Become! – by Andreas N. Bjørndal

The old Egyptian word for become is Kheper, and it reveals such a beautiful understanding. An understanding that we can use for inner or spiritual growth.

First of all the hieroglyph used was a scarab. The Egyptians saw the scarabs potential as transforming the dung of animals into itself.

The scarab dig tunnels which they fill with dung balls. Here they lay eggs that when they become larvae feed on the dung. The pupae stage last for many months and then the new scarabs come forward like from nothing. This process of letting your inner potential come forward or the creative power within materializing into the physical realm is the meaning of Kheper.

Many pharaohs had names composed with the Kheper word to show the particular power they were manifesting or about to manifest.
One of the common was Men-(kh)eper-Re = strong-transforming-Ra or The transforming strength of Ra, Ra´s powerful transformation etc.
Ra is the Sun-God and he was related to the power of the ruler, the pharaoh. Ra’s potential to reappear every morning was believed to come from Khepri.

Kheper is not only becoming it means to transform, to change, to become, to develop, to come into being and to create.

I nice play on words using kheper is:

Kheper-i kheper kheperu, kheper-kuy, m kheper n khepri kheperu m sep tepy

The meaning is “I became, and the becoming became. I became by becoming the form of Khepra, god of transformations, who came into being in the First Time. Through me all transformations were enacted“.

We are always on the way of becoming. The true masters knows what they want to connect to, what they wants to fill their minds and awareness with so that it one day will manifest into the real world as themselves.

What you eat, is one thing, but music you listen to, pictures and art you look at, who you have exchanges with and the quality of those exchanges are all subtle impulses that are on the way of becoming the future you to become.

i-Kheper, kheper-You?


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