The Magic Happens – Summer 2009 Edition

Hi and welcome to the Summer 2009, 2nd anniversary issue of The Magic Happens Magazine where Humanity Lives Out Loud. An anniversary is a time to look both backward and forward, get view of where one has been and a vision of where one wants to go. That’s definitely true here at the magic happens. Looking back, we had a million visitors last year. We promised you changes that haven’t yet come to be. We’ve proudly offered you articles from many different people on a wide rage of subjects. We’ve create a theme for the last 6 issues to make them more tightly focused on useful information with the theme for this issue being, ‘Life by Design.’

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A Note From the Editor:

By Mary K Weinhagen

Let’s celebrate the MAGIC happening! Not just the sampling of the magic received through the stories shared by our contributors… let’s include the magic happening in YOUR life right now… TODAY!!!! I selected the quote above for a purpose. I’ve learned how making lists of positive aspects has moved my spiritual practice forward in some powerful ways.

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A Note From Wayne:

By Wayne Parker

Oh my, can you believe it, two years for this magazine on the internet. It seems like only yesterday, we were pulling together our very first edition with great anticipation. I wish to take a moment to thank all of you the readers for hanging with us. I would love to thank you all personally but since I do not know all your names, I will leave that up to each of you to grab your own thank you.

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A Note From Kat:

By Kathleen Anne McCarthy

Two year’s huh? What a long strange trip it’s been… This all started with me coming back from the strangest vacation I had ever been on. My Father died, which caused many of the things below to happen as I dismantled my life and started asking myself the question, ‘what do I really want?’ I’ve had surgery. Yuck! That was recently…Ended a relationship – imagine getting out of a relationship as easily and sweetly as getting into one – that’s what that was like. (Wayne you rock! You have so much to teach my friend.)

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Wayne’s life by design?
By Wayne Parker

I will attempt to explain my design by using some of my random thoughts on who I am. First off, I am Wayne, a five and half decades old that has literally packed a lot of experience under my belt. One of the first things I do each and every day upon wakening is to say a huge appreciation to the universe for waking up on this side of the grass. I do not dread any single day but appreciate that I am Wayne and alive today

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The You that you want to be
By David Little

I was watching a film the other night & it really struck a note with me. The film is called “One Week”, it’s about a man who is diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. He is told he has a one in ten chance of survival. This has a big impact on the way he sees his life & the choices he makes. I’m not going to give you the details of the story as you may want to watch it yourself.

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Happenings (The Best of The Best)

A Puppy Dog Tale of Appreciation
By Mary Jo Shaffer

Having raised three wonderful kids with my husband, we are now empty nesters. After the initial glow of being free and no longer responsible for the day-to-day care and well being of my children wore off, I quickly realized that I really miss hearing the pitter-patter of tiny feet, cuddling with a little one, and delighting in watching a baby grow up. So my husband and I decided to take the plunge and just do it-adopt a puppy that is.

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Kat’s Blast from the Past: Daddy
By Kat McCarthy

The phone rang today; it was Mom to tell me of your passing. The news saddened me and in all honesty, I had finished mourning you long ago. Learning of your death caused me to start reminiscing about you, the lessons I learned because of you and how what I felt about you has changed so much over the years. I decided to write this down so that I would remember in years to come.

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A Hippie at Hippiefest
By Wayne Parker

Lets us do the time warp! No wait! That was the Rocky Horror Picture Show kind. Let’s do ‘A’ time warp, the kind that takes you back in time. Let’s warp to the mid late sixties. For those that lived it, you know the era I speak of. For those that are too young to have experienced it, there are a few words that I must catch you up on; Groovy, Peace and Love, Far Out, Cool, In the Groove, Chill, Laid back, Right on man, and so on.

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The History of Cats
By Socrates

The other evening while my brother Whiskey and I were just sitting at the window, looking out into the night sky, Whiskey leaned over to me and asked simply, “Socrates, Where do we come from?” I scratched behind my ear and shook myself and responded to him with contemplative, “I do not know brother”.

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Musings (The Best of The Best)

Quantum Living
By Mary K Weinhagen

Practical application of quantum theory can open you up to living ON PURPOSE in powerful ways! I’m swiping a bit from David Franklin Farkas here in that I’m going to do a little ‘thinking out loud’ about living out loud… or at least, about possibilities and potentials becoming reality.

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Change and the Grieving Process
By Kat McCarthy

Most of the time when we think of the subject of grieving, we associate it with the death of someone we care about but the reality of it all is that we humans grieve far more often then most of us are aware of. What really happens to us when a loved one transitions to the next expression of life? We experience rapid unexpected change. Something about the way we lead life becomes so different that it leaves a big gaping hole where someone used to be. It’s the change that creates the grieving…

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Wayne’s Blast from the Past – Fear
By Wayne Parker

All too many years ago, I was asked by someone at the local college to apply for a part time job as a college professor to teach computer graphics. Since I was asked to apply, I got the job with ease.

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Inspired Inaction
By Melissa Ward
Photo By: Joan Heffler, Pictures with Personality.

I have been having trouble with action in general this summer. Therefore, writing an article on Inspired Action has been twice as difficult. That’s when it hit me – sometimes there is purpose in no action. I have been getting hit over the head with meditation for the past few months. It’s been recommended to me to meditate on a daily basis to clear my mind, get out of the way and allow the universe do its magic. For whatever reason I have not allowed myself to develop this habit, but have at least put thought into it. I meditate for 2 weeks straight, and then stop, then go, then stop, etc…

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Nudges and Niggles
By The Domestic Gourdess

Tick, tick, tick, tick… I glanced at the calendar. Yipes, the deadline for articles is looming closer! Tick, tick, tick…. I’m not feeling it. Wait, there it is! Type, type, type, type, type. No that’s not quite it. I hit the save button anyway. A day or two passed by. Tick, tick, tick, tick… Here it is! Type, type, back space, right click, delete, type, type, back space, back space, type, type. Nope, that’s not quite it either. I clicked the save button again. I must be trying to hard. I was attempting to push the article out instead of allowing it to flow.

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The Vacuum Principle
By Kat McCarthy

Anyone studying the Law of Attraction is aware that things that come up in contrast to what we want is the most challenging piece of the equation. It is the piece that has been most difficult for me so far at any rate. Every once in a while you gotta do something different, don’t you think?

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A Creative Contrarian
By Mary K Weinhagen

Do you feel the change? 2009… a year of amazing change… and POWER! So what are your plans? Last year my theme was… ‘A Blank Page’ I will never, EVER declare that for a theme again. Oh, it won’t surprise me to discover there are days that simply show up as a blank page… but there is something different about purposefully choosing it as a theme for the year and being flexible enough to accommodate a blank day or two during the course of a year.

Taking Back My Addiction
By Wayne Parker

My definition is a little more basic as I am just that kind of guy. When I feel good about something, get excited about something, want to show the whole world some kind of idea, I take the next step that will usually involve some form of action. It could be as simple as speaking to others about. You can lay on the chesterfield, a couch as it is called in Canada and meditate, send notes to the Universe and desire that huge bundle of money to fall into your lap.

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Transforming Your Life with Ideas
By Kat McCarthy

Almost everyone I have ever talked to has had at least a brilliant idea or two floating around in their heads, just waiting to blossom into the transformational experience it was intended to be. Why does it seem that some people are constantly following their inspirations and re-creating their lives while other people seem stuck and unable to move?

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Columns (The Best of The Best)

The Paradox of Passion
By Mark Stevens

So much in life functions in a set of concentric circles. Like planets in orbit around the sun. The closer to the ball of fire at the center of the galaxy, the more intense the relationship with the heavenly bodies spinning in worship. Life on the outer circles is generally passionless. It is like talking with strangers, with acquaintances, with the ebb and flow of humanity that passes through our days mostly nameless, faceless.

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The Delicate Art of Breathing
By David Little

You have come to this point in your life experiencing everything you have done or learned in order to prepare yourself for the good things that are about to come into your life. If you changed any of these experiences then you wouldn’t be you!

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Life, the Universe and Dishes?
By David Franklin Farkas

There is lot’s of conversation lately, especially here, about the Law of Attraction. The idea that like attracts like and that, in some way, we attract everything in our experience. There is another basic universal law which gets less attention. This one is often expressed: As Above, So Below or As Within So Without.

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Walk on the Wild Side: Looking Over the Edge and Ranting About It
By Jennifer Burrows

“May you live in interesting times,” says the Chinese proverb. Interesting, humph! Chaotic and wild may be closer to accurate. How does disturbing and a bit scary sound to you? I may sound judgemental, but this is a rant and I’m just warming up. Does life really unfold in perfect order or have we bought the ad? I always thought perfect should feel as smooth as chocolate truffles on the tongue.

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Penny’s Thoughts – Where Did You Go?
By Penny Hall

Have you ever been riding in a car and suddenly realize thirty minutes have passed? It happened to me last night. My husband and I decided to make a quick trip into town and pick up a few groceries. Our destination was a forty-minute drive, part of which winds along the Madison River through a majestic rock canyon. Thirty minutes into our trip I realized I was so busy planning the shopping I missed most of the drive.

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Finding the Way to Passion
By Bob Rush

There is a point in one’s life when the cosmos sneaks up and delivers one of those “thwaps” to the back of the skull and poses the question – “What are you doing??”

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By Bruce Demers

Greetings, Bruce Demers here, relatively new to this party! Wayne and Kat have invited me to share some of my concepts with the readers of The Magic Happens and I have most graciously obliged! It sure is delightful when someone gives you carte blanche to discuss what ever you choose!

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A Diamond ~ ME
By Annette Aben

“Congratulations, Mr. & Mrs. Parent, you have just given birth to a healthy baby girl! Take her home and raise her to be all that she can be. Know that she is filled with promise and as she grows, know she is a blessed gift from Spirit; what she does with her life shall be her gift back.

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Unconditional Love
By Bob Vadas

It is fascinating to me that I always thought that unconditional love is loving someone else no matter what…no matter what the circumstances are…no matter what their behavior is…

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Come Alive – Live from Six Senses
By Kathleen Anne McCarthy

The feeling of coming to life is delicious and most of us seek more life but where are we looking for it? Where do we expect to find it? In front of the television? In the closet? Through someone else like our children or a social network of some kind? Wanting to experience a more full and fulfilling life begs us to give more of ourselves to life – it’s up to each of us to find that ‘coming alive’ feeling inside of ourselves. Yes, it is something that comes from within. All you seek is within yourself.

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Number 16… an introduction
By Parise Oulette

I’m sitting here in my Ottawa, Canada kitchen facing my laptop, wondering what to write. How do I introduce myself to an on-line audience? Do I write for the reader or myself? I believe some writers write for themselves in the hopes of helping thru their own learning. We are the healers of the soul. Then I’m thinking, what has defined me throughout my life? What has stood out more than anything else since I can remember?

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Seriously: Live the Life I Want Working 8 Hours A Week?
By Jenn Givler

I had a truly great week this week. One of the amazing things that happened was Kat officially invited me to be a contributor to The Magic Happens. And, really, I love everything about my life. I’ve got a business that is a joy, my family is amazing, I’ve got great friends, a house I love and enjoy – everything is wonderful.

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By Larry Hochman

One of my favorite movies is The Shawshank Redemption. It’s about a man who is falsely imprisoned for murdering his wife. Andy, the main character played by Tim Robbins did everything he could over the twenty years of time in which the movie took place to keep his dignity and sanity. He carved chess pieces out of rocks. He helped build a prison library. He helped other inmates study for their high school equivalency tests. He even helped the warden in an illegal money laundering scheme.

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We Can Have Our Cake and Eat It Too
By Deliese Eros

Erotic energy is not just about having sex. It is living. We’ve become disconnected from our bodies, hearts, souls, spirits, one another and the Divine thus losing touch with many pleasures and experiences life has to offer. Sex is one of the most wonderful experiences of human life. This is the life force of Creation itself. This is Divine energy especially when used intelligently and channeled into love, romance and creative pursuits that add to the beauty and abundance of life.

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‘Restructuring’ My Life
By Steve Elias

I have always been a believer in the ‘Law of Attraction’ even before I was aware of it. As a teen-ager I worked on having positive thoughts and traits and tended to associate with others of the same mindset. As an adult I have continued the same trend. Not surprisingly, I have met quite a few people with similar values and beliefs but it wasn’t until I met Kat that I realized it was actually a law.

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Immerse Your Entire Being in It
By Audrey Louise

My name is Audrey, and sometimes in my writing I go by Audrey Louise. I am married to a man who has been my best friend and lover for 12 years (wedded 11). We have three children together (Sarah and Jacob [our twins], and Johnny) who make us as crazy as they do happy!

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What I Know for Sure About Women
By Mark Leyner

1. Even little girls, in all their blithe, unharrowed innocence, have a presentiment of sorrow, hardship, and adversity… of loss. Women, throughout their lives have an intrinsic and profound understanding of Keats’ sentiments about “Joy, whose hand is ever at his lips Bidding adieu.”2. This sage knowledge of, and ability to abide, the inherently fugitive nature of happiness somehow accounts for the extraordinary beauty of women as they age.

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The Other 90%
By David Franklin Farkas

Throughout history mystics in every culture have told us, in one way or another, that everything is energy. It is often said that we are caught in a world of illusion and our attachment to that illusion causes our pain.

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Walk on the Wild Side: Outrageously You
By Jennifer Burrows

How might you experience life if you decided to be outrageously you in every instance? I can hear you thinking, “Ridiculous, of course I’m me. From the instant I landed on this planet I’ve been me because here I am, for all time, in full living colour, me.”

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By Tracy Swartz

A long, long, long, very long time ago, the New Year began on the Vernal Equinox. Somewhere down the annals of history somebody decided we needed a bit of excitement after Christmas (as if that wasn’t exciting enough). Being a seasonal kind of gal, celebrating the New Year in the Spring feels normal to me.

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