Do Not Fear The Darkness [channeled] – by Marisa Ferrera

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Why is it that you doubt yourself so? If you only knew who you are…who you REALLY are, you would marvel at your magnificence. Yes, you are so much more than you think. You are much grander, much wiser and much more beautiful than you can imagine.

We see this and in time you too will see this and will doubt no more. Whenever you feel small, uncertain and filled with doubt, turn to us and ask us to remind you of the Truth of your being for we are here always. The feelings and thoughts that are surfacing for you at this time is not to cause you pain and suffering, but to relieve you of such things. It is time for all that causes you to suffer to be removed from the core of your being so that you may shine your inner Light more brightly than ever before. Yes, this process of removing the darkness from within can feel uncomfortable and unwelcome and yet, it is required in order to free you from all that is within you that does not serve you or others.

 Once this darkness has been removed and replaced by the Light, you will see more clearly than ever before and will be filled with the knowingness of who you are. You will then be able to help others remove the darkness from their being so they too will be filled with Light and this Light will shine outwards. Together the Light of those who have removed the darkness from their being will shine so brightly that ALL can see the path to their own bright future and those who choose to follow will also experience this transformation from their own darkness into Light.

Do not fear the darkness, but delight in its presence for when it shows itself, it is ready to be released and transformed. This darkness is NOT who you are but who you came to believe you are and it is time to let go of it all and make room for the Truth to be uncovered so that you may bathe in this truth and inspire and empower others to follow this same path.

Marisa’s Musings

I’ve experienced some very dark times in my life and fallen into the trap of judging myself and beating myself up. I’ve told myself that I have so much to be grateful for and felt I had no right to feel this darkness. I told myself that I knew better than to spiral down into the depths of despair and yet, I kept finding myself there over and over again.

When I was in this dark place, it felt terrible and I felt so unworthy. I felt anger and apathy at the same time. I had such a mix of emotions that it immobilized me and I felt I would never leave this dark place and that I would be stuck there forever. A part of me even thought to stay in this place for fear of coming out and falling back in once again.

This message always brings me feelings of hope and gratitude and reminds me that the darkness I experience has been stored in my body for years and when it reveals itself,  it’s time for me to let it all go so that I can shine my Light more brightly. I have a strong desire to help others see their inner Light and beauty and in order for me to lead others to their Truth, I must first purge myself of my own inner demons so they can no longer take hold of me and drag me down.

Have I released all the darkness that is within me? I honestly don’t know and if any darkness presents itself to me again, I will come back to this message and read it again and again so that I will remember that I am NOT the darkness and that the darkness is simply revealing itself to me so I can let it go and replace it with more Light.

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