A Note From the Editor:

By Mary K Weinhagen

Spring… The magic REALLY happens every day! Recognizing the magic for what it is merely takes an open perspective and a willingness to believe. And there is something about Spring, at least in the northern climes, that makes it easy to believe. Strange and seemingly impossible things happen in Spring, like the five inches of snow that fell as April was about to appear while the early spring blooms just keep on poking through.

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A Note From Wayne:

By Wayne Parker

Spring is in the air with the blossoming of new and creative concepts for this magazine. The quiet winter season is behind us now and it is time for me to expand my thoughts towards getting out more without having to put on 10 layers of clothing on to go for a short walk. Remember, I live in Canada, the land of snow and cold.

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A Note From Kat:

By Kat McCarthy

It’s been a long snowy winter here in Ontario Canada. Snowy enough that our ‘shots from the balcony’ column which is usually filled with sun sets and playful cloud formations it full of blowing snow shots this time around. It’s been cold too, so this winter season kept us indoors for the most part.

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Spring Feature: Self Appreciation

Learn to Appreciate Yourself
By Kat McCarthy

Learning to appreciate yourself is likely the most valuable thing you could choose to spend your time on. It is the Golden Ring of personal/spiritual evolution and the Law of Attraction.

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The Trainer in the Way of Your Inner Magic
By Kat McCarthy

We’ve all been surrounded by coaches and trainers for our entire lives. It started with our parents or caregivers cheering us on while we learned to walk, talk and a hundred other things. Then there were our teachers assisting us to learn to read, understand numbers and teaching us many useful things; sports coaches assisting us to discover our physical selves.

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How I Learned to Appreciate Myself
By Wayne Parker

I was born into this world as an expression of greatness and other than the occasional blip on the radar I have so much appreciation for who and what I am today. I remember as a younger child, patting myself on the back when I did something.

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Window’s of the Heart
By Kat McCarthy

With all of this talk about Self Appreciation in this issue, there are likely a few people wondering how to appreciate themselves without appearing arrogant. I wanted to offer those people an honest look at the differences between self appreciation and arrogance because they are very different ways of being.

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Self Worth In Our Culture
By Kat McCarthy

Our culture is the sum total of the ideas, beliefs and personalities of everyone who has ever been part our community. Each community has its own culture though there are small communities with their own culture that fit in larger communities and contribute to the larger culture. In other words, Your home town is a community and has a culture of its own while it is also part of the larger community and culture called your country.

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Self Gratitude and Personal Success
By Kat McCarthy

There are so many different tools and systems to success that it could boggle the mind if one was to spend too much time looking around at all the options. There is, however, a single unifying thread that makes any or all tools and systems work – or not – the user.

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Inspiring Questions and Self Appreciation
By Kat McCarthy

We are all human; we all get caught up in the stories we create in our minds and we forget to treat ourselves with the same common courtesy that we usually offer our neighbors. How long would our neighbors be friendly if every time they saw us, we went off on tangent about everything they’ve done wrong this year? And yet, most of us treat ourselves exactly like that.

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Wayne’s Blast from the Past – Fear
By Wayne Parker

All too many years ago, I was asked by someone at the local college to apply for a part time job as a college professor to teach computer graphics. Since I was asked to apply, I got the job with ease.

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Kat’s Blast from the Past
By Kat McCarthy

I guess I was about 32 or 33 when I rather suddenly realized that there was something really missing in my life – internally. As I considered the matter, it slowly dawned on me that the very notion of me being an adult seemed both absolutely absurd and inappropriate.

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Follow Your Dream – An Invitation to Student Inventors
By Jennifer Burrows

Are you a college student with a great idea that you believe will improve how we live? Could you be the creator of the next best thing that moves us toward a healthier, happier, higher frequency planet?

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What’s up on Planet Earth?
By Karen Bishop

This is perhaps one of the most exciting energy alerts I have ever had the privilege of writing. In this energy alert: Information about completing the shift…Manifestations internally and externally; Much more about weight gain; Letting go of our responsibilities with no guilt; Allowing things to be “over” and moving on.

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In This Moment
By Kat McCarthy

In learning to thrive, falling in love with the journey is of paramount importance. There are many circumstances that life can throw our way that might prevent you from feeling like you are thriving and yet finding a way to enjoy the journey in spite of the circumstances will go a long way to creating a feeling of happiness in your life.

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SAME as it never was
By Mary K Weinhagen

Have you ever had one of those re-defining moments when you’re having a conversation with someone you’ve known for years, someone you’ve shared many experiences with and as you’re reminiscing with some enjoyment the whole conversation seems to go south when ‘memories’ of an event CLaSH?!??

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Goofy Sh*t
By Wayne Parker

First off, this is fair warning to all that offensive language might be used and the topic is somewhat off color for some. Secondly, I wish to apologize for the use of the word Sh*t in the title. I do hope that it does not offend anyone reading but there is a point to all of this.

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Transforming Your Life with Ideas
By Kat McCarthy

Almost everyone I have ever talked to has had at least a brilliant idea or two floating around in their heads, just waiting to blossom into the transformational experience it was intended to be. Why does it seem that some people are constantly following their inspirations and re-creating their lives while other people seem stuck and unable to move?

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By Wayne Parker

The next time you are washing your hands and complain because the water temperature isn’t just how you like it, think about how things used to be. Here are some facts about the 1500s: These are interesting…

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The ‘I’ In Relationship
By Kat McCarthy

How we do anything is how we do everything!! (That is one of my very favorite statements, and man has it held true in my life so far!) In every relationship in our lives, there are empowering and disempowering elements and upon close observation, the reoccurring themes will reveal themselves.

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Sensing Me-value – A Start in Appreciation!!
By Bob Rush

Why is the most difficult person in the world to sell “myself” to… myself? For me, its one of life’s little mysteries or maybe I keep missing the lesson. In this journey and on this particular incarnation, why do I keep selling myself short? My God, I better get the pom-poms out and start learning the cheer – I’m number one, I’m number one.

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Are we making ourselves sick?
By David Franklin Farkas

Interesting how messages from Spirit show up. I receive a wonderful daily email called A Word A Day. Each missive is not unlike a dictionary notation, with an interesting or unusual word, and it’s meaning, plus a pithy quote.

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Creative Connection
By David Little

What is it that inspires us to create? Where does it come from? How do we connect to it? It starts with a feeling from within and grows until it cannot be contained, bursting forth like a seed pushing through to sprout & grow. As it receives sunshine, water and nutrients it begins to flourish. This is just like the process of an idea or a poem or a song.

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We Can Have Our Cake and Eat It Too
By Deliese Eros

Erotic energy is not just about having sex. It is living. We’ve become disconnected from our bodies, hearts, souls, spirits, one another and the Divine thus losing touch with many pleasures and experiences life has to offer. Sex is one of the most wonderful experiences of human life. This is the life force of Creation itself. This is Divine energy especially when used intelligently and channeled into love, romance and creative pursuits that add to the beauty and abundance of life.

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Caught With My Thought Pants Down!
By Tracy Swartz

They say to take a look around you if you want to get a good idea where your focus has been. Yikes! I kept mooning the Universe by keeping my focus on asinine things. I’m sure you can guess what happened.

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The Inside Scoop

Cat’s Creed
By Whiskey

The other evening, Socrates and I were talking on how we fall down at times in our Cat nature. So I went to our cat stash of toys, goodies and saved stuff and pulled out the Cat’s Creed that we thought we’d pass along to all you readers incase you have furry friends to share it with.

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Shots from the Balcony
By Kat McCarthy

Snow, snow and more snow seems to take up most of January, February and March here in our part of Canada.

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A Peek Inside
By Wayne Parker

I had been sitting at my desk for many months, actually almost a year when it suddenly hit me that the use of space in the apartment really sucked. Kat and I were tightly tucked in near the patio doors and the rest of the space was used for a so called living area that was crammed into another corner of the main room.

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