The Magic Happens – Winter 2010 Edition

Welcome to the Winter 2010 Edition of The Magic Happens Magazine Can you believe it? It was ten years ago that we passed into the new millennium. Here we are in the new year of 2010 and aren’t we all having fun? 2009 was a wonderful year of change, adventure and opportunities for everyone to grow and become stronger, more compassionate and creative. We here at The Magic Happens definitely got in the swing of that formula and took advantage of whatever wonders and challenges the Universe has tossed in our path.

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A Note From the Editor:

By Mary K Weinhagen

Fresh Perspectives can be had in any instant you choose… and it’s as easy as telling a different story. Do you know who you REALLY are??? You are a beautiful, perfect, infinite Being and any story that expresses less than that is the real ‘lie’! So start telling the story of who you really are!!! Start telling a story that feels more downstream to you. And how do you know what’s downstream and what’s upstream? You can tell by the pressure against you. In other words…

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A Note From Wayne:

By Wayne Parker

There comes a time in life where things just get in the way of who I am and what I believe in for me and for this magazine. The Winter Edition is very late this time round and I offer up my humblest apologies for this. There are no excuses that I can offer up with all honesty. Sure I could say, data lost, computer crashed, procrastinated, illness and so. Actually the last was true but my illness only lasted for a week or so at publishing time. I throw myself out to our faithful readers and beg for the forgiveness of you all.

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wayne parker

A Note From Kat:

By Kathleen Anne McCarthy

I love the celebration we call New Year! It’s one of many opportunities in a year to get a fresh start, gain a new perspective or a ‘fresh perspective’ if you will. Looking back over 2009 I see many changes and shifts in my life and the world around me. It’s all stacking up to an amazing 2010. Carrying the new things that appeared in 2009 forward into this New Year is an exciting proposition. What will come out of this year is anyone’s guess but I can guarantee it will be another wonderfilled journey through time and space.

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Winter Feature: Fresh Perspectives

My Shift
By Wayne Parker

We all go through life establishing who we are and what values we choose to bring into it. Overtime we basically set up our core values what ever they may be: family values, honesty, peace, openness, helping others, have fun, spread the word of love, be happy, a desire to always grow and so on. Being non judgmental, not racist, not to be violent, never to hurt people intentionally could be a few other values that we live our lives by. I think you all get the picture.

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By Kathleen Anne McCarthy

During times of change, things always feel difficult. When things feel difficult, it is always a time of change. We live in a realm of high density, matter moves slowly here and so like the slow moving planet herself, change with any speed feels like an earthquake in progress. Human beings live in this high density realm and we are just as slow to change as everything else. In fact, whether we are talking about the planet herself, an institution like our governments or ourselves in our personal life; change is so slow and difficult that more often then not, a crisis is required to get the process moving.

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By Annette Aben

I used to love winter and as a kid found the towering snow drifts warm and inviting, flying down the slopes at the local park exhilarating and even trudging to school with everything I owned piled on top of me so as not to freeze to death was fun because I didn’t know any better. Heck, one year when we made a snow fort in the back yard, we turned the hose on it and ended up with an ice palace that was pretty nifty even if I do say so myself. Naturally I was an “angel” maker but I never did figure out how to get up off the ground without leaving the evidence that celestial beings really didn’t create the indentations. While I never could skate or ski, I found ways to look forward to being outside and winter never really bothered me.

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Hot & Delicious: Fresh Perspectives
By Tracy Swartz

Shiny things distract me. Look! Over there! What an opportunity! I can’t resist. Must go to the shiny opportunity. Must try it (spoken in a zombie like voice). It has to be good! It was delivered to my awareness wrapped so prettily. One day, I tried to sit down and couldn’t. I had pretty shiny things piled up to my ears. I was buried beneath bows, ribbons and bags not to mention martookas, barnookas and tags. I desperately required a fresh perspective before I threw everything away. I laid everything neatly on the table in piles.

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Into the Mist, The Creation of Truth
By CG Walters

Truth is but a resting place until the next revelation.** Rather than something to acquire or possess, consider the possibility that your most powerful access to truth may actually be an act of releasing a perception–a momentary lack of possession. Once you embrace a ‘truth’ you are enchanted with the conundrum of being in possession of—or possessed by?–something that is both real and illusory. It is real, for as long as you hold onto it, this ‘truth’ it will perpetuate and validate itself by coloring what is available for you to experience. As you believe, so it will be.

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So What’s up for 2010?
By Mary K Weinhagen

I’m always thrilled with the start of a new year. And because I round out the first week of each new year with a birthday… it really is a doubly powerful time for me to check my intentions and declare any new ones. As we start 2010 every cell in my body is humming with anticipation as I feel the fluttering of some big winds of change. It’s a year for taking a stand. And taking a stand calls on us to commit in ways that inevitably mean we will be the ones providing contrast to others on the Planet.

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Embellishment vs Drama
By Katheleen Anne McCarthy

Humans are generally very attached to drama. Things happen in life that we don’t like or want and off we go into a drama about that thing that happened even to the point of exaggerating the happening. I know I do it and I even know why. The worse I can make the happening seem, the more attention I get from those I am telling my story too. Who doesn’t feel validated when there is an attentive sympathetic ear?

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By Wayne Parker

Definition – To put off till another day or time; defer; delay. To all you readers, I am not sure whether you know this or not but I work at a local coffee shop, not only for financial gain but for the hundreds of connections I come across each day of my life. I meet all walks of life here on a daily basis and get a chance to experience so many different energies. Now add into this mix, all of you out there that I receive emails from, speak on the phone too or to meet in person via our connection through this magazine. Wow, that is a lot of people that cross my path on a daily basis.

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Wayne’s Blast from the Past
By Wayne Parker

At the very early age of fourteen and a half I moved to central Ontario, Canada as my parents were moving back home from where they began their lives. So like the good little army brat I was, it was time once again to establish new roots in this town that I had only visited before for a week or two at a time. Long story short, it was your typical town with all the gossip, everyone knowing what was happening around town and of course all the friendliness that only small town anywhere can offer.

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Immerse Your Entire Being in It: Blinded to See
By Audrey Louise

I am a truly ardent reader. Writer too. And, dang, I love a good book when I get my hands on one. Can’t put it down, ya know? So this is how the story begins… I had been completely immersed in a book about “searching for the soul.”It was a spiritual and scientific approach about “recovering the soul” by Larry Dorsey, M.D., which had me captivated from the very beginning pages. Now, so much of what he was writing about I had already experienced, was experiencing, or was interested in seeing from other perspectives. His view of the non-local mind was fascinating and kept me turning the pages hour after hour – without end.

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New Beginnings? Or is it really New Endings?
By David Franklin Farkas

It happens every year. It’s a new year. And tradition requires New Year’s resolutions. New goals. Looking forward and imagining our future. Making plans. But all healing is really about endings. All forward motion requires letting go of the past. Letting go. Freeing yourself. Taking back parts of you that you left behind and are holding you back. Releasing the brakes. You can only take action in the present. But, how can you be ‘present’ if part of you is still living out another time and place? And, what if you don’t even know that’s what’s going on? What if, these connections are like computer spyware?

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As We Believe, So We See (so it Becomes)
By CG Walters

Survival of our world depends on opening to your deepest desire Many make a good case that our world is in crisis. Increasing numbers seek saints and sages to make themselves known and to unveil to us more sustainable—survivable—paths. What is the core essence of a saint or sage, but an advanced state of harmony with self and Self (the Collective Consciousness)? Consider for a moment the possibility that the thing most needed for the progression—even the survival—of our world is for you (and every one of us who dares) to stand up to accepting your deepest longing—not hedonistic attention to your more transient hungers but that thing which in embracing will put you more in harmony with “All That Is”.

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From Endings Come Beginnings
By David Little

Here is a thought that came to me one morning while I was meditating, something I do daily. It was so powerful that I interrupted my meditation to write it down. When I went back to sit again I really let that feeling resonate. What if I could do this all the time? How would this change my life? What if everybody did this? What would the world be like? I’m not so naïve to think that everyone in the entire world would do this even if they could. I don’t think that I could do it all day everyday. What I do think about is this: How can I affect positive change in the world through my actions in small ways? This is like adding a clean drop of water to a dirty glass of water. Over time the entire glass of water becomes clean one drop at a time. This is an old Buddhist simile that fits rather well. I begin to use this in the Ebb & Flow of my life

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Back Through the Looking Glass
By Bob Rush

I’ve always thought that kaleidoscopes were really neat things. Never get the same view twice. Its like an ever evolving view of the world. Now if I can just remember to adopt that type of action. In continuing this journey, spirit seems fit to give this traveler glimpses of changing views or looking at the world with a fresh perspective. Think back to the kaleidescope and the continual change and fresh images presented. In keeping with my writings, I try to take an approach of sharing a laugh, a lesson and maybe that insight that helps us to remember our true nature.

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MOM a.k.a. Nancy (Wood) Parent
By Annette Aben

AI heard that all day, in fact I would venture to say that my siblings heard it also from nearly everyone who attended the party we threw to celebrate her life the week after she died. See we chose to hold a party for her at an antique store/art gallery about a mile from the home she cherished for the past 37 years of her life. Most people would have decided on a church basement perhaps the local veteran’s hall or possibly even chosen a nice restaurant where everyone could sit down and share a more structured meal, not for Nancy. We embraced a different perspective on her death and came up with this idea because it was the way she spent many Saturdays of her life, bopping through antique stores with her buddies then stopping off somewhere interesting for a sandwich and a cup of soup. So in addition to the venue, we asked the caterer to serve soups, sandwich fixings, fresh fruit, and cookies. We felt that it would be a nicer memory for those who gathered to always see her every time they wandered into an art gallery, strolled through an antique store or sat down for a nice hot cup of soup and a hearty sandwich.

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