

Finding that Kid Again
By Wayne Parker

At a very young age, I had all the self worth, self esteem, self confidence, self respect with absolutely nothing holding me back. I was all adventurous, speaking to everybody I came across, participating in all sports, very creative, tapping into games of imagination; generally just being a fun, outgoing and loving kid. Here is a good example of my self-esteem (confidence) when I was much younger. Back then, I moved from city to city to accommodate my father’s profession of being in the military.

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The Confidence to Walk
By Kathleen Anne McCarthy

Confidence is not something that can be created out of thin air; it is a by-product of living life much like happiness is a by-product of the choices we make. It’s true that some people have more confidence then other people but they get there by making the choice to ‘act anyway,’ ‘create anyway,’ ‘just get it done…’ Their confidence has grown out of the decisions made – over and over again – to just go for it and see what happens mixed in with a healthy dose of tenacity. Confidence is the by-product of just doing it and trusting the process that taking action engages.

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By Annette Aben

Counting On Nothing For I Decide Each New Course Effortlessly

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63 Ways to Build Self-Confidence
By Wayne Parker

Confidence is a tool you can use in your everyday life to do all kinds of cool stuff; at least to stop second-guessing yourself, manage your fears and become able to do more of the things that really matter to you. Not many people realize that their self-confidence works just like a muscle – it grows in response to the level of performance required of it. Either you use it or you lose it. That is why I put forth 63 ways to grow your confidence so that you can become a giant.

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What’s Up?
By Wayne Parker

I have always considered myself an exceptional reader of people’s energies, spatial energy, and even global energies. I have my off days in my sensing of but in broad terms, these energies just jump out at me. As I have mentioned before, I do not believe in something as being good or bad therefore I accept and choose which ones I believe feel good to me. I am not one to judge most things in life even though I still do at times. When I do it is done with laughter and fun rather than being critical of another. I try to follow the motto of; I am a perfectly, imperfect human being. I do make wrong choices but always learn and grow from each choice I make.

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Theme Project
By Kathleen Anne McCarthy

‘Change your mind and your ass will follow.’ A profound though light statement and also the brilliant title of a less then agreeable song released in 1972. (Sorry, can’t remember the name of the band.) The idea behind it isn’t new, in fact, it has been written in different ways at different times over many, many centuries. There are many ways to change one’s mind, some are effortless and others require some work and diligence. I do prefer the effortless methods though I don’t actually believe in magic pills that once taken can transform a life into a fairy tale over night. I do however believe in effortless change, things that run in the back ground that can change a life over time. One example is subliminal programs, I use them, I love them and they make a great deal of difference – over time. Another example is what we have come to call, ‘The Theme Project.’

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Boink, Boink A New Level
By Wayne Parker

For some twenty years or so there has been a video game out on the market called Mario Brothers. It was a game where Mario goes on adventures of challenge and obtains new higher levels as he progressed. With each new leap and or level the sound of boink, boink would blare from the speakers. I have used this phrase many times, as I have progressed through my life as a personal indicator to me of another level attained. This happening article is one that provided me with one gigantic boink, boink.

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Wake up; Live Life
By Peter McCarthy

It is not enough to dwell on dreams and forget to live Life to the fullest. Dreaming is a good and fun part of life but the trouble is that most people that dwell on dreams forget to live Life and have a secret knack for unconsciously choosing precisely those things that are worst for them. It is our choice to predominantly walk in a dream or to live Life awake. A curiosity about living Life shows what we are and who we are, in far more dramatic ways than our abilities to dream. Curiosity is not a sin, in fact it is a wonderful gift, and as long as we exercise caution with our curiosity, we can never do anything wrong living Life.

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Getting out of the way!
By Mary K Weinhagen

Have you ever noticed siblings who were raised by the same parents don’t become carbon copies of one another? You know what I mean, where one child will grow up to be happy and successful while a brother or sister can experience a very painful life? There are times when I get together with my siblings and we’re talking about childhood experiences it often sounds like we were raised by entirely different people in entirely different neighborhoods!

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Wayne’s Blast from the Past ~My Wallet~
By Wayne Parker

I am not trying to show my age, as this article is not about that but rather a time in my life that I wish to make comment on. By the way, for those interested, I am 56 years young. The glass is always half full. *LOL* There are times when I look back over some of my past and see where my feelings used to be about something as compared to where they are today. This article is about one of those times when I looked at the way it used to be for me and where it is at today.

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Angel Messages
By Annette Aben

Angels SUPPORT the NEW and WONDERFUL energy all AROUND you. I am not really certain how it will all play out but I can feel the support of the Angels each and every day as my life takes a turn for the brighter and happier. Thank you Angels for this friendship, I am grateful for your loving guidance and the excitement builds the more I think about it. THINK of a SOLUTION and an Angel SPRINGS into ACTION. I am putting all my focus on the solutions to that which I know need resolution and am grateful that an Angel is lending its support to the situation. Thank you, Angels for your loving guidance which is going to lead us to peace, harmony and love.

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