Cold Hands, Warm Heart – by Debbie Downes

This winter feels unpredictable. By turns it is bright and glorious, murky and sodden.

The commute is part of a busy life. It offers precious time to think. To not think.

Driving over the bridge, the low winter sun lights up the trees. Reflects on the dark river. It shines across the park where she played for all those years, careering off her bike more times than she could count, exhilarated and laughing.

It’s so long ago it feels like a different life.

Yesterday she drove across the bridge with tears. Rain lashing the windows. Wind dragging the car. Relentless. Concerned over rushing the children to school in a tangle of questions, heavy coats and hugs. Resolving to check the tread on her tyres. Pay some bills. Still reeling from the utter heartbreak of last winter and wondering how to smile through this one.

So in those moments she is grateful for the solitude. The anonymity. The blanket of grey weather hiding her face.

But today she drives across confidently, singing out of tune and smiling at strangers. Sunglasses on and still squinting in the brilliant winter light. The car windows are open and she breathes in the chilly air, invigorated and enjoying the freedom. She feels blessed. Calm.

She is learning that hardships are important. She is smiling because today she feels strong. She is beginning to understand that tears can be opportunities to grow, if she only chooses to see them as such. Dark days are just brief intervals.

So take time to appreciate the harsh winter. Notice its beauty, its rage and its grace.

Find warmth in unexpected places. Provide warmth to those who need it.

Just know, beyond all doubt, that Spring will come.

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