The secret of the cube – By Andreas N. Bjørndal

Since 2008 I decided to explore reality in a different way, perhaps I can inspire you too?

Did you know that the cube has a taste, a feelings, that the cube has a specific awareness? That it is a language with a certain message? This goes for all other geometric figures too.

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The 12 magic days after Christmas – by Andreas N. Bjørndal

In the esoteric tradition the 12 days after Christmas were regarded as holy. They run from the 25th of December (1th day) until the 6th of January or (13th day). This last day is celebrated as Christmas in some traditions and is called Three Kings´Day or Epiphany (manifestation, striking appearance) or Theophany (vision of God) and the day of the kings.
These names reflects that the son of God became apparent to the gentiles when the Kings saw him for the first time.

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Holonity – moving up or down a holon – by Andreas N. Bjørndal

A holon is a unit a wholeness that at the same time is a part of a bigger whole, a bigger holon. A holon is a part and a whole at the same time.
Cells are holons, organs are holons and organisms are holons.
A human being is a holon, consisting of organs that are holons, consisting of cells that are holons. We can perceive living nature as a hierarchy of holons, a holarchy.skjermbilde-2016-11-18-kl-10-16-18

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