Showing Up – By Bob Rush

We all know that life can be done perfectly by just sitting on the couch. But that is not what living life in the moment and to the fullest is all about. Life is about being involved, doing , chasing dreams, and enjoying the process. It is very simply, “participating fully” and not letting life pass us by. I know that when I am done with this incarnation , I do not want to have regrets for things not done. There is to be no ‘if onlys.’

If we show up each day fully prepared to do our level best at whatever our calling is,

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Engage the New Age – by Brian Escobar

A Call To Action

You can stand from a distance and look at it, but the key to going higher is to get up close and personal with it.
We are both observer and creator, space and the objects in it, and embracing both aspects is the key to being balanced. Instead of just being the observer staring at your reality, do something with it; play with it while still being the observer.  Life’s greatest gift is that it is inherently meaningless – a tabula rasa.

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Not To Be Denied – by Kat McCarthy

The thing about life is that it can not be denied. We must all participate with life – in life – just to be here and exist. We must eat, we must laugh, we must walk, just to name a few ways that life demands we participate simply to exist.

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So Many Questions! – by Kat McCarthy

One of the most important things we do each day is ask questions. Of all of those questions some of the most important, are the questions we ask ourselves. What kind of questions are you asking yourself? (As you will see a little farther down, this is a fact finding/enlightening question.)

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Don’t Ask. Act – by Brian Escobar


Before asking is deciding.
 You are the magician and the waving of your wand is the symbolic representation of casting the vote for your preference. Upon the realization of what you want is the very moment that the universe conspires to bring it about, meaning that the core of your power simply lies in your next choice.

What do you choose to believe you can experience? What do you choose to allow? Resistance and relief are both choices and when you consistently choose relief during moments of resistance, that is healing.

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Ongoing Learning – By Bob Rush

I’m finding that as I journey further down the road of life, there are always more lessons to be learned. As I find myself on the downhill side of the curve, I thought; gee just want to coast for awhile. No the lessons aren’t astrophysics or bricklaying, but ways to

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Quiet Mind and Full Heart – By Bob Rush

To listen truly is part art, a little science and a big sprinkle of magic. I, for one, need practice, practice and more practice in honing this delicate skill. I hear a lot but in many instances, I’m not listening. Why?, because I am way too wrapped up in the hamster

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The Theme Project – by Kat McCarthy

Kathleen McCarthy
‘Change your mind and your ass will follow.’ A profound though light statement and also the brilliant title of a less then agreeable song released in 1970 by a band called Funkadelic. The idea behind it isn’t new; in fact, it has been written in different ways at different times over many, many centuries.

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Feelings & Emotions by Kat – by Kat McCarthy

Sometimes, life has us gazing outwards to all of the events and happenings of life and the people in it. Other times, it invites us inside to consider and understand those events and happenings; to understand our part in those things and how they affect us.

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Into the Depths – By Bob Rush

I initially hit the proverbial creative wall with this month’s featured topic. I asked the universe to give me that gentle creative nudge and they responded. Thanks to all my FB family and friends.

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So simple yet so complex – By Bob Rush

Integration means weaving important principles, beliefs, and actions into the fabric of your being. Many of these lessons are soooo devastatingly simple yet it is so easy to muck it up by negative thinking. Basically this means my brain goes off the grid and into the weeds. The chimps take over. Think of the monkey cage in the zoo and you will be able to relate. For me I begin to understand why the guys in the flowing orange robes are always smiling. My goodness, its being in the “moment”.

Its about learning to live in the moment and realize that there is nothing more. We can intellectualize that there is by living in the past and future, but in reality its all about living in the now.

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