The Magic Happens – Summer 2010 Edition

Welcome to the Summer 2010 Edition of The Magic Happens Magazine Can you believe it? It was ten years ago that we passed into the new millennium. Here we are in the new year of 2010 and aren’t we all having fun? 2009 was a wonderful year of change, adventure and opportunities for everyone to grow and become stronger, more compassionate and creative. We here at The Magic Happens definitely got in the swing of that formula and took advantage of whatever wonders and challenges the Universe has tossed in our path.

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A Note From the Editor:

By Mary K Weinhagen

Ahhh… contentment. A perfect me vacillates between passion… where energy is high; good, fast feelings are flowing, desire is summoning through me LOTS of energy with no resistance to it’s flow… and peacefulness, contentment, where there’s not much desire but no resistance ruffling the waters. A friend recently asked, “If you had all the money in the world & all the time in the world (really)… what would you do with your money & time (really)?”

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A Note From Wayne:

By Wayne Parker

Four million hits and counting ……..What is there to say that I have not said on other aniversay editions of The Magic Happens Magazine? This one is different to say the least. It is not the first year, nor is it the second, we are starting our fourth year of operation of this free magazine. I wish to take a moment to thank all of you the readers for hanging with us. I would love to thank you all personally but since I do not know all your names, I will leave that up to each of you to grab your own thank you.

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wayne parker

A Note From Kat:

By Kathleen Anne McCarthy

It’s been an interesting year. I’ve done a lot of interesting things; some expected some not so expected. All of it has been an adventure though some things were more comfortable then other. One thing I’ve learned this year is that when I put my mind to it, I can do almost anything. I can even be my own lawyer. Though I suppose I should tell that story from the beginning but where do I start really? Where is the beginning? When I was born? LOL No, I won’t bore you with my life story.

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Summer Feature: Being Content

Wayne is Being Content, in this Moment
By Wayne Parker

The other day I was reading that our brain can store somewhere in the vicinity of 280 quintillion bits of information. That is 280 with 18 zeros behind it. Talk about one huge hard drive we have at our finger tips at any given moment. When we access our brain, we do so at a faster speed than any other computer existing currently on this planet, whether we know we are accessing it or not. We all or at least most of us have only one brain that basically consists (for the purpose of this article) of two different areas, our conscious and our sub conscious minds.

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Being Content? What’s the Deal?
By Kat McCarthy

What most of us are seeking in our lives is more happiness and to find that, we must first become content. It appears hardly possible to be happy and discontent at the same time. My conclusion is that happiness is intricately entwined with being content with the life we lead, so finding contentment is job one to finding more happiness. “There is no way to happiness. Happiness is the way.” ~An old Buddhist quote. (Approximately)

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10 Commandments To Create Contentment
By Peter Grun

It’s easy to say that we should all be content where we are but there are times and situations when it is difficult to feel content. Being content is a moment to moment decision, some moments being more difficult then others. So how does one learn to be content in their present life situation? There are conditions that are ripe for creating contentment in each person’s life. We can use these common conditions to practice being content and over time, that feeling of being content will spill out into the rest of life.

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The Big Exhale
By Bob Rush

The status of my life has been on my mind every since I retired from corporate world. Many people asked me, “So what are you going to do now?” – with an emphasis on another corporate or office gig. Yikes. When I retired I asked a dear friend if she knew of any barn jobs available. Due to the fact that I love horses (Duh!) I felt that this would be a good break. After all when it gets down to it, I really hated my job. I performed, of course, because it paid the bills and allowed myself and my wife to attempt to run a training and boarding operation on our own. OK – you ask, what the heck does this have to do with being contented. I’m getting there – just wait for the 1812 overture. My friend needed help in her stable doing odd jobs – mucking, riding, mowing etc. Woohoo – love the universe – I landed on my feet. Granted this does not pay a heck of a lot but…

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If Issues Were Tissues, I’d Have A Whole Box
By Katheleen Anne McCarthy

When I was a young adult, people really bugged me. It bothered me that other people were different then me. How dare they? After all, people that were different than me weren’t doing what I thought they aught to be doing. (For those of you who know me, I get that it would be a sad place if everyone was as messed up as I was back then, but I didn’t see it at the time.) I knew what I knew and no one else was as smart as me.

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An 8.5 Day
By Wayne Parker

Everything is made of energy in some way shape or form. From the tallest mountain, to distant stars, to the smallest atom we are still talking about energy. One question that I have always asked of myself is; how am I feeling? This is just a personal thing and helps determine my next steps in a day, hour or single moment. It helps me keep my energy levels in check at any given time. Nearing the end of most days while doing my appreciations and gratitude’s for that day I have a general sense of where my energy was that particular day and mull over the choices I made in relationship to my energy.

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Concert Flameout
By Wayne Parker

I spoke earlier about a concert I attended and considering it was $40.00, there were five groups playing there. To me that was a real steal considering the names playing on that day. In most cases today it is real hard to find any semi big name groups that you get a ticket for that good price, even in the cheap seats. I remember way back in the summer of love paying $6.00 for a concert for Diana Ross and the Supremes. All be it a great concert for a 13 year old, it was really expensive for the day. As time moved forward, I remember paying up as high as three dollars for the hottest groups in Canada and still found it steep.

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Wayne’s Blast from the Past: Darly Place
By Wayne Parker

Darly place is where I co-habbitated with a few friends back in the mid seventies in the city of Ottawa Canada Actually it was a house, and given the day, it was quite a house valued at some $90,000 at the time. Remember we are speaking of the mid seventies here. It was a three bedroom living room, kitchen and full basement. The grounds were fenced, trees in front and even a stone pond in the front yard. How cool it was that I was invited after college through an eventually long life friend to be a part of this household. We were renters, paying a whopping sum back then of $400.00 rent but split 4 ways it was only $100.00 each. Add in a communal fridge and kitchen, the food bill was another $100.00 each per month. So for basically $200.00 I could eat and live, having friends around all the time. This seemed to jive with me totally in that moment.

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Naturally Confident Kids
By Mary K Weinhagen

It has occurred to me for quite a while that the notion of “parenting” and how it is acted out in today’s society is a bit ‘off’ from being the real “guardians” that I speculate we really intended to be for the young ones in our lives. A GUARDIANS job is simply to GUIDE. As parents we develop habits of thought that take us so far beyond the idea of guidance that it seems in many ways, we set ourselves up as a hindrance to our child/ren. Yesterday I came across an interesting article called 7 Attributes of the Truly Confident Person by Elaine Sihera. It’s a great article, yet as I was reading about the seven attributes she proposes, it occurred to me that most children, left to their own devices, are that!

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What Now?
By David Franklin Farkas

We see life as a novel, with a beginning and an ending and a story that flows reasonably and understandably between them in a fairly predictable way. In reality, life is a series of only loosely related short stories…’Truth is stranger than fiction, but that is because Fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities; Truth isn’t’ ~ Mark Twain About ten years ago my family experienced a period of over a year of one awful event after another. It reminded me of the children’s book, ‘Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.’

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