Coaches Corner: A Season for Giving is About to Get Real! – by Joseph A. Drolshagen

Happy Holiday Season, Everyone! Hope you’re as excited for all the events, people and celebration of this time of year as I am! With each passing day, I feel more child-like with the anticipation and excitement of what’s to come. It wasn’t always that way for this guy. In the not-so-distant past, I dreaded the holidays and everything entailed in them seemed like work and more effort than I wanted to exert. Quite honestly, I found this time of year to be depressing and felt alone, even when surrounded with family and friends.

This year, all that’s changed! As I continue to live in my passion and my purpose, I’m so excited to share this season with those around me. And on top of that, I am super-duper stoked about a special gift that I’m going to be sharing with you, starting in January and it will continue to build and expand through June and I CANNOT WAIT!!

In mid-2019, through IFGT Life Coaching, LLC, I will be releasing a 12-week self-study program “The Happiness Experiment” that has developed out of my own personal last ditch effort to completely giving up on trying to find any real happiness in life, into truly living a life I absolutely love! And I’ve decided to share the privilege of these benefits with you over the course of six months. “The Happiness Experiment” has been tested and proven to bring about transformation into Happiness in the quickest possible time frame, with excitement, fun and ease and I am going to be sharing an abbreviated version of the program with you to expand your happiness beyond your wildest dreams!

Before we get into some of the details of the program, I wanted to share one of my favorite quotes with you; During the Concord Conversations from the mid 1800’s, Henry David Thoreau, when discussing “Asking Bigger Questions” made the statement “I want to do more than talk about this. I want to enter into an experiment”. That’s what I’m inviting you to do. To enter into an experiment with me. To bring more happiness into your life than you ever thought possible.

How it works. Each month, my Coaches Corner column here, will be committed to publishing content directly from the program, along with an attached audio containing additional information as to the application of the material. Within the article, I’ll be suggesting life work exercises that, if followed, will propel you into true happiness, from the inside out! On top of this, for those of you wanting to take this journey into bringing even more happiness into your life and the lives of those around you, I’ve set up a private Facebook group, TheHappinessExperiment, to allow you to expand the depth of integrating this material into your life and afford you an avenue to interact in between monthly publications. You will be able to share your successes, questions, and any struggles surrounding implementing this material more fully into your everyday life. In addition, I’ll be responding to all comments on the Facebook Group. So, in addition to receiving all the life altering material, content and direction to bring about real transformation, you will also receive free coaching tips directly from the guy who lived and built this program!!

Each month, we’ll be discussing areas to bring instant uplifting to your life that can last for the rest of your life! We will discuss items such as:

Thoughts: The impact they have on your everyday life and gaining the control over your thinking
Expectations: Towards others. From others. Towards yourself and from yourself.
Abundance: Stop playing small and open the floodgates in all areas of your life.
Forgiveness: Starting with yourself and extending into relationships.
Self-Love: Awesome tools to increase your love and caring for yourself.
Vision: Developing an amazing vision for the live you would love to live.

This journey is for those bold enough to “ask bigger questions” and those brave enough to “enter into an experiment” with themselves and see if there is a level of happiness and fulfillment beyond anything they’ve experienced up until now. And your only chance to do so completely free of charge! The only thing I ask for in return is for your feedback upon completion of the program in June.

Happy Holidays to all. And for the Brave, The Bold, and The Ones who are unwilling to accept that life can’t be any better, I’m so excited to meet you and to show you how to LOVE YOUR LIFE even more!! Remember to join the Facebook group TheHappinessExperiment today!


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“Life is Meant to be Lived in PASSION!

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This article was written by Joseph Drolshagen

“Life is intended to be lived with passion!”  As a Transformational Coach, Joseph Drolshagen is dedicated to the awakening of life’s passions. He assists the transformation of individuals, so they can live a life aligned with their Soul’s purpose with PASSION!  For the past 20 years, Joseph has helped people discover their life’s passions, remove blocks and hurdles holding them back, and guide them towards the exciting life they have only dreamed of living!  His book, Lifes Lessons is based on the blog  Both the book and the blog, document the personal journey Joseph Drolshagen has taken to learn how to remove his blocks, identify the bigger dreams and transform his life into one of freedom and soul driven purpose.  Spiritual events across the United States have brought Joseph in to be their keynote speaker. He has appeared as a welcome guest on numerous radio programs as well as participated as a panel speaker for recovery events.  Joseph Drolshagen is a much sought-after life coach and professional speaker, offering inspiring workshops to sold-out audiences. His transformational, in-depth coaching programs, help clients achieve new heights of success, and find spiritual meaning in their lives. 


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