Coaches Corner – The Happiness Experiment Part 1- by Joseph A. Drolshagen

Welcome to 2019 Everyone!!

Welcome to the year that is going to be your beginning to your best life EVER!!


Welcome to “The Happiness Experiment”, where the whole goal is to increase your overall happiness in all areas of your life. And to do so beyond a momentary glimpse and instead, make life long changes in the level of happiness you experience in your live! “Some people live for 90 years, and other people live 1 year 90 times and continue to repeat the patterns that are not serving them”. The tools you’ll learn over the next six months will assist you in living at a higher vibration than your conditions, circumstances and situations. Consider that, compared to being pulled into the muck of circumstances that show up in your life. Situations such as economy and the recent announcement of General Motors closing facilities. Holidays with family. What would you add to this list?

What would your say is the number one factor driving the level of happiness you experience in your life on a daily basis? You’re past experiences? Your upbringing? Your life situation? What is it for you?

Most are surprised when I tell them, “It’s your thinking”.

Of the remainder of people who are not surprised, I’ve found they still have the emphases of their thoughts based on their circumstances, situations and conditions they find themselves in. Or towards the pull to live in constant negative news and/or drama. Some struggle with people pleasing habits they just can’t break. I find it extremely sad how many people I come across that that live, just like I used to, continually having an outlook towards disaster and negativity, and spend their lives working diligently to “avoid the next disaster”. In my own life. Or in the constant battle to “catch up” in some area of life. For myself, I found I had to get to a point of asking myself “why”. Why did I thrive on living life with a combative mindset and a negative, fearful outlook? Why, for so many years of my life did I feel so strongly that I had just enough to make it financially? Why had every love relationship I experienced felt like a repeat of “trying to make it good” after the newness wore out. Why did I always seem to come up short on achieving the things most important to me, and when I had achieved whatever it was, it didn’t carry the excitement I thought it would.

As an example of just how powerful our thoughts are and how prevalent they are towards how we experience life, I had a client come to me feeling they were wondering aimlessly through life and felt they were missing living their purpose. So, just like we are doing here, I assisted and supported this person in building a strong vision for their life and over the matter of just a few weeks, this person had events, people and information start showing up that supported and moved him in the direction of his vision. He couldn’t believe how effortlessly his vision seemed to be unfolding. And to this day, he continues to move into his vision. And doing so at a passionate and rapid pace.

All this is really exciting, right? Now here’s with the Lifes-lesson comes into play. During his vision setting, he had two distinctive things that he was adamant he did not want as part of his vision. I found out later that any time he practiced with his vision, he remained adamant about those two items he did not want included in his vision. As his vision unfolded that he held so much excitement for, both of those things he focused on not wanted showed up as part of his vision. Once these two items became apparent to be included with his vision, it didn’t take me long to realize how much emphasis he had been putting into not having those as a part of his vision, I had to laugh. It was so clear that his thoughts had as much emphasis on what he wanted as he had place on what he didn’t want. The Universe doesn’t determine right from wrong, want from not want, like from dislike. It ONLY works on where our focus is. The story has a happy ending though! Because of how much of his vision is being met, by what he does want, even having these two items as a part of his dream life ultimately doesn’t alter the excitement he has to be living in his vision. Plus now he spends more time keeping his thoughts on what he does want to experience and knows to not allow his focus to stray towards what doesn’t interest him.

What a great illustration for how our thoughts create our life. So what about you? Are you stuck in negative thoughts? Do you get pulled into the drama’s of life? Are you experiencing living your absolute dream life with passion and excitement? Do you wake up Monday excited about the week ahead?

What if you were guaranteed for 2019 to be the beginning of a whole new voyage in your life and be the beginning of your best year ever? What would love to experience in 2019 that would make it the beginning of a brand new you? Would your health and well-being be a part of that excitement for you? With a new vibrancy for life, would you bounce out of bed in the morning, with excitement to get your day going? Or would you spend some time feeling your gratitude’s and move into your day at a relaxed pace?  And what about your life work? What would living in your creativity, doing what you love look like? How would you spend your weeks? What would it feel like on Monday morning, doing what you absolutely love?

How about your relationships. For those in a relationship, does it have the passion, love and closeness that you desire to experience? What would that look like for you? For those seeking that special love relationship, what does that look like for you? Can I imagine holding that person’s hand? In your vision, does even a close hug feel like there is too much distance between you? Do you miss that person when you’re apart? What is that awesome love vision for you?

What about your time and money freedom. What’s on your bucket list for “someday”? if you had a magic wand and could put yourself anyplace you desired, where would you be and what might you be doing? Would you be in Hawaii, waking up hearing the ocean, looking out at a majestic view that makes you feel like you’re in heaven? Or would you be touring Europe taking in all the culture and beautiful sights, meeting new people throughout your travels? What is that vision for you? Where are you? What are you doing? Who are you doing it with?

Michael Singer speaks in his book, “The Untethered Soul” about how the purpose of our mind is to assist us in solving complex problems. Instead, we let our minds and thoughts lead us through our life. That’s why it makes sense for our focus of this month is to spend time taking back some of that ownership of our thoughts.

“You are not responsible for the first thought that goes through your mind. But you are responsible for buying is a condo with a built in pool, tennis court and so on.”
~ Joseph A. Drolshagen

This is not about forcing out initial thoughts we don’t want to have. This is ALL about noticing that initial thought and purposely deciding which we want to live by and which we want to discard! The ultimate goal of this exercise is that by noticing what you’re noticing, you will start to see your process of your thinking patterns. Once you make this connection, we can go on to part 2 of the exercise, which is to intentionally replace that thought with a thought you do want to experience.

I hope you’ve registered on “TheHappinessExperiment” Facebook page so that you can get the full experience of this experiment, along with insights and tools you can apply that will immediately increase your level of happiness, wherever you current are! This is a great way to allow 2019 to be that beginning of your absolute best life ever!! You can reach me at if I can be of assistance to you in opening up your level of happiness in any way!

And a heartfelt thank you to all of you who do connect, whether it’s comments, emails, or my other social media contact points!

Many Blessings,

‘Life is Intended to be Lived in Passion’

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This article was written by Joseph Drolshagen

“Life is intended to be lived with passion!”  As a Transformational Coach, Joseph Drolshagen is dedicated to the awakening of life’s passions. He assists the transformation of individuals, so they can live a life aligned with their Soul’s purpose with PASSION!  For the past 20 years, Joseph has helped people discover their life’s passions, remove blocks and hurdles holding them back, and guide them towards the exciting life they have only dreamed of living!  His book, Lifes Lessons is based on the blog  Both the book and the blog, document the personal journey Joseph Drolshagen has taken to learn how to remove his blocks, identify the bigger dreams and transform his life into one of freedom and soul driven purpose.  Spiritual events across the United States have brought Joseph in to be their keynote speaker. He has appeared as a welcome guest on numerous radio programs as well as participated as a panel speaker for recovery events.  Joseph Drolshagen is a much sought-after life coach and professional speaker, offering inspiring workshops to sold-out audiences. His transformational, in-depth coaching programs, help clients achieve new heights of success, and find spiritual meaning in their lives. 


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