Don’t Ask. Act – by Brian Escobar


Before asking is deciding.
 You are the magician and the waving of your wand is the symbolic representation of casting the vote for your preference. Upon the realization of what you want is the very moment that the universe conspires to bring it about, meaning that the core of your power simply lies in your next choice.

What do you choose to believe you can experience? What do you choose to allow? Resistance and relief are both choices and when you consistently choose relief during moments of resistance, that is healing.

Who’s Asking?

When you’ve decided what it is you want, first ask yourself, “Who is asking for this?” 
In other words where is what you want coming from? Is it something you want or something you need?

Answering this question is the difference between manifesting from your brain (duality) or manifesting from your heart (oneness).  Manifestations from the heart don’t have an opposite reaction, it’s a win/win type of outcome. Manifesting from the brain you can still get what you want but often it’s at the cost of something else only to realize it’s not what you need – in other words creating a both positive and negative reaction.

For example let’s say you’re needing a ride to to the weekly meditation group. 
Instead of trying to manifest a car, focus on manifesting a means of transportation if that’s what you need – there are more ways than one to get there. You could just so happen to make a friend who lives nearby that you could carpool with and maybe even facilitate a change in their life.

This perspective opens you up to play with the many ways the universe can give you what you want. By letting go of the need for things to turn out exactly as you envision them you release the ego from control and restore it back to the higher mind who sees from the peak of the mountain, thus manifesting an outcome that not only meets your needs but exceeds your expectations. 
Do this enough times and you will operate from the higher mind automatically as if it were first nature and the ego will have been restored to its original job of just observing what is and what was rather than being the one to figure out how everything will happen.

Dig Deep

Getting to the core of what you want requires that you be honest with yourself – otherwise you can’t have what you truly want.

This may be a sensitive issue for some but I think it’s important to touch on this seeing as how half the population of people that marry end in divorce. Why is this?

This may seem like an abstract example but let’s say that deep down what you are wanting is to have relationships with multiple partners, or maybe even just want to be free as apposed to “claimed” by someone, but on the surface it looks wrong and so instead you decide you want a life-long mate — you can bet that there will at some point be some sort of inner conflict. 
It’s not about whether or not it’s right or wrong, but more about being honest about what your needs are. In that honesty is the vibration that will attract what you really need as apposed to what you think you want. There is no right or wrong way, you can have it all, but only when you’re honest and clear can you attract a more fulfilling outcome that’s best for you because you’ve cleared the resistance around embracing your truth and that’s all your soul really cares about – growth. You can have the abundance that is yours when you can have it without letting it get to your head – this is why we experience the lack of it first, so that we can appreciate it when it does come.

But the sooner you lay your cards out on the table the sooner you will start de-cluttering your life of the inauthentic self in order to make room for the abundance that you are.

I think divorce is just the result of a downward spiral that began the moment where both parties involved began to deny their truths and what’s important to them to fit a mould that maybe they weren’t meant to fit in. Could there have been another way where they could have still experienced what they needed to without having to marry? Again, was it a concept that was fixed upon or envisioned in a certain way? Had they let go of the need for it to be a that way could they have experienced a sustainable alternative?

Keep Calm and Affirm On

Asking and affirming are very different energies, you can feel it in the words. 
Asking implies a sort of lack, as if something external from you will give you what you desire. Affirming bypasses the need for permission and just commands it to be so. Asking in this case can be seen as a passive way of manifesting, whereas affirming is more of an active approach. 
Now I know I’m just nitpicking at words but take into consideration who you are and think, are you not the creator of your reality? Isn’t that which is seemingly communicating from the other side not just the rest of you? It’s just you with you. The power to create was given you – that’s your inherent gift.

It is said that when Jesus allowed a miracle, before it was even done, he gave thanks as if it already were – and so it was. 
Giving thanks as if it were already done acknowledges the truth that when you decide upon what you want it is given immediately. To the degree that you can be open to receiving and believing this truth is the extent to which you will experience it. 
A new way of asking could be to simply just affirm and give thanks as if it were so. Take it even a step further and act as if it were so already. Like the saying goes, “Fake it ’til you make it”. 
When you do this consistently for the things you want it eventually becomes a pattern and you will get better and faster at manifesting what you want.

Ultimately there is no right or wrong way to “ask” again it’s more about deciding upon what you want on a core level and getting better at finding that. The more you can distinguish between the voice of the heart and the brain the more you will become aware of what comes from where and this is key when it comes to becoming more intuitive, speaking from the heart, and ultimately living a more authentic life.


As the ol' saying goes, "Don't ask permission just ask forgiveness".

As the ol’ saying goes, “Don’t ask permission just ask forgiveness”.

About author

This article was written by Brian Escobar

My name is Brian Escobar. I'm a man of many hats and I enjoy expressing myself in different ways through different means. Some of my main areas of focus are Music (Composing, Live Performance, Recording), Acting, Meditation & Spirituality, Healing, Writing/Blogging, Fashion/Jewelry and Business to name a few. Lately my path has led me to work closely with the youth and to connect to them through the arts. I also feel a personal connection to facilitating their evolution because when I was growing up I could have really used what I know now, and so it's a desire close to my heart to be able to share my experiences and wisdom with the younger demographic, but essentially with all who would lend their ears. With this vision in mind I created a media outlet called "Be1 Creations" wherin I post blogs, vlogs, inspirational pictures/music/art, many of which I make myself. I hope to build an online community of like-minded individuals and have many talents contribute to the "Creations" so that it can become something that's by the people and for the people. With this outlet I intend to speak my truth and hopefully be a means for young people to have a voice and empower others to take their healing into their owns hands.


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  1. Annette Rochelle Aben says - Posted: June 1, 2014

    As one magician to another, I affirm that this article WILL help us ALL getting into the ACT!

  2. Samadhiatman500 says - Posted: July 18, 2014

    This is wonderful. Thank you so much.

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