A Note From the Editor:

By Mary K Weinhagen

The leaves are changing color… and lives are changing color too! I’m amazed that it’s already October and three months have passed since the launch of our first issue of The Magic Happens. And the general consensus seems to be that it’s been three months filled with contrast…WOW! Something big is definitely on the horizon.

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A Note From Wayne:

By Wayne Parker

In the first edition of this magazine, I tried to do some of the catch up kind of bio stuff so that you, the readers, could get a bit of insight into the life of Wayne. I hope I succeeded to some extent. Not that it will stop there but based on the original concept for this magazine, I desire to continue to expose the wizard from behind the curtain to you all.

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A Note From Kat:

By Kat McCarthy

Monday morning on July 2nd we had our regularly scheduled master mind call with Mary K Weinhagen and Jackie Lee. The first issue of The Magic Happens had gone live just over 36 hours before the call; what had happened so far was enough to leave the 4 of us feeling a bit humbled and as Jackie put it, ‘a sense of awe for all of us.’

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Wayne’s Blast from the Past – A Tale of Two Hernias
By Wayne Parker

A couple of years ago, I had some surgery to repair a hernia on my right side. About 14 years ago, I had similar surgery on my left side. Okay, so those are the facts. And now for the riveting tale of two totally different hernias:

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Kat’s Blast from the Past
By Kat McCarthy

My first job – well the first one that wasn’t family related – came about in a smooth and natural way. Its end could have been just as easy, if it wasn’t for the expectations and suspicion of those close to me.

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Follow Your Dream – An Invitation to Student Inventors
By Jennifer Burrows

Are you a college student with a great idea that you believe will improve how we live? Could you be the creator of the next best thing that moves us toward a healthier, happier, higher frequency planet?

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The Flood
By Jackie Lee

It’s been raining here for what feels like forever, and as I write this at the end of June, it has really been 18 straight days of rain, and months of off and on rain. Yesterday I decided to go to town, Hanna was cranky and the both of us are getting cabin fever stuck in this house for so long. We met my mom in town and did some shopping, dodging raindrops, trying to stay dry. We had a nice time. We ate at this new pizza place called Fuzion Pizza. It was fantastic!!

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Happy, happy, happy, dead!
By Mary K Weinhagen

The magic REALLY happens every day! There is magic in the coming and in the going… and while some may find it odd to discover a story about dying in a magazine about thriving…to you I say there is extraordinarily sacred magic there too.

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Frayed at the Bread and Honey Festival
By Wayne Parker

The words Bread and Honey brought up so many wonderful taste bud experiences based on my past memories of fresh home cooked bread with honey. Wow, the onslaught of energy that swells up just reading those two words.

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The Escarpment Blues Festival
By Wayne Parker

It took me only a few days after the release of our first issue of this magazine to realize that I can now be classed as media. Going to events and wearing that all inclusive media badge was something that felt good to me.

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The Home Country Folk Festival
By Wayne Parker

There I was, taking a stroll in the Park, sauntering through vendors booths, listening to side stage artists of all sorts and generally feeling really laid back and comfortable on a beautiful mid July’s day.

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Do you suffer from Paraskavedekatriaphobia?
By Kat McCarthy

If you lived in the small town (pop. 5,500) of Port Dover, Ontario, Canada, you just might suffer from paraskavedekatriaphobia. So what on this green earth does it mean and why could the citizens of this tiny town suffer from it? To answer the first question, please read the following description from

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A Hippie at Hippiefest
By Wayne Parker

Lets us do the time warp! No wait! That was the Rocky Horror Picture Show kind. Let’s do ‘A’ time warp, the kind that takes you back in time. Let’s warp to the mid late sixties. For those that lived it, you know the era I speak of. For those that are too young to have experienced it, there are a few words that I must catch you up on; Groovy, Peace and Love, Far Out, Cool, In the Groove, Chill, Laid back, Right on man, and so on.

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When I grow up
By Jackie Lee

When I was younger I always wanted to be that girl. That girl being the one who you always felt comfortable asking if they had an extra pencil you could borrow. That girl in my life happened to be a friend of mine named Toni Mitchell. She tragically died the summer before our senior year in high school, but her spirit has stayed with me and inspired me throughout my life.

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Quantum Living
By Mary K Weinhagen

Practical application of quantum theory can open you up to living ON PURPOSE in powerful ways! I’m swiping a bit from David Franklin Farkas here in that I’m going to do a little ‘thinking out loud’ about living out loud… or at least, about possibilities and potentials becoming reality.

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The Vacuum Principle
By Kat McCarthy

Anyone studying the Law of Attraction is aware that things that come up in contrast to what we want is the most challenging piece of the equation. It is the piece that has been most difficult for me so far at any rate. Every once in a while you gotta do something different, don’t you think?

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South Beach or LOA?
By Jackie Lee

When I look at my physical body I realize that I am still carrying around a lot of extra “baby weight” even though I birthed that amazing baby well over a year ago. I found myself noticing that I needed to lose weight, I was noticing the places in my body that I did not like and the places I wished would change.

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Just a Small Shift
By Wayne Parker

There I was the other day, reading an article and it suddenly hit me on how far I have come in my thought process. There was a time in my life where I came up with a wonderful thought and within a few minutes, I would wipe that thought out of my mind.

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Redefining Moments
By Kat McCarthy

Sometimes in life there are defining moments, however these defining moments don’t always jump up and down and call themselves that until long after they have come and gone. Yet they are important as they are defining (or redefining) moments after all.

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Contrast is Good
By Jackie Lee

I think I thought “when I get the hang of this LOA stuff my world is going to be perfect.” I think I thought that I would feel good all the time, I’d always be happy, my relationships would be great, there’d always be enough money, and now that I “have the hang” of this LOA stuff I realize that could not be farther from the truth.

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A Veterans Perspective Of Port Dover On Friday The 13th
By Mark Schmidt

For about 25 years I’ve been going to Port Dover to take in the Friday 13th revelry and do some people watching, look at bikes and leer at women – and some girls (but only because I was behind them and really didn’t know their age – honest).

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Finding the Way to Passion
By Bob Rush

There is a point in one’s life when the cosmos sneaks up and delivers one of those “thwaps” to the back of the skull and poses the question – “What are you doing??”

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By Bruce Demers

Greetings, Bruce Demers here, relatively new to this party! Wayne and Kat have invited me to share some of my concepts with the readers of The Magic Happens and I have most graciously obliged! It sure is delightful when someone gives you carte blanche to discuss what ever you choose!

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A Diamond ~ ME
By Annette Aben

“Congratulations, Mr. & Mrs. Parent, you have just given birth to a healthy baby girl! Take her home and raise her to be all that she can be. Know that she is filled with promise and as she grows, know she is a blessed gift from Spirit; what she does with her life shall be her gift back.

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Walk on the Wild Side – Powerful Surprises
By Jennifer Burrows

I love the feeling of knowing that something new is about to happen. Whether it’s a person or a surprise event or an inner realization that just feels good, virtually every day something wonderfully unexpected drops into my life. I especially like the way synchronicities increase the excitement and keep me looking ahead.

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How We Play
By Stephanie Brannett

She touches my heart every second, every day, My little one, how we laugh and we play, Get up Prince, with a smile like the sun, My morning is blessed, Cinderella’s the one, She’ll wake me up, in character we’ll be, We’ll take on one, maybe two, maybe three, Cinderella, Ariel, Mulan or Belle,

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Rhythm, Monkeys & Pie… OH MY!
By Tracy Swartz

Wow that was quite the battle with the Lord of Lack! The past few months offered up some interesting situations that left me shaken, blended and stirred. Oh yes, let’s not forget pureed too.

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Thinking Out Loud about Living Out Loud
By David Franklin Farkas

David’s Excellent Adventure… As I thought about what to write for this issue I remembered this wonderful quote from Dr. Bernie Siegel, a medical doctor known for his use of ‘alternative’ healing with cancer patients… When you talk to God, it’s called ‘praying.’ When God talks to you it’s called ‘psychosis.’

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My Vacation In Newfoundland
By Sharon Carroll

I have a very dear friend, Doreen, who lives in Newfoundland. I love her so much, usually visit her every year. And I just recently got back from my latest rendezvous. The weather was so lousy I was at first disappointed that I didn’t get an opportunity to wear my shorts or any of the other cute little summer outfits I brought.

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Banta’s Big Adventure Road Trip USA Summer 2007
By The Banta’s (Dave and Maran)

Dave says: A few years back I was sitting front row at a comedy club when the comic looked at me and asked “what’s your name and what do you do?” I replied “I’m Dave and I’m a builder”
Maran says: People ask me how we had the nerve to take such a huge risk.

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The Delicate Art of Breathing
By David Little

You have come to this point in your life experiencing everything you have done or learned in order to prepare yourself for the good things that are about to come into your life. If you changed any of these experiences then you wouldn’t be you!

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The Green Space

Ramblings on Goofy Stuff: Water
By Wayne Parker

I was having a conversation with a friend today and it really brought up that I take water as a given in today’s society. It is no different than internet access, a roof over our head, and in most cases, food on the table. Yes I do know that some of us are limited in many of these resources but hey, a little humor and honesty is a good thing.

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Going Green ~ Sometimes Kicking and Screaming
By Jackie Lee

In my fantasy world I have a big solar panel on my roof, and a windmill out back. (I live in Kansas after all; it’s our state bird ~ the wind) We’d take no electricity from the co-op, in fact they pay us to buy our extra energy. Our carbon footprint would be zero. Ahhh, in my fantasy world.

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The Inside Scoop

Cats on Grass
By Whiskey

Okay, okay everyone; pull your thoughts out of the gutter. Just because our owners are Canadian and we were born in Canada, the title does not imply that we do any of that illegal grass stuff. Now that reality check is out of the way, on with my cat tale for this edition.

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Shots from the Balcony
By Kat McCarthy

It’s amazing how many different pictures can be taken from one scene. In an effort to help you get to know us, we thought we would share some of what we see with you.

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A Peek Inside
By Kat McCarthy

We all have to do chores; it’s just part of the equation when it comes to having physical bodies. One of our objectives with The Magic Happens Magazine is to keep it real and allow everyone to see that we are real people doing regular every day stuff as well as making our dreams come true. So today, we are going to share with you some of the chores we do regularly.

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Ask questions of The Magic Happens Team


In each issue Mary K, Wayne, Kat and Jackie Lee will each be choosing a couple questions from our readers and posting the reply where all can see. (Readers email addresses will NOT be shown.) If you would like to participate please email the appropriate person. Include your question, first name, last initial, city and country of residence in your email. Would you like a different perspective on a situation you are in or do you want to know something about the team? Let the fun begin! We look forward to hearing from you.

Ask Kat

Dear Kat
My question is: How can I help my son. He is in grade 5 and he is a really sweet kid. Perhaps too sweet because he seems to be taken advantage of and abused on the school yard. What could I do to assist him to put a stop to this unfairness?
Brenda H
Houston TX

Hi Brenda!
You know, this is a great question and one that I think will serve many people. So thank you for asking it!

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Ask Wayne

Dear Wayne
I’ve heard it expressed that there are a couple of ways of going about creating a living. There are prepackaged careers that one can just step into and there are careers that are crafted a piece at a time, take longer to create but offer so much more freedom and flexibility.
I choose a prepackaged career (I am a nurse) but now I am finding that I would like to experience something more flexible. How would I go about beginning the process of building a crafted career? I am asking you this because it appears that you have done it as do most of the others in this fine magazine.
Joan T
Thunder Bay, ON

Hi Joan!
What a great question and thanks for asking… living free is what the desire is here. It is all based on your definition of living free, of course. *LOL*

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