The Magic Happens – An Introduction:

Happy New Year!!!
The Magic Happens Team and Columnists want to wish you the most pleasing year yet and we hope that what you will find in this issue of The Magic Happens will support and inspire you to your highest potential.

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Best Wishes to Jackie Lee
Recently, long time friend and crew member of The Magic Happens Jackie Lee, decided to step down to make time to pursue her own projects and raise her beautiful and spirited daughter Hanna.

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A Note From the Editor:

By Mary K Weinhagen

A New Year… Are you ready to let The Magic Happen? Some of our readers may have joined us on an Outer Limits call a year ago when we were talking about “themes”. Kat McCarthy and I had been discussing how we had come to realize, several years ago, that each year seemed to be accompanied by a different theme.

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A Note From Wayne:

By Wayne Parker

First off, I would like to thank all of the readers for being patient while I battled with a bout of the flu/cold. This is what caused a delay in the release of the January Edition of this magazine. Can you believe this? It is six months later and already two editions of The Magic Happens has been released and a third, as of writing this note. What a trip and a half this has been.

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A Note From Kat:

By Kat McCarthy

Happy New Year! I would like to take this opportunity to wish you a wonder-filled year of many fascinating sparkly things to amuse and delight you so that your profitability and productivity can increase exponentially. It really does work that way which gives me giggles and smiles all the way to the bank.

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The Theme Project 2008
By Kat McCarthy

‘Change your mind and your ass will follow.’ A profound though light statement and also the brilliant title of a less then agreeable song released in 1972. (Sorry, can’t remember the name of the band.)

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Your Theme – A Helping Hand
By Kat McCarthy

Everyone needs a helping hand from time to time; maybe even a little hand holding – especially when they are learning a new skill.

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Wayne’s Theme
By Wayne Parker

A Theme: a unifying or dominant idea……Each year around this time, I set out a theme for myself.

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A Brain Massage
By Mary K Weinhagen

As the year 2006 started to wind down I started feeling the pull toward my theme for 2007. It’s been my experience that out of the old is revealed the new and so I felt clarity when ‘VISIBILITY’ popped up for 2007.

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Unconditional Love
By Bob Vadas

It is fascinating to me that I always thought that unconditional love is loving someone else no matter what…no matter what the circumstances are…no matter what their behavior is…

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Jen’s Theme
By Jennifer Burrows

OK. It’s time to lean back and laugh with myself, a deep belly laugh that holds nothing back. And because there’s no one in the room with me, I’ll share this joke with you. One year ago I chose FLOW as my theme for the upcoming year.

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David’s Theme
By David Little

Last year at the start of the year I chose a theme that would be my mantra for 2007. It was “Do not force anything!” what this meant to me was to be aware of times when I wanted to make things happen rather than allow them to flow.

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Doni’s Theme
By Doni Lynn

When I was asked to write something for this issue about Themes, I said to myself, “OK – Let’s see what happens!” And, of course, magic happened! A few hours later while I was getting ready for bed, the article began to write it’s self and I had to start jotting down what came into my mind. So here we go…One year ago I chose FLOW as my theme for the upcoming year.

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Wayne’s Blast from the Past – Wayne, Where are you?
By Wayne Parker

As I reflect back on this day to the events, people and things that have helped create who and what I am, I sit here with a radiant smile on my face. It was just a few months ago I received an email that simply stated, Wayne, where are you???????

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Kat’s Blast from the Past
By Kat McCarthy

Coming from a family that was part Irish and part Native Canadian, there was no shortage of myth, legend and strange tales floating about my environment. I have to be honest here and say that those stories were usually spoken in whispers and with a great deal of emphasis on how they ‘couldn’t possibly be true.’

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Follow Your Dream – An Invitation to Student Inventors
By Jennifer Burrows

Are you a college student with a great idea that you believe will improve how we live? Could you be the creator of the next best thing that moves us toward a healthier, happier, higher frequency planet?

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What’s up on Planet Earth?
By Karen Bishop

As 2007 draws to an end, there is much to recap and explain, as well as much to report about the energies and occurrences yet to come for 2008…all so very exciting and as always, so perfectly and divinely orchestrated.

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Red Light Green and A Whirlwind of Fun!
By Kat McCarthy

It was a hot, beautiful and sunny day that saw us get on the train to Toronto for a whirl wind tour of interesting people. Like so many people, Michelle doesn’t like to have her picture taken.

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A Visit With Marcelle From Belgium
By Kat McCarthy

I have said it often and I still feel the same way. I LOVE THIS ERA! Really, I don’t know what I would do without the internet at this point – it gives me so much adventure and freedom. Never before in history could an average girl like me meet so many wonderful people from all over the world without ever leaving home?

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Rock and Roll Picnic
By Wayne Parker

It was another one of those beautiful sunny days that involved a short drive to Hamilton, Ontario for what was billed as the Rock and Roll Picnic in the Park. This was the second annual affair that was held in an incredible old park with ancient trees abound and thousands of folks gathered around, having family fun and enjoying the music for the day.

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By Kat McCarthy

I think most of us reflect on the year behind us as it comes to a close whether the marker used is the new calendar year or birth year. Since my birthday is just a few short weeks after the New Year, I reflect for both occasions at the same time.

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Learning, Growing and Expanding
By Wayne Parker

Welcome to my life……I am not a person that tends to pass judgment on others, or should I say, not that often – I’m not perfect after all. Sure I make comment about how others may act, dress or what car they drive, but for the most part it is in jest and I pass on the judgment. It just does not serve me at all to judge others as right or wrong.

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Listening and the Law of Attraction
By Kat McCarthy

There are so many different potential applications to the Law of Attraction that one could easily get confused and even lost in all of that potential. Experimentation is the most fruitful method of learning to apply anything and especially the Law of Attraction. One area of interest to me is in how our listening affects that which we attract to ourselves. I define listening as something heard, felt, read or observed.

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Discovery and My Swimming Pool
By Wayne Parker

Every once in a while, something comes along that really rocks your socks. It could be that awesome partner in your life, that incredible new car, that extraordinary literary composition or whatever. You get the point, something that just blows you away.

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Welcome to AND Land
By Jackie Lee

Growing up I was raised in an “either/or” family. You can do this or that. You can have this or that, but not both. I find as an adult I still carry the either/or mentality. I always first assume I can only do one or the other, and never jump to the assumption that both are possible.

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‘Anklebiters’ – Reminders to Operate from the Heart
By Bob Rush

Watching the show “Tin Man” on the Science Fiction channel the past few nights gave me a few items to ponder and a little inspiration. I thought about little things that either tend to or want to trip us along the “brick road” to, in this case Central City or for me in reality, living the life I truly want. That’s when I came up with the term “Anklebiters”.

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Life, the Universe and Dishes?
By David Franklin Farkas

There is lot’s of conversation lately, especially here, about the Law of Attraction. The idea that like attracts like and that, in some way, we attract everything in our experience. There is another basic universal law which gets less attention. This one is often expressed: As Above, So Below or As Within So Without.

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The Magic is Strong
By David Little

It’s been a while since my last musing & I just wanted to say I’m still here 🙂 I went to an amazing performance a couple of nights ago here in Vancouver. It was by a guitarist by the name of Don Ross & his partner Brooke Miller.

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Walk on the Wild Side: Outrageously You
By Jennifer Burrows

How might you experience life if you decided to be outrageously you in every instance? I can hear you thinking, “Ridiculous, of course I’m me. From the instant I landed on this planet I’ve been me because here I am, for all time, in full living colour, me.”

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By Tracy Swartz

A long, long, long, very long time ago, the New Year began on the Vernal Equinox. Somewhere down the annals of history somebody decided we needed a bit of excitement after Christmas (as if that wasn’t exciting enough). Being a seasonal kind of gal, celebrating the New Year in the Spring feels normal to me.

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Green Space

New reasons for eating organic?
By Francesca Lyman

If you include organic foods in your holiday menu, you’ll be in step with the latest food trends, according to industry polls. And you may also be doing your children’s health a favor. Parents who feed their children organically grown food can substantially lower the levels of pesticide residues to which their kids are exposed, according to a new study.

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The Inside Scoop

Cat Toys
By Socrates

It has taken a bit of time to get the point across to my humans that I am a cat, who does not have owners but whom has a staff. *LOL*.The sooner my human staff understands this, the better off we all will be. My brother Whiskey also maintains this attitude and over time our staff is slowly learning this important aspect.

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Shots from the Balcony
By Kat McCarthy

The months between September and January have been a very introspective time for us and it has shown up that way on every level.

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A Peek Inside
By Kat McCarthy

In an introspective time, it would make perfect sense that all things would be directed inwards. Our holiday celebrations were no exception. A big traditional holiday meal is a glorious thing and over cumbersome to cook for two.

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Ask Questions of The Magic Happens Team


In each issue Mary K, Wayne, and Kat will each be choosing a couple questions from our readers and posting the reply where all can see. (Readers email addresses will NOT be shown.) If you would like to participate please email the appropriate person. Include your question, first name, last initial, city and country of residence in your email. Would you like a different perspective on a situation you are in or do you want to know something about the team? Let the fun begin! We look forward to hearing from you.

Ask Kat

Well Kat,
It’s great to finally say what is on my mind. I am a physician taking care of very sick people. And I must say, when I was introduced to The Secret, I was a profound skeptic and an outright critic. Being a realist rooted heavily in scientific theory and reality, I just didn’t think the LOA was rooted in anything plausible, just fantasy that is making some people lots of money….

Hi HP,
How nice it is to hear from you. I am honored that you would chose to say what is on your mind to me. Thank you for that! The bottom line here is that we each have the right, power and freedom to decide what we want to believe. That being said, it is important to understand that LOA is working 100% of the time in every single life whether we believe it or not….

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Ask Wayne

Hi Wayne:
I am new to the Secret and my question is, what is the best way to create visualization? Harry

Hello Harry,
In creating visualization for myself, there are several steps that I personally follow. Remember there is no best way, just the one you feel good about. In my head, I specify what it is that I desire, actually seeing that in my head gives me my intended result or desire. – eg. I would like a brand new vehicle…….

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Hi Wayne:
Thanks for this great web-site. I am an individual who has an open mind and believes in the Law of Attraction. I have listened to “The Secret” DVD and I have started to apply many of its concepts to our family’s lives….
Thanks for your response,
The Runner

Hello The Runner,
Thank you for the question. The first thing that we all must understand is that we are not able to affect someone else’s energy. There is no way that I can place out there the statement that I want this person to do this or that. This is a major mistake that so many make….

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