A Note From the Editor:

By Mary K Weinhagen

I noticed, The magic REALLY happens every day! As I was putting together the articles in this premier issue of The Magic Happens I couldn’t help but feel more and more excited as I moved through the various experiences of my magnificent friends Wayne Parker and Kat McCarthy and their friends. I wasn’t expecting the level of joy and amazement I experienced, viscerally, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually, because after all, I’ve heard many of the stories before.

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A Note From Wayne:

By Wayne Parker

“Holy Crap Batman, what an incredible idea for a magazine.” Those were the words I spoke to Kat after a discussion we were having about letting others know who we are and what we do in life. We live life out loud and totally enjoy every minute of each day so now it is time to share our events, pictures and stories that have helped us expand each day.

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A Note From Kat:

By Kat McCarthy

Quite some time ago, Wayne and I heard someone ask the question, ‘is your life a master piece or doodle art?’ We’ve pondered that question rather consistently over the years – considering what it meant to us and how we might begin to create a ‘work of art’ out of our life experience

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Wayne’s Blast from the Past

By Wayne Parker

It all started back in 1953, the year of the Black Snake, when I began this lifetime, my current adventure. Through the Ozzie and Harriet era, into the revolutionary 60’s, the searching 70’s, the lost generation years in the 80’s, the consumerism of the 90’s and finally into the new millennium with expansive growth and learning. Talk about many themes in life to play on.

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Kat’s Blast from the Past

By Kat McCarthy

What can one say about 4+ decades on the planet? It’s been quite a ride. I believe that it is important to see our history from the point of view of ‘the lessons learned’ rather then remaining stuck in the drama experienced. By doing that, my past has given me strength.

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The Wayne Kat Story

By Kat McCarthy and Wayne Parker

I had accepted an invitation to meet up with some internet friends at a club in Toronto. At that time, it was a bit of a stretch to go into Toronto alone, drive through the city and find my way to an unknown club – all by myself. Though I was nervous about all of that, I did go. It was an exciting couple of days as I prepared for my excursion into the unknown.

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A Visit with the Vadas’

By Kat McCarthy

Early in the morning of Friday November 17th found Wayne and I picking up a rental car and heading out on a journey to visit Bob and Donna Vadas to celebrate Bob’s birthday; a 6 hour drive that took us across the Canada/USA border to the southern shores of Lake Erie. Driving long distances with Wayne has always been a very relaxing experience for me so I was eager for the journey.

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The Paul Story’

By Wayne Parker

In any of our adventures, no matter where they may take us, we always try to ensure that we have a pocket full of change to pass out to those that are requesting a donation. On one particular cool fall evening while Living Life Out Loud in Toronto, Kat and I had come across several individuals asking for donations to their cause. As usual, we were more than happy to share, what we had with them.

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A Visit with the Weinhagen’s

By Kat McCarthy

5 am. Yuck. And that’s just the way it is when there is a plane to catch. Destination? Little Canada, Minnesota to visit our dear friend (and editor of this Magazine) Mary K Weinhagen, meet some of her family and experience a new and broader perspective than we had ever experienced before.

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The Dr. Hook Concert

By Wayne Parker

What is it that stirs me so much about going out to see a live musical event??? The face to face connections, the energies, the people, the artistic creations brought forth in a real setting; I am not really sure but it is something that I have always had total passion for and judging by my current age, will have it forever. Back from Minnesota, buzzing with energy and it was time to add some staples to the household, as in food, after being away for a bit. On the shopping trip down to the groceries store, (one of our delightful passions in life), we saw a sign that read, Dr. Hook Featuring Ray Sawyer performing next week.

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Kat’s Trip to Pennsylvania

By Kat McCarthy

Wayne and I have one of those amazing relationships that has flourished quite nicely as we spend 24/7 together, which we’ve been doing for several years now. We pretty much go everywhere together and we work 4 feet away from one another. It must have been a surprise to those around us when I announced in December that I was going on a road trip – by myself. Every once in a while you gotta do something different, don’t you think?

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The Bob Seger Concert

By Wayne Parker

Sometime in December 2006, I was made aware of an upcoming concert in Toronto to see the one and only rocker, Bob Seger. Jumping on the internet, ready to purchase tickets and then my heart sank. Only nose bleed seats remaining, up high in the rafters of The Air Canada Center in Toronto. A little sad, but never the less, still feeling good as I have had the fortune of seeing him years before and am blessed to still feel that energy. Besides, I do have an understanding of the power of intention so I quickly set my intentions that something would come up that would allow me to see this amazing talent once again.

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Kat’s Trip Across the United States

By Kat McCarthy

It’s funny how things work. I had just left Doni Mandery and Tracy Yott’s house a couple of weeks before and here I was on my way back to go on vacation with them; we were heading to California in a car. What fun!!! Somehow I got myself invited and I was really happy and excited to go. My first day of travel was one of the most interesting traveling experiences I have ever been on. Well it actually started a week before on my birthday. My birthday was a good day… and I was feeling a bit off. The next morning I woke up sick with some kind of respiratory virus that put me in bed for most of the week with a high fever.

Part 1 of Kat’s Trip Across the United States

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Wayne’s Vegas Story

By Wayne Parker

You all know the phrase, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”. I am sure a lot of people agree with that, but not me. *LOL* I have to open up here and tell everyone about my latest adventures in Sin City. To backtrack quickly, Kat was heading out on a road trip, across the United States, and she suggested to me that I should take some time off also.

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The Tragically Hip Concert

By Wayne Parker

Remember Vegas? Well my next adventure takes place only six short hours after returning from my Vegas trip, following thirty five hours of no sleep I headed out to pick up my nephew for a 20 minute drive to downtown Hamilton and the concert venue. My nephew, Jesse Freeman, is a strapping 18 year old teenager, in his last year of high school. Jesse is an impressive young man as you can see here in how gently he holds his own tiny nephew Ethan.

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The Jordan Faye Story

By Wayne Parker

Just as a bit of history, Kat and I are connected to this amazing energized group of passionate beings in the form of a group called Frayed. Over the past 10 months we have seen this group perform many times, shared intense conversations, enjoyed food together and so on. With the connection gaining in strength, I was asked to attend a club in Toronto, early January 2007, to hear the group Frayed perform. I say me as Kat was on a road trip to in the USA for a quick visit with friends there.

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The Meatloaf Concert

By Wayne Parker

Meatloaf is the stage name of Michael Lee Aday (born Marvin Lee Aday on September 27, 1947). A person who can claim musical fame, movie star, stage and television actor, who is credited with over 50 plus roles in the visual arts during the past 35 plus years. His most famous piece of music to date, Bat Out Of Hell, ranks second behind Michael Jackson’s, Thriller, as the best selling CD’s of all time.

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The Jayne Hat Story

By Wayne Parker

The Jayne hat is a hat I saw on an episode of Firefly (Firefly, The Series) that I thought was way cool and I wanted one in my limited hat collection. (While Firefly was only available in Canada, there was a movie created with international release: (Serenity, The Movie) The general premise of the story line goes like this. Jayne is a big burly rogue fighter, who would sell out to the highest bidder at any time. He was always looking out for his highest needs and nobody else’s. He is loveable yet ready to kick butt in an instant.

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An Early Spring Adventure in Toronto

By Kat McCarthy

Awe, the perfect early spring day here in Canada. A light jacket was still needed to stroll around the magnificence and beauty of the Toronto streets as they awaken after a long and cold winter. It was too early yet for flowers or greenery but the day was warm and the people were out reminding me of the many things I love about this city.

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Dinner with Gary Johnson and Friends

By Kat McCarthy

After spending hours adventuring in the streets of Toronto, it was time to head for dinner with friends. Boy was my stomach growling for some food. Have you ever noticed that when you are tapped into your source, your adventure, and your bliss that food does not seem to enter the picture; and then, all of a sudden, there it is to bug you? Why is that?

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A Stroll in the Park

By Kat McCarthy

Sometimes a simple walk in the park can make all the difference, especially at the end of the winter after spending a few weeks mostly indoors. The thing about a walk in the park is that it is relaxing and can also be fun and inspiring, and this day in early April was no exception. Working from home has many advantages and one disadvantage.

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Hiking on the Escarpment

By Kat McCarthy

May 6th dawned such a perfect day that we dropped everything and set out to go hiking. How could we not? A brilliant day, not a cloud in the sky with more than pleasant 20 degrees Celsius (68 degrees Fahrenheit) temperatures – perfect for hiking. Such a brilliant day, how could we stay indoors?

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A Day on the Streets of Toronto

By Kat McCarthy

Like so many of our outings, on the spur of the moment we decided we needed some adventure and contacted our friend Sharon to have dinner with her in Toronto. Of course that would not be our only purpose as we made our way in to the city for many hours of fun. Wayne takes the opportunity to jot down some magazine notes while we waited for the train to arrive at Union Station in Toronto.

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A Dinner with Frayed

By Kat MCarthy

When you see passion in another, you know you stand in the company of greatness!’ Frayed is a new ‘Mountain Rock Band’ made up of 3 beautiful young men who have a passion for their music that is rarely seen. To catch up on how we met the boys in Frayed please see ‘Wayne’s Blog,’

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A Visit from David Farkas

By Kat McCarthy

For most of our human history, having a pen pal was the only way to create and maintain relationships with others a long distance away. I had always had a pen pal or two and for me anyway, they never lasted more then a year or two. It seemed like the ability to share experience was impeded by the time it took for mail to be delivered and it was nearly impossible to be up to date.

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Law of Attraction Monthly Meetings in Toronto

By Wayne Parker

On Powerful Intentions, a community that Kat and I are co-founders of with others, we maintain a forum called, Canadian Eh! We use this forum to connect with other like minded people and more specifically, Canadian folks. One day a new member showed up in our forum, and started to say hello and get to know many others from her area around Toronto.

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Letting The Magic In By Jackie Lee

Hi! I’m Jackie Lee. In this lifetime I wear many hats, including wife, mother, entrepreneur, friend, and magician. I have to be part magician to get done all that I do as well as I do. I know it’s not all me, so there must be some magic involved.

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LIFE – It’s an EXPERIMENT! By Mary K Weinhagen

Welcome to The Magic Happens… and my little corner of the world! I’d love to have you stay and play… there are a LOT of raw materials to mess around with so let’s see what we can create! ;-)It seems only fair that we share a bit about one another. After all, if we’re going to take a journey together (and guess what, since you’re reading this right now we are in this game together!)…it might help us to get to know one another a bit. Okay, I’ll start; Two score and fourteen years ago my father and mother brought forth onto this continent a new BEING…

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The Gourdess Groove By Tracy Swartz

Who or what is a Gourdess? I’m the gal next door who happens to be madly in love with her life. I also have this unquenchable thirst to create and my favorite medium is dried gourds. I like to write and uplift others too. In fact the combination of writing and creating with gourds has enhanced my ongoing journey of self-discovery.

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Thank you, Genie!! By Janette Dengo

I tell my Genie, “YOU ARE FREE TO GO”! I thank you kindly, however I will no longer need your magic lamp to rub and you no longer have to be a prisoner bound in these shackles and restricted to a small and uncomfortable space.

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Walk on the Wild Side By Jennifer Burrows

Most days I wake up raring to go. Today I woke up feeling dull and uninspired about everything. I could have said I was tired, but using an excuse changes nothing. So I poured myself a giant cup of coffee with real cream and waited for my spirit to move me beyond the brim. I could feel a beige day coming on and I really hate feeling colourless: when there’s not enough spark and nothing marks the moment enough to say, “Wow”. I wasn’t enjoying myself and that meant I needed to move.

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Do’s and Don’ts with A Special Needs Child By Stephanie Brannett

An amazing poem from this equally amazing lady.

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Isn’t Conversation Great By David Little

As I was talking to a friend on the phone the other day, we began to converse about some challenges that we recently encountered in our lives. A theme began to emerge. She was recalling how she had some conflict with her coworkers and a friend who was visiting from out of town. The contrast came from people’s idea of how they saw themselves or perceived what others were doing to them. From this perspective everyone they came in contact with was the source of their problems.

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Thinking Out Loud about Living Out Loud By David Farkas

The first issue of a new and unique magazine. The first edition of my column… oh wait, Kat and Wayne call it my ‘corner.’ (Even though they know I live outside the box.) Another beginning in this stream of apparent beginnings and endings. Living Out Loud. What a great phrase. Most of us grew up hearing ‘for crying out loud,’ which was, ironically, screamed at us to get us to be quiet, be less exuberant… to keep us from Living Out Loud.

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The Inside Scoop

Kitty’s Korner By Whiskey and Socrates

HI! Our names are Whiskey and Socrates and we are the proud owners of 2 humans named Wayne and Kat. We insisted that they give us our own place in the magazine to tell our stories our way. After all, we are much smarter then our people. Hehehe. At about mid July in 2005 we adopted these two crazy people. We thought life might be easier if we had some humans to take care of us. We are brothers from the same litter and so we have literally known each other our entire lives. These not so insightful people gave us the wrong names which is quite the chuckle for us.

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Shots from the Balcony By Kat McCarthy

It’s amazing how many different pictures can be taken from one scene. In an effort to help you get to know us, we thought we would share some of what we see with you.

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A Peek Inside By Kat McCarthy

We really want you to know that we are just like you so we created this little space where you can peak inside at our day to day lives and see for yourself. As far as we can see, there is only one real difference between thriving and existing – following inspiration or not. Living now, where we are is the magical key to living a happy successful life, whatever that might be to each of us. For this issue, we are going to give you a glimpse of where and how we work/play.

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