A Note From the Editor:

By Mary K Weinhagen

As we launch this celebration of THRIVING OUT LOUD with the theme of ENJOYING the JOURNEY it occurs to me that there has never been a better time than now to create a fresh perspective, to see new possibilities in your life, your work, your relationships… in just about anything!

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A Note From Wayne:

By Wayne Parker

Can you actually believe this???? As of this Summer Edition it has been one full year that The Magic Happens Free Internet Magazine has been on the internet. It seems like only a few days ago that Kat and I had this wonderful idea of posting our experiences and our living out loud lifestyle for the whole world to see.

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A Note From Kat:

By Kat McCarthy

It’s our 1st anniversary!! Wooo Hooo!! We made it through a full year!! And what a year it has been!! We have experienced the fullness of what the Universe can provide in ways that I could never have even imagined. I have to be honest here and tell you that the law of attraction isn’t even close to everything it’s chalked up to be in the secret.

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Summer Feature: Enjoying the Journey

The Smallest Moments are EVERYTHING!
By Annette Aben

So, I looked my physical therapist dead in the eyes and said, “You can tell me right now if this isn’t going to work, I can take it. Cause if this isn’t going to work and I will never walk again, just tell me now!” Colleen’s eyes never flinched as I spoke. With her gaze locked on mine, her calm voice replied, “Yes, Annette, this is going to work. You WILL walk again.”

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Good Lord – This could be Fun
By Bob Rush

To enjoy the moment, to savor all aspects of good things, all points to remembering to live each day to your fullest potential. Way too much time is spent on thinking about one hour, one day, one year, ten years down the road. What if, what if – Oh God just slap me back to my senses,

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The Ticket… and a Quick Return
By Christy Ledyard

I have a cousin that I’ve always been very close to. She’s very in to spiritualism, intending, respecting the earth… She and I are kindred spirits on many levels. Two years ago while gardening I had an urgent feeling to call her. I felt something was wrong or she needed me, I couldn’t really define it. So I went in the house and called her. I said “I just got a mental message to call, is everything OK?” I remember as a younger child, patting myself on the back when I did something.

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Enjoying the Journey
By Jennifer Burrows

When I was eight I boarded a transcontinental train for a weekend trip with my family. I remember being over the moon with excitement to feel myself speeding forward. Yet for three days I hung out the window looking backward toward the caboose which was bright red and full of intrigue as it followed us around the corners.

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Following Your Highest Joy
By Kat McCarthy

Have you ever gotten one of the messages from a strange place that changed how you lived? I received the most profound message about enjoying the journey while watching a small group of three and four year olds playing at the playground. We had just come out of a long, cold, snowy winter. It was the first reasonably warm day of the season so Wayne and I decided to go for a walk to alleviate some of the cabin craze we were feeling.

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LOL and IM Your Emotions
By Mary Jo Shaffer

I live in my head. Since it is my head, you would think that it would be a pretty comfy place to be. But the truth is, more often than I care to admit it is dark and unpleasant in there with negative thoughts, self-criticism, and at times even self-loathing. But even when my thoughts are happy and upbeat, it is a pretty confusing, crowded place with one thought after another vying for attention and then reluctantly relinquishing the floor to the next, louder judgment, opinion, or point of view that comes along.

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Your Social (in)Security Check
By Mary K Weinhagen

I was so disappointed to hear Louise Hayes say, today on Oprah, that the Law of Attraction says we get what we’re thinking about, that I actually started feeling a hot flash coming on. Geez Louise, (*hee hee… I couldn’t resist) aren’t you missing the obvious?!? It’s about the VIBRATIONS people! Here… give me a moment to re-center. Whew!

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Through Blindness to New Vision
By Penny Hall

It should not have been such a shock when the doctor told me I was legally blind. I could no longer read a computer screen. Traffic signs were a blur. Passing a drivers test was sure to be difficult. My license was about to expire which is how I ended up at the eye doctor. The optometrist said I had the eyes of a ninety year old. She had never seen this condition in someone so young.

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Enjoying the Journey: Poultry Style
By Tracy Swartz

I could tell you how I enjoy the journey. I thought the perspective of a very wise being of another species would be very enlightening. Most do not consider these precious feathered beasties very smart or wise. However after years of being their neighbors, I do beg to differ on that point. This inquiring Gourdess dared to ask, “What does “Enjoy the Journey” mean to a chicken?”

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If You Could Look Inside My Brain
By Wayne Parker

Step this way, jump on board for the magical mystery tour. Oops, I think that one has already been used by some Fab Four way back in the sixties. Long live the Beatles. So I will just say, lets take an intimate visit in one of the most complex computing devices in the world; Wayne’s World. Oh crap, that one has already been used also. Thank you Mike Myers…..*LOL*

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Wayne’s Blast from the Past – How Appreciation Saved Me
By Wayne Parker

In today’s culture, we are taught to mourn the loss of a loved one. This is the way it has been for thousands of years and probably will be for many more. I was one of those that bought into the whole idea that when a loved one passes there is that period of mourning. It could be for days, weeks, months or years and in some cases a lifetime of showing your sorrow for that person.

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Kat’s Blast from the Past: Daddy
By Kat McCarthy

The phone rang today; it was Mom to tell me of your passing. The news saddened me and in all honesty, I had finished mourning you long ago. Learning of your death caused me to start reminiscing about you, the lessons I learned because of you and how what I felt about you has changed so much over the years. I decided to write this down so that I would remember in years to come.

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Follow Your Dream – An Invitation to Student Inventors
By Jennifer Burrows

Are you a college student with a great idea that you believe will improve how we live? Could you be the creator of the next best thing that moves us toward a healthier, happier, higher frequency planet?

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What’s up on Planet Earth?
By Karen Bishop

Our spiritual evolutionary process is progressing ever forward with many varied and diverse manifestations….and still a wild ride at times! Present, past and continuous themes of how the energies might possibly affect us are (depending on where you are on your own particular journey):

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Goofy Sh*t – The Corporation
By Wayne Parker

To make a long story short as I wish never to bore folks, I spent 25 years in corporate Canada. I worked, I enjoyed, I became fed up and I retired. How was that for short? Now here it is 7 years later, as I write this, I am co-CEO of a corporation. How is that for some goofy shit???

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Who Do You Believe?
By Kat McCarthy

W e get so many mixed messages these days about what we need to do to support the aliveness of the planet that I get confused on a fairly regular basis; at first glance it seems that everyone is contradicting each other. So whose truth is the true truth and which information should we believe?

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Don’t Run with Scissors!
By Wayne Parker

You have heard them all: Be careful with that stick, you will poke an eye out. Don’t run with scissors. Wear clean underwear in case you are in an accident. An apple a day and will keep the doctor away. Just because Johnny did that, doesn’t mean you have to. Because Mary has one, doesn’t mean you need one. Eat your carrots if you want to have good eye sight. And so on……

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Immerse Your Entire Being in It
By Audrey Louise

My name is Audrey, and sometimes in my writing I go by Audrey Louise. I am married to a man who has been my best friend and lover for 12 years (wedded 11). We have three children together (Sarah and Jacob [our twins], and Johnny) who make us as crazy as they do happy!

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Connections – Into the Pipeline We Go
By Bob Rush

Is it me or is making a connection with another soul, be it animal or human – a truly spiritual experience? That is to say by connecting to one another we open the door to the endless possibilities of the universe. In so doing, we touch the divine. It becomes a privilege to discover all the “divine” souls out there on this universal plane. Sends a bolt of electricity through me and gives me a greater sense of being at peace.

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Curve Balls
By David Franklin Farkas

Life sometimes throws you a curve ball. For those of you who are not from North America, this is reference to the game of Baseball, in which the pitcher throws a ball at the batter who tries to hit it. The curve ball is a pitch that seems to be heading straight at you, then curves off to one side at the last moment. When you swing at a curve ball everything seems to go crazy. What just happened?

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Trust yourself to do the right thing
By David Little

What is it that makes us curious about the origin of all things? How do we know where we are going? What will happen when we get there? This is something we all ask ourselves. How about we let the Universe unfold itself in an easy manner trusting that our intuition will guide us to the right place for us at the right time?

Trust yourself to do the right thing

Understanding Your Sexual Needs
By Deliese Eros

In these days of Internet and information explosion, sex is viewed as less of a taboo compared to 10 or 15 years ago. Yet we are still bombarded with mixed messages regarding sexual behavior. Simply turn on the T.V. and you’ll discover anything from sexually explicit material to the unrealistic fairy tales of how life is supposed to be, the perfect partner, the peaceful existence and/or offspring running down the meadow after Sunday mass

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Walk on the Wild Side: The Power of Passion
By Jennifer Burrows

Just when you think you have something figured out you can find yourself admitting, “Hmmmmm, I’m not sure anymore”. If you ever feel logic and passion wrestling an all-pro match for your attention it might help to step back and notice why you are doing what you do.

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Unconditional Love: It Takes One to Know One
By Mary Jo Shaffer

I first read this quote in Sarah Ban Breathnach’s wonderful book, Simple Abundance. Quite frankly, I don’t know who Doris Mortman is, but I think she is really on to something. And to elaborate on a point, we could even expand her quote by adding,”…you’ll never be content with what you have…” and who you love.

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Greetings from The UK- We Are All ‘In It’ Together!
By Michael Warwick

For those of you familiar with the UK you’ll know what a special place it is and of our rich historical legacy. I love this island on which I was born and I love its people. This is my motivation for writing and speaking about my experiences studying and practising the Law of Attraction.

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Introducing… Melissa “F***ing” Ward
By Melissa Ward
Photo By: Joan Heffler, Pictures with Personality.

Ah… the glory of me: Having to put it down in paper seems like a daunting task because you will never really be able to describe yourself so people really know you – but I am going to give it my best shot. I’ll start with the circumstances that have brought me to where I am today and hopefully you will get a sense for how I define myself.

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Penny’s Thoughts – Where Did You Go?
By Penny Hall

Have you ever been riding in a car and suddenly realize thirty minutes have passed? It happened to me last night. My husband and I decided to make a quick trip into town and pick up a few groceries. Our destination was a forty-minute drive, part of which winds along the Madison River through a majestic rock canyon. Thirty minutes into our trip I realized I was so busy planning the shopping I missed most of the drive.

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‘Restructuring’ My Life
By Steve Elias

I have always been a believer in the ‘Law of Attraction’ even before I was aware of it. As a teen-ager I worked on having positive thoughts and traits and tended to associate with others of the same mindset. As an adult I have continued the same trend. Not surprisingly, I have met quite a few people with similar values and beliefs but it wasn’t until I met Kat that I realized it was actually a law.

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In Like a Lamb, Out Like a Lion
By Tracy Swartz

The month of March came in like a lamb and about mid-way started to roar! I hope that by sharing my journey, it helps you on yours. I was experiencing urinary retention. In other words, I could only pee a wee bit (pun very much intended) or not at all. That first episode resolved itself and I went about my merry way. Now fast-forward to Sunday, the 9th. I was at a friend’s house and started to experience retention again.

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People Power

To Take Action or Not To Take Action: That IS the Question
By Kat McCarthy

Once upon a time, we were blissfully ignorant of the many social and environmental challenges existing on earth; those days have long passed and now we are all painfully aware of what’s going on. To add peanut butter to the picture, our newly born awareness has also brought with it an understanding that we create our reality with our focus and also that we are all an integrated whole.

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Are you invested?
By Mary K Weinhagen

I just ran across an interesting program that I want to share with you. It’s called MicroPlace. At MicroPlace you can make investments that earn you a return while transforming the lives of a billion people like Ngiem. According to the website, everyday people who want to invest some of their savings to produce a financial return and a social impact can do that with Security Issuers.

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An Ark for Modern Times
By Kat McCarthy

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the planet and the people on it. There is definitely some room for improvement and it is clear to me that focusing on the problem will only create more of it. The opposite of that it seems to focus on what we want which is being part of the solution.

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Kitty’s Korner

The History of Cats
By Socrates

The other evening while my brother Whiskey and I were just sitting at the window, looking out into the night sky, Whiskey leaned over to me and asked simply, “Socrates, Where do we come from?” I scratched behind my ear and shook myself and responded to him with contemplative, “I do not know brother”.

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