A Note From the Editor:

By Mary K Weinhagen

Do you FEEL it? The Light and the Warmth flooding in from the recent energy influx of the Spring Equinox on March 20th brings us the energy to CHANGE EVERYTHING! Talk about what makes you FEEL ALIVE?!? WOW! Despite what appear to be struggles around us, and the droning call to panic you may ‘hear’ if you’re tuned to mainstream media these days… we KNOW, deep in our Being, that this time had to come and this time is GRAND indeed.

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A Note From Wayne:

By Wayne Parker

Spring has officially sprung and with that comes the awakening of dormant life all over this world, including me by the way. It is not that we stagnant over the long Canadian winters but not having to place on many layers of clothes come spring time, is an obvious advantage to getting out and about. The air smells different, the energy from the sun is getting stronger and everything is literally coming alive. This leads me to this month’s theme, “What makes you feel Alive?” How much more appropriate can this theme be for the spring edition at The Magic Happens.

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A Note From Kat:

By Kathleen Anne McCarthy

What makes you come alive? What makes any one come a live? For me, something new and exciting is always at the top of my list and with that being said, it is important for me to note that what is new and exciting is always what I decide is new and exciting. If we get really honest with ourselves, we will all recognize that it is always a choice to see each moment as new and exciting or as the same old same old.

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Spring Feature: What makes you feel Alive?

A Sense of Purpose
By Annette Aben

A sense of purpose, doesn’t that sound like a title for a book or at least a dissertation? Well, when I began to ponder the topic for this edition’s feature articles I never imagined this is where my head would go. Yet when I truly began to find the common denominator among all those things which brought me to life, it kept coming back to how I felt about them and that feeling was the sense of purpose

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I AM …
By Mary K Weinhagen

There are SO many that make me feel alive… the laughter of childrenwarmth of the sun, live music delivered passionately, wildflowers in ditches… I could go on and on and on. Then… I got a recent reminder in the form of some great advice for transforming your life… “Be Generous Every Day!” And then I had it… hings , The things that make me feel most alive are the things that EXPAND me.

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Alive! She’s Alive!
By Tracy Swartz

How do I put into mere words that which makes me feel alive? It’s a kaleidoscope of experience, image, taste, touch and feelings that evoke aliveness from the deep well within. And what makes me feel alive will certainly differ from what makes you feel alive. That’s the beauty of life on planet Earth, all those ingredients in the kitchen to use in our life pie. I guess there is only one thing to do. I wrote a song about it. Wanna hear it? Here goes!

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Where Does One Begin?
By Wayne Parker

As a kid of 5 or so, I know like so many others, my passion was to play and having fun. It did not matter what it was as everything was just plain fun. I know I felt so alive every single day. I think the worst thought I had was, Are there going to be vegetables with supper. Now here I sit one half century passed that 5 year old kid and it took some time to speak about this month’s theme of “What makes you feel alive”. I really did place a lot of thought into this and what comes to my mind immediately is “I wake up every single day on this side of the grass”. How much more alive is there? *LOL*

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Come Alive – Live from Six Senses
By Kathleen Anne McCarthy

The feeling of coming to life is delicious and most of us seek more life but where are we looking for it? Where do we expect to find it? In front of the television? In the closet? Through someone else like our children or a social network of some kind? Wanting to experience a more full and fulfilling life begs us to give more of ourselves to life – it’s up to each of us to find that ‘coming alive’ feeling inside of ourselves. Yes, it is something that comes from within. All you seek is within yourself.

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Sparks in the Water
By Bob Rush

The question has been asked, “What makes you come alive??” Short answer – good, hot sex. OK, now that I have your attention, we’ll move on. For me, there is a distinct feeling when I come alive. Not in the waking up in the morning sense, but more of a jolt, rush or call it what you will. It’s something that puts all systems in a happy state of alert. I could be cute here and list all the usual things; sunrises, beaches, my wife, my daughters, horses, steeplechase races, a good bike ride and of course any good music.

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Wayne’s Blast from the Past: A REALIZATION
By Wayne Parker

For many an edition of this magazine, I have written about something that stands out to me in my life therefore creating a cool blast from the past. For this spring edition I decided to go way back in my past to last weekend. Let me explain. I was spending a wonderful weekend with a dear friend from high school as we have done many times over the past 40 years or so.

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What’s up on Planet Earth?
By Karen Bishop

The purpose, desire and passion behind What’s Up On Planet Earth? is in bringing a higher level of evolutionary awareness to souls who are summoning this energy, and to connect and assist us during the now rapid ascension process many are experiencing.

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What is the Connection?
By Wayne Parker

In this edition of my musing article, I wish to start you all out by playing a little game. Do not worry, I will give you the answer if you do not get the connection. Below, you will see a series of pictures; Albert Einstein, Michelle a life long friend of mine, Bill Gates, The Rolling Stones and myself.

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Immerse Your Entire Being in It: Visualizing the Future
By Audrey Louise

Immersed within a path of mindful living, embracing the present of each moment, with the wisdom from our past¹, it seems essential that we also remain conscious IN each moment of the thoughts (and the emotions behind these thoughts) that arise about our future, as well. As we become aware of unnecessary anxiety that may exist about the future, we might find that there are a number of reasons WHY this anxiety exists. Yet, there are ways that we can remove the fears and worries that arise from these “why’s” and replace them with feelings of joy surrounding “what ifs”, thus removing our anxiety and aiding us to create a future we REALLY want to experience.

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Just a Thought…
By Annette Aben

Her bare white trunk and branches spoke of winter’s glory with her green crown long since gone. Even though she was surrounded by many others, she was the most noticeable for the ground itself was bereft of snow.

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From Endings Come Beginnings
By David Little

Well here we are again it’s almost Spring and new themes begin to emerge just like the seeds are starting to push through the earth. Most recently the theme that has presented itself to me has been impermanence. This comes in many shapes and forms. The economy, the weather, health, these are some of the everyday themes we all have in common. For me the most prevalent one has been death or as I like to see it the impermanence of Life itself. Now this may sound like a bummer to you if you look at it from a negative or conventional viewpoint.

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Walk on the Wild Side: Smoothing the Road Ahead
By Jennifer Burrows

It’s exciting to realize that every day we get to write ourselves a fresh script. We also get to choose many of the actors. And at certain times when we find ourselves smack in the midst of rapid change we get to write even faster. Right now many people are enjoying the process of writing new life scripts and editing out pieces that no longer support the person they’ve become. As worn out value systems disappear and new ones aren’t clearly defined we can feel a bit fuzzy about what and who to bring into our next chapter.

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The Paradox of Passion
By Mark Stevens

So much in life functions in a set of concentric circles. Like planets in orbit around the sun. The closer to the ball of fire at the center of the galaxy, the more intense the relationship with the heavenly bodies spinning in worship. Life on the outer circles is generally passionless. It is like talking with strangers, with acquaintances, with the ebb and flow of humanity that passes through our days mostly nameless, faceless.

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Creativity, The Spiritual Connection
By Tracy Swartz

One of the side effects of being a creative beast is the rush of life pulsing energy that courses through you when inspiration hits or working with a new project. When you create, you tune into your spiritual side. For those of us who often delve into the creative vortex, we seem to have an ability to take something from our mind’s eye and birth it into a tangible five sense physical creation. Some have the ability to capture a moment, a mood, or the light from a heightened perspective. Everyone is creative. The good news is our society is realizing that although left-brain logical thinking has its place and purpose, we have sorely neglected the creative right brain. It too has its place and purpose, more now than ever.

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Them Changes
By Bob Rush

When I think of new things, new opportunities and the like, I often hear this song by the late Buddy Miles in my head. I think one of the lyrics went something like, “Well my mind’s been going through them changes…” Buddy was a drummer for Jimi Hendrix for awhile. Kind of silly how the mind wanders to song lines. To me, change stirs inspiration. Being parked in a rut tends to blunt creativity.

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